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Water cart design steps

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Tom, Thank you for writing about the water cart design! That s very helpful. I look forward to Samwel s photos. Please upload them to http://www.ms.lt Add a
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 23, 2009
      Tom, Thank you for writing about the water cart design! That's very
      helpful. I look forward to Samwel's photos. Please upload them to
      http://www.ms.lt "Add a photo" which takes you to:
      http://www.worknets.org/software/addphoto.php Thank you, Andrius
      Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, ms@..., http://www.ms.lt

      tom ochuka wrote:
      > Dear Andrius ,Janet ,Rich and all,
      > Greetings to you all,have had sveral challenges one of the My wifes helth she got malaria and is down,she has shown signs of imrovement,she has been helpfull in tis project ,so have been abit of derailed.
      > Thanks to all of you have sent pictures for the step by step fabrication ,thouh not much but have tried the best to explain what and how to make the water cart,Goiliath is complete and so is Samson one iof the wheel got off so will get another since they are used,am trying abetterone as tey all are used.
      > Am gresing the Goliath again.
      > Please find attachments, I will ask Sam to post the pictures of Goliath first Red Oxide coat,Kongere is apinter he wil paint for any of us,he painted mine free.
      > Thanks.
      > Tom Ochuka


      Used Materails 1 Angle line 2 Lengths of 40 feet
      2 Round Pipe 1 Length for Handles
      3 Old car differential

      You will see in the picture a frame of Samson and a completed Goliath.


      All the Metals /Iron metals must be new ones Not used because the will
      be joined using the welding rods and therefore if they were used this
      will cause problems, because of weight they will not carry the load,
      hence the must also not be so thick or too heavy or large inside because
      they were pulled or pushed by human beings who are likely to be between
      60 to 100kg when they are heavy the require either machines or animals
      like donkey to pull or push.

      Angle line Iron metals are cut and measured beginning with the length:
      5.62 ft and with 2.26 ft while depth or deep inside is 2.26 ft. The pipe
      to make the handles is 1 inch in Diameter and 3 ft in size. An old
      differential from a saloon car can be used or round pipe 2 inch diameter
      3 ft in length this will hold the 2 tryres of size 14 car tryre not
      acar of more than 2 .5 tones. If bigger tryre is used then pulling it
      will be difficult because of the preasure inside pressure adds more weight.

      Step 1: Gather all the metals required
      Measuring of the metals then using hacksaw cart the
      longer sides first to Avoid the waste: Ensure that the sizes fits
      together therefore you will have 4 pieces of 5.62 ft,then if that is
      done cut the width ,wider part s taht are shorter make sure they are 4
      of 2.26 feet each running left to right 2 times for front and back ,then
      cut Dipper part or depth which is also 4 runing up down for front and
      back ,then you will get the well rods that fits the design not hard
      ones for unigrtaors /joining trailers but manufacturing og window frames
      gates etc.

      Step 2: Join all the Metals cuts together ,so that the pieces makes
      the frame you see on the pictures we have pictures of cutting on and
      pictures of joining ,aftter joning the frame, look at the sides and
      measure again to ensure good and correct size, bring in the square and
      measure the sizes ,so that all the Angles agree if not then when loaded
      it will always bend to one side. Before going to the next step then
      using grinder smoothen all the angles and any spot that forms pimples
      which is harmful ,its difficult to apply paint also with this sports.

      step 3: Together Turn it upside down and check the Balances again
      this will make you construct the bottom casing,in order to fit the
      driving shaft of Differentials, welled this together so you will have
      frame and shaft or the pipe holding the tyre, Smooth both sides before
      putting the bearings standard size of 2inches then in the bearing apply
      Grease 1/4 kg to the bearing and surface. Make sure the bearing fits so
      tight to the metals id it runs loose the tyre with load is likely to
      come out.

      Step 4: Now fit the tyres into the Rims both sides make sure the tubes
      are in but dont put pressure first ,this will not make the balance
      accurate as it will be heavily already ,it will be the last stage before
      putting water. Then begin with either side put it into the bottom shaft
      or rolling pipes, you will have both tyres fitted after finishing.

      Step 5: Now with both tyres on its light since there is no pressure
      inside of the tyres turn it over with the tyres touching the ground, now
      measure the handles then weld them both left and right ,grind the
      necessary sport to smooth. Then try pusshing it over back and forth.

      Apply red oxide paint which the metals absorbs well allow it to settle
      this was Done by Sam Kongere ,Please He will put the pictures ,the apple
      the final coating ,then putt the timbers inside for Jericans to rest on
      with load .There is no need to paint the timber ,as it wil always be wet
      and the rubbing of Jericans clear off the paints.

      Jerricans/Containers: This is important to note Ensure you get used
      Accid Jeri cans not ordinary like food /oil containers because the are
      light but Acid ones are stronger and last made for sulphuric acid, clean
      them thoroughly with hot water before use and soap,then several times
      dry them .Go and put pressure on the tyres ,before going for water ,your
      CART IS Now ready for use,

      Note: Size of cart depend on materail and weight
      Color does not matter alot
      Write using paint your containers or label them foe
      safety as the also look alike.

      Please feel free to contact me, I will write now next on the progress,

      Thanks to Andrius,Janet,Ricardo, Pam maclean and all MS Members,
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