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Artistic expression of Public Domain values?

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  • ms@ms.lt
    I wrote this letter to members of COMMUNIA http://www.communia-project.eu the European Union s thematic network for the Public Domain. Do we know who in
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 20, 2009
      I wrote this letter to members of COMMUNIA http://www.communia-project.eu
      the European Union's thematic network for the Public Domain. Do we know
      who in Vienna, Austria or elsewhere might be interested in doing with us
      such an art show of our dreams-in-life, as I describe below? Andrius

      I share news about my recent work in the arts. I ask if other COMMUNIA
      members might like to work together? Might we do that in a COMMUNIA

      My laboratory, Minciu Sodas, is a business working in the Public Domain.
      We encourage our participants to work for free, openly, in the Public
      Domain, on their own projects, and we provide them with free service. We
      help each other, get to know each other and then organize global teams for
      paid work. Most recently we worked for a London advertising agency, The
      Law Firm, on behalf of Mornflake cereal.

      I want to develop an "economy of dreams", an internal economy where we
      help each other. What are our dreams in life? Can we support each other
      directly, instead of through money? Art is a helpful way of expressing
      our dreams and integrating them. The Public Domain makes such integration

      December is Human Rights Month. UNESCO is funding the Human Rights
      Monitoring Institute (in Vilnius, Lithuania) to organize a series of
      events. I'm leading one such event, an art project "May I dream?" at the
      fourth floor of the shopping center at Gedimino 9, which recently was
      dedicated as a "co-working hub". November 30 is the opening and for about
      three weeks we'll be collecting people's dreams and creating artwork to
      express them and integrate them. This includes life-size paintings of
      "dreamers" flying about and participating in various scenarios. These
      "dreamers" can be moved about and reorganized. Their faces can be removed
      so people can show their own faces and make photographs. Adults and
      children can add their own drawings. All the works will be stamped "My
      creative work is everybody's treasure". Here are photos of the space and
      some sketches:

      We're already discussing how to extend and expand this exhibit. One
      political party is interested to support this and I imagine that
      businesses and other institutions might likewise. January 17-28 I and
      others will be traveling to Vienna, Austria to participate in Franz
      Nahrada's Grundtvig workshop on the use of video communications in the
      rural areas, including the creation of content in the Public Domain. I'm
      hoping that we might find a partner there with whom we might show part of
      our exhibit and build it further and perhaps leave it there to travel

      I invite COMMUNIA partners to consider, Would you like to join us?

      Also, might the Istanbul or Torino meeting organizers like to include such
      an art exhibit or link us with partners who might like to organize one

      If there are other COMMUNIA partners who are interested, then perhaps we
      could work through one of the working groups such as the Public Sector
      working group (is it active?) or the Business working group (because of
      the role that art can play in organizing an "economy of dreams" where we
      help each other achieve our dreams directly).

      Given interest, it would be great to organize a working group meeting in
      Austria or Lithuania or elsewhere. One related output could be thinking
      through (and illustrating) the various values that are relevant for a
      thriving Public Domain, such as sharing, openness, sensitivity, good
      judgment, respect, acknowledgment.

      I'm writing from an EU Grundtvig (adult education) partnership meeting in
      Tallinn, Estonia. Our group is working on a learning partnership proposal
      on this topic "Adult Learning Starts With Dreaming" and it's going well,
      so I'm encouraged. The Public Domain is key as we'll be organizing such
      art exhibits in each of our countries and sharing works so that they
      integrate, reintegrate and travel further. This is for all kinds of
      creative people, whether "professionally trained artist" or "naive artist"
      or child or adult.

      I am very excited if others might be interested to work together!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
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