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Fw: [minciu_sodas_en] Front liners of adaptation

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut Janet, Fred, Franz and all,   I received an invitation this morning to join a group, which is an extension of an already existing and thriving group
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      Salut Janet, Fred, Franz and all,
      I received an invitation this morning to join a group, which is an extension of an already existing and thriving group of Predictions Markets, of which I am also a member by invitation.
      I'm offering this to a couple of groups of Minciu Soda, with the hope to contribute energies to the current dialogue about economy and work. 
      This contribution of mine which comes from outside of Minciu Sodas, is an example of being rooted and a self-exporting produce of the Orchard of Thoughts. 
      Living in exile from Quebec to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I am involved at investing myself online since April 2005, through a personal Lithuanian connection named Andrius Kulikauskas, who is born and raised in the US.
      Our paths have crossed, as we are searching, looking and viewing our calling into God's healing movement from personal to communal, in all of what is contained from the micro to the macro completion of all in all, so as to reach humanity from local to global with all the inclusion offered by the Solemn Beauty of Being Human answering to the Ancient Voice of Humanity's Youth, adapting in all the fluidity of Common Sense...namely. ..The Ministry of Reconciliation. ..
      And so, as an example of this self-exporting produce of Minciu Sodas, here's the invitation I received and then comes my first post to the group, answering the invitation with my spontaneity of the moment cultivated with MS, to describe the "Front liners of adaptation", hoping to bridge the old and the new way of doing business in the needs of the moment:
      ------------ --------- ------
      To all friends of prediction markets:

      A number of us have been talking recently and we are in agreement that the existing forums for prediction market enthusiasts and watchers, owned and controlled by single individuals, are lacking. We think the industry deserves its own independent, open, community-owned discussion forum. As such, we have created a new Google Group dedicated to fostering and furthering high-quality open debate and communication about prediction markets: the R&D, the theory, the practice, the industry developments and upcoming events.

      We strive for an open discussion and we commit to run the group with transparency, openness, objectivity, and independence. But we also believe some ground rules are needed to maintain a high quality of conversation that minimizes advertising, second-hand PR, or anyone monopolizing the conversation. We think some vigilance along those lines will make a positive difference in the communication and discussion. We hope you do too!

      To join our new discussion group, click here:
      http://groups. google.com/ group/prediction -markets- open-discussion/ subscribe


      Signed by 8 people and then,
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -----
      I joined the group with:
      Salut everyone,
      I welcome this initiative to add the community dimension to the
      Prediction Market Industry.  It offers an opportuntity to bring
      corporate activity to deepen the sense of owning up to the citizenship
      between the parts and the whole.
      Prediction Market Industry is in position to embody such vitality,
      because of the knowledge and of the tools that are in use.
      From an inspirational view, Prediction Market Industry is riding the
      waves of improvisation upon the currencies of times and progress.
      We navigate from competition to completion, to reach the assembly's
      shore of individuals and communities who own up to the honor of
      sanctity and dignity of life itself.
      Here are two key notes investments of time, to get the picture of the
      ride we are on, from "the waves of improvisation upon the currencies
      of times and progress to the assembly's shore of our citizenship" !
      So to feed the view, I first propose an interview given recently by
      one of the most recognized master of modern music, Van Morrison...
      This is a podcast from the CBC radio.  So go to:
      http://www.cbc. ca/q/uncut. html
      ...and look down on that page for "October 1, 2009 - Van Morrison
      Second, I propose this documentary:
      The navigational angle offered by such an interview and  documentary,
      is that money must grow as a servant, not a master of humanity.
      Are we interested to own up to our position on the ship of citizens?
      Edmonton, Canada
      ------------ --------- --------- --------- -

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