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Community to Community 2006-Salt Spring Island,BC.

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  • Leonard Boniface
    Dear Colleague, The Community to Community Conference (C2C2 2006) held from 20 to 22 of October in Salt Spring Island,British Columbia. This successful
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2006
      Dear Colleague,
      The Community to Community Conference (C2C2 2006) held from 20 to 22 of October in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia . This successful conference focused on gender inequality as the major cultural, social and political barrier to HIV/AIDS awareness and action.
      I attended as a delegate and among of the International Guest Presenters. I did run a workshop on "Youth Activism and the Fight against HIV/AIDS. It was great opportunity to share my experiences in the matter of HIV/AIDS and address how young people are doing to tackle the problem and solve. I shown our video documentary we made at MTV48Fest in Toronto , Canada this fall as well I perfumed my song "heshima". Also, I addressed at the Gulf Island High School and participated on live radio interview on the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC) in Victoria.I made a connection between the Teenage Life Programme and Tanzanian Youth Network with SOLID, Gulf Island High School , Comoson College and friendships with students the Pearson College and World Unity Flag Society. We also made an initiative of establishing kind of cooperation between youth of Canada and Africa . I, Loreto Legoabe from South Africa ,Michelle MCBridge from Canada and other youth delegates will lead this forum, discuss and set joint action plans for the future.
      The Conference featured many local and international presenters includes Dr.Julio Montaner a President of the International Aids Society, Program Co-Chair AIDS 2006, Agnes Pareyio , United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year in 2005  and much more.
      The C2C2 conference mission statement was to provide, share and develop action oriented, hands-on grassroots tools for empowering women and children and promoting gender equality in the struggle against HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa. Without breaking through the divide that separates the top-down policy makers and the bottom up development workers, we will continue to work on abstractions of problems instead of solving the problems themselves.
      Many congratulations for the SOLID organization, their friends and partners from Salt Spring Island , the whole BC and Canada as well as the delegates from Africa for making this such inspirational meeting possible and successful.
      You can see some videos include the one featuring me talks on the conference’s feedback at;
      This C2C2 Conference is the follow up of the terrific one held in 2004 addressed by The UN HIV/AIDS Envoy for Africa Steven Lewis. SOLID-Saltspring Organization for Life Improvement and Development is a Canadian NGO based on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia .
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      With kind regards,
      Leonard Boniface
      Chairperson-Tanzanian Youth Network
      Oxfam International Youth Parliament Action Partner
      Founder-Teenage Life Programme
      Freelance Journalist
      http://profiles.takingitglobal .org/LennyB
      http://www.iyp.oxfam.org /partners/central_africa /leonard_boniface.asp  www.teenagelife.4t.com

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