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Progression from dream to reality (Economy of Dreams)

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut Andrius, Janet, Fred, John  and all,   I have been dreaming out loud in writing for several years now.  I once defined my dream spontaniously during
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2009
      Salut Andrius, Janet, Fred, John  and all,
      I have been dreaming out loud in writing for several years now.  I once defined my dream spontaniously during a chat with Andrius and several others, by writing:
      As an individual who is a son, a brother, a spouse, a father, a grand-father, a neighbour and a citizen of a greatly blessed land and people, I pray to arrive where and when sovereignty becomes... "...the ability to make decisions in serene maturity and knowledge, equiped with the capacity to implement these decisions with complete wisdom and responsability". As a result of such arrival, I dream of seeing the opening of a local-global Reconciliation Centre, radiating from within my own family into the social fabric by the Presnce of God, growing into the Eternal's Covenant in Christ-Jesus to feed the healing of human essence of being-having-doing......amen to God's Yes in us all..."
      And so, to bring this dream to reality, I have sought to establish Spirit-led and driven contacts and relationships to help define the trajectory, the moves and steps called for and ordained by God. 
      On Oct 14, I reported about being involved in such a conversation, which is moving in that direction:
      The Minciu Sodas group of Loving God is led by God.  
      Our conversation is arriving to a fairly simple description of my personal view, in the approach of being led by God individually and communionly. 
      So for a general reminder of the conversation's context, we are trying to identify an approach to Canadian unity, facilitating the healing of history in the contact between the Aboriginal people, the English and the French as a basis to all other nationalities.
      The last entry I received suggested to approach the Grand Chief with a reaseach project to identify Spirit-led businesses and communities, as he is Chancellor of a university. 
      Here's my last entry, which I offer in my report  to the Economy of Dreams, of my journey along with the many others, in our progression from dream to reality, and serving as well to define further my approach to renew the "economy?" and "work?" to come into balance with the ecology of well being...
      -----------         ----------          ------------
      Dear ..., 
      Approaching the Grand Chief with a research project for Spirit-led entities seems to be the second step needed.
      Why not approach him with the offer to research the partnership for an immediate construction project and of its promotion, which will serve to draw the Spirit-Led businesses and communities to join in Building the Recovery Road from self-destruction to self-control and community self-government with The Ministry of Reconciliation?
      The primary research needed is what we are doing now, while the aim of this research, is to find out how God assembles and fits us together, to serve His needs of the moment with the gifts and talents that He freely distributes to each individually. 
      Our research is to be found and drawn by the Spirit's groove and how we are to go on following up to be found in His plan, drive and grace.
      Our conversation serves to identify if and how He wants His assembly of us to move in His animation.  Your being from the UK and my being from Canada ties us in a historic size possibility to emerge with God in His work of ...cleansing our vision of the Crown... 
      Once ignited from coast to coast to coast, Canada is, but a pilot project of how God moves to take people out of darkness and to bring us into the light of His beloved Son's Kingdom.
      With ...cleansing our vision of the Crown... the view of life becomes rooted in the experience of the Perpetual Celebration of Easter upon The Land of Immanuel!  
      We are then offered to follow the lead of Christ-Jesus by  His Spirit, from personal to communal, in the unfolding details from the micro to the macro emergence of justice, peace and joy, cultivated to maturity in the unity of the Father's glory from local to global!
      Such is the primary find needed to be researched, giving way to the partnership for which I am being worked on by The Spirit, to be delivered to the Grand Chief and to his people, in God's restoration of historical blunders made in His name.
      From our sacred pilot light in Canada, I look forward to watch the Lord's personal manifestation of His Crown amongst all peoples of the earth...Amen to God's Yes in us all...  
      ...may all blessings be with us all...
      Benoit Couture,
      Edmonton, Canada 

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