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Connecting with Tiffany of Dreamfish

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Hi Tiffany! Yes, it would be great to talk. Dreamfish keeps coming up and I m glad that Peter Kaminski, Mark Roest, Franz Nahrada and Sasha Mrkailo have
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2009
      Hi Tiffany!

      Yes, it would be great to talk. Dreamfish keeps coming up and I'm glad
      that Peter Kaminski, Mark Roest, Franz Nahrada and Sasha Mrkailo have
      encouraged us to work with you and all at Dreamfish. http://dreamfish.com

      I note in particular your Dreamfish Humanifesto
      which resonates with our own values at Minciu Sodas and Worknets. I
      invite your thoughts on the Worknets Charter which I am likewise
      drafting for a culture of independent thinkers:
      I'm trying to express the minimum expectations for all to work together.

      I'm also currently jumpstarting an "Economy of Dreams"
      a key part of which is staffing a "help room"
      around the clock where people can get help on any matter, learn how to
      use online tools, think and work out loud, help each other for free and
      for pay, respond to emergencies, and join or organize global teams for
      paid work.

      I imagine there's many ways we might work together including:
      * collecting and sharing our values, questions, endeavors, dreams, tasks,
      * identifying strategic endeavors that benefit all of our endeavors,
      * look for related prospects and approach them,
      * organizing teams to do paid work,

      We can "jam" on our differences and note what prevents us from working
      together as we'd like to. For example, your "humanifesto" is under a
      "share alike" license which is incompatible with the Public Domain.
      This means that we can't even upload a copy to our Public Domain venues
      because that would be "building upon" your work and we'd have to use
      your license. I believe that we can work towards a shared culture, in
      which case we have the chance to engage many other networks:

      I look forward to talking!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      skype: minciusodas

      Tiffany Von Emmel wrote:
      > Hi Andrius!
      > I am writing to connect. I know of you through Peter Kaminski, whom I
      > work with in Dreamfish, and recently through Mark Roest.
      > I would enjoy a conversation with you. Would you like to chat by Skype
      > this week?
      > In peace,
      > Tiff
      > --
      > Tiffany von Emmel
      > skype: vonemmel
      > twitter: @tiffanyvonemmel
      > blog: http://vonemmel.com
      > Dreamfish - We are a global work cooperative. We are building a
      > thriving world of work for all. Entrepreneurs, change agents,
      > independents, mentors, all are welcome. Swim with us.
      > http://dreamfish.com share @love2dreamfish:
      > http://twitter.com/love2dreamfish
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