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Re: [holistichelping] ICT Conference in Yaounde in March 2010

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    Dear Franz, Thank you immensely for the announcement about the conference in Yaounde in March 2010 which we already had  a bit of knowledge only from the
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 10, 2009
      Dear Franz,
      Thank you immensely for the announcement about the conference in Yaounde in March 2010 which we already had  a bit of knowledge only from the organizers but the idea of working with ICT4AFRICA in our organization.
      Are you going to be there Franz? If so we will very much like to see you and after the training in our NGO facility at ACTWID KONGADZEM office in Bamenda,Cameroon.
      We will also like to have a handful of our own members actively participate in this comferemce in Yaounde. Therfore we will like to know from you how we can get directly connected to the registration desk for this useful conference which you know that has been a long standing felt-need of our members. over the years.I f you happen to have more information, Franz, kindly let us know.
      Thank you immensely for the information.
      Sincerely ACTWID members led by Wendi

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      From: Franz Nahrada <f.nahrada@...>
      Subject: [holistichelping] ICT Conference in Yaounde in March 2010
      To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Saturday, October 10, 2009, 11:14 AM

      I just want to bring this announcement to the attention of Wendi and
      everybody: I am not quite sure if this is an environment that really will
      listen to the voices of an emerging Global Villages Culture, but there
      could be a try.

      In this respect, I have been involved recently in a thread about African
      business opportunities on skype /see
      http://www.ecademy. com/module. php?mod=club& c=7882 if you want to
      participate. I wrote to the organizer, that African development really
      provdes the unique opportunity to shift from competition to true
      collaboration. Collaboration is not possible if you build on paradigms of
      competition. For the competition paradigm, the world is overcrowded
      already. The market is saturated with producers and vendors who have a
      hard time securing their sales. Why should this society really unlock the
      creative potential of Africa? To have new competitors? No I think the
      message must be that through Africa we must find true patterns of
      collaboration. Thus the Global North might be able to heal itself.

      There are exciting schemes emerging if we link the infrastructural
      investment and business opportunities to the emerging global collaboration
      opportunities between holistic communities whose primary purpose of
      existence is not business, but regular life maintainance based on


      International Conference on ICT for Africa 2010
      Location: Yaounde Cameroon
      Conference Begins: 2010-03-25

      International Conference on ICT for Africa 2010

      It is quite opportune that Africa has something to contribute to the
      information age. First, with innovations like mobile phones, we can say
      Africa has not been left out. Africa is reported to be the world's single
      fastest-growing regional mobile market. Second, some researchers have noted
      that there tends to be mismatch between the realities for developing
      economies and assumptions of Western models of enterprise, thus as business
      practices evolve with their changing business environments, more research
      needed to redefine existing knowledge to be consistent and applicable with
      the dynamic nature of the environment. These developments draw attention to
      a number of questions. What role can we play in the information age? Is
      Africa going to be only consumers of the information age or can Africa join
      the producers of ICT knowledge, products and services? What could be
      emergent patterns of ICT knowledge transfer in development? Is there an
      opportunity for unique contribution from Africa in this information age? If
      there is, then let us tell the story of what we have in this conference.
      With support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), The National
      Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) and The Louisiana Board of
      Regents, we are pleased to announce The International Conference on ICT for
      Africa 2010. The International Conference on ICT for Africa 2010 (ICIA
      is themed 'ICT for Development - Contributions of the South'.

      This conference will bring together a fine mix of practitioners and
      academicians in the area of ICTs for sustainable development. The
      will explore the contributions of Africa to the global ICT for development
      discourse and efforts. The objective is to highlight the synergy of
      collaboration between African countries and other developing countries, and
      between African countries and the developed countries towards development
      solutions. Discussions and panel debates will therefore question how ICTs
      become the process for South-to-South knowledge transfer and South-to-North
      knowledge transfer in both research and practice. Workshops will explore
      international grant-seeking opportunities for ICT research and projects,
      e-learning for African universities and new frontiers in telemedicine and
      tele-neonatology research and practice in Africa.

      Ebele Okocha
      Southern University International Centre for IT and Development (ICITD) TT
      Allain #321 Baton Rouge, LA 70813
      Email: ebeleokocha@ yahoo.com
      Visit the website at http://www.icitd. org..

      Contact: ebeleokocha@ yahoo.com
      URL: www.icitd.org


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