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Re: [holistichelping] Re: Do You Want An Opportunity To "Speak Your World?"

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Masimba and All, Fantastic to see you posting, and that you are an HDN correspondent! I have steered several folks in that direction myself, and all found
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 8, 2006
      Dear Masimba and All,
      Fantastic to see you posting, and that you are an HDN correspondent!  I have steered several folks in that direction myself, and all found it a very rewarding experience. I do recommend it, and hope some of you reading will apply.
      Masimba, please tell us more abt your work when you can, and I will be networking you with others in ZW when I have a chance. What will you be doing for World AIDS Day?
      With all best wishes and blessings, Janet

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      Do You Want An Opportunity To "Speak Your World?"

      Chiang Mai, Thailand ? Are you creative, proactive, dynamic, global in your thinking and interested in making your voice heard? Do you feel that you have something to say that the world should know about HIV, AIDS and TB, health or development?


      Then you could just be the person that we are looking for. Here is an opportunity to make your voice heard. It?s simple.


      Join the Health Development Networks (HDN) Key Correspondent team. (www.hdnet.org)

      Over the past few years, HDN has brought together a team of country-based writers ? or Key Corresspondent (KCs). The purpose is to improve the quality of information and coverage of health and development related issgues globally, and to increase the transparency and accountability of national and international decision-making in these areas.

      The KC team comprises capable and experienced people from around the globe, with strong representation of developing countries. KCs prepare written articles based on their local and/or national perspective, and bring in multiple perspectives through interviews, personal accounts and local project descriptions. KCs help to document local experiences, provide independent reporting on HIV and AIDS and TB and monitor some of the commitments, declarations and other plans issued at the international and country levels.

      A few of the many benefits that becoming part of the KC team provides:

      1. Keep your finger on the pulse of the AIDS epidemic;

      2. Share your personal experiences and perspectives;

      3. Improve your understanding of local and national issues;

      4.Improve your skills by interacting closely with journalists, other writers, photographers and health professionals;

      5. Expand your personal network of contacts and organizations;

      6.Advance your status as a journalist or writer;

      7. Develop new ideas for articles

      8. Get published in a wider range of distribution channels

      9. Free training and workshop opportunities;

      10. Personal and professional development for those working both inside and outside of the public health and development fields


      If you are interested in being a Key Correspondent and working as part of this global team of journalists and health writers, then please send your CV and two samples of your writing to: correspondents@ hdnet.org. To join one of the HDN-managed discussion forums, or to read previous conference coverage by the KC team, please visit our website at: www.hdnet.org


      Contact: Masimba Biriwasha    
      Organization? s Name: Health Development Networks
      Telephone Number: +66 53 418438
      Fax Number: +66 53 418439
      Email Address: masimba@hdnet. org

      Web site address: www.hdnet.org

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