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Re: Janet: Update and Thanks (Actwid Kongadzem)

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    Thank you, Wendi, for writing and thank you to Janet for your leadership and love. Wendi, I will be working to make it easy to blog at our website. All you
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      Thank you, Wendi, for writing and thank you to Janet for your leadership
      and love.

      Wendi, I will be working to make it easy to blog at our website. All you
      need are photos and descriptions of the activity in the photo (who? what?
      where? when? why?). You can start posting them at the "Add a photo" link
      on http://www.ms.lt which takes you to:
      As you post photos there they will appear in our website and also we can
      start making you a nice blog for representing your work. We'll also do
      that with Tom Ochuka, Samwel Kongere, Fred Kayiwa, Kiyavilo Msekwa and
      others who might be interested.

      Also, do you have a DVD player? Or can you play DVDs on your computer?
      Ricardo has made a lot of progress in creating ebooks that can be read on
      DVD. We could put Janet's Blogging Positively guide on a DVD and other
      content too and send it to you. That would help our projects.

      The more that you can help other people's projects, the more that they can
      help you, too. It is an "economy of dreams". Please keep writing about
      your life dreams. You have written some wonderful letters.

      Janet, please, too, think about your "life dream" and we are excited to
      help you! and organize around you! and best wishes to your father and

      Thank you!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      > Dear Friends of Actwid Kongadzem,
      > It is lovely to hear from you as always, and I have noted your enthusiasm
      > for the Blogging Positively project, to which I will return soon. Please
      > note that there is no money for this project...the download is free, and
      > is something that can be printed out or saved on a computer, to be opened
      > and used without need to access the Internet. I am hoping that we can
      > apply for a grant to implement the project on a larger scale.
      > One thing you could do is start blogging (writing) on a more regular basis
      > about your work, and posting it at Kabissa and here. I realize it is not
      > easy to do in terms of Internet access, but please try to designate one
      > person or perhaps a small team to write some thoughts when they can, then
      > you can upload them when you have Internet access.
      > As for me giving you money, I told you when you asked me for "$200 or
      > more" dollars that I did not have that kind of money now. My father and I
      > are in tough financial shape, so I cannot give funds like that anymore. If
      > you are referring to what I gave Tom and Fred, let me say that I gave Tom
      > less than half of what you asked for, and Fred only $35. In both cases,
      > this was for something "concrete": one water cart, and to help replace a
      > stolen mattress.
      > Your stated needs (including for continuous Internet access, office space,
      > medications, and programming) are more ongoing, and so much greater than I
      > can accommodate. I have linked you with Kabissa, so you have an Internet
      > presence, and I have helped to get you to an African-centered nutrition
      > conference, where you could present your work. I have written a
      > recommendation for yourself (Wendi) and AK that you and we have used many
      > times.
      > I have sent money for medication for one of your sick members, have sent
      > funds for other projects for four years now, and have tried to help with
      > several grants. I wanted you to be in HH so you could meet others, like
      > Andrius and Graham. Most recently, I have been speaking with someone
      > trying to organize a healing/healers conference in the USA, who believes
      > in your work and would love for you to attend (that conference, while not
      > taking place this fall as planned, will hopefully take place next year).
      > I am here to help edit proposals, something I have done with and for you
      > several times. I would like to do it more often: you bypassed me when you
      > sent a proposal to the Global Fund for Women, for some reason, and that
      > was frustrating, as I believe I could have been of help, so you might have
      > received a grant.
      > I would have been available for correspondence on the solar project that
      > you, Graham, and the forum have been discussing, but it seemed from your
      > notes that you and Graham had concluded that DIY would not work for you,
      > and I did not hear anything from you on the subject, until you wrote a
      > report about your activities for Andrius. I suppose I could assume that
      > you had forgotten about me, too, but I know that is not the case.
      > This above is the scale on which I can be helpful. I have not forgotten
      > about you, but I cannot be present any more than I already am--given the
      > circumstances of my own life--and I am experiencing a huge amount of
      > "donor fatigue" (both in money and in time/energy), because no matter how
      > much I do or give, I am continually being asked for more. I am being
      > burned out by it, and I need a rest.
      > I am trying to figure out now what would be helpful--that I can
      > do--without donating much or any money, or being too energy-intensive. It
      > would be great to make your artemisia work more visible. This would be
      > helpful for anyone who wants to know more about you, including prospective
      > donors. It would help with Rising Voices and other opportunities. There is
      > much you can do yourselves in that regard, even with limited access. I
      > "might" also be able to help with more of a web presence...ironically,
      > that would cost much less per year--after the initial set-up--that what
      > you have asked me to send, and it would be a concrete and visible presence
      > for you.
      > Finally, as for KAIPPG, it is small nonprofit in W Kenya, just trying to
      > survive, as are you. There is not much that can be done in any financial
      > way that would make a link valuable. The value of such connectedness would
      > come more in sharing and comparing on matters related to nutrition and the
      > like. There is also the issue of time, though, as KAIPPG staff are already
      > overworked, as are you.
      > So, while that is a great thought and goal in general, in the short term
      > it will not help to address the challenges before you, which I have tried
      > in the past to explain. I have used KAIPPG's successful GenARDIS template
      > in the grant we wrote to that initiative. I am sorry it has not been
      > successful for you: I think you need more of a web presence, so your work
      > becomes more visible, and secondly, need to start doing what you can to
      > utilize the ICTs capacities you have already, limited as they may be.
      > It would also help if you do more networking! Please give us an idea of
      > what orgs you have reached out to, locally and internationally, and what
      > grants you have received, what partnerships you have formed, and the like.
      > I sent you a listing a few years ago of Cameroon-based HIV/AIDS orgs...did
      > you contact them, and/or are you now working with any?
      > Hopefully others here will also have input and suggestions. I look forward
      > to hearing more from you and communicating whenever possible. With love
      > and greatest blessings, Janet
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      > To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: Re: [holistichelping] Janet: Update and Thanks (Andrius, Ricardo,
      > Mark, Sam, Dan, Tom, Sherrie, Fred, Barbara, Ken, Benoit, Wael, Dorinda)
      > Dearest friend Janet,
      > How are you? Thanks for your posting on the ACUMEN FUND blog which we also
      > read.
      > We are afraid that you might have forgotten your old friends from AK in
      > Bamenda Cameroon for we have been deeply troubled and we cried out to you
      > our best friend as we had always done,but it seems as if you got so
      > occupied with other issues which are equally important and you forgot your
      > old friends from ACTWID who equally needed your assistance since several
      > months ago.
      > So how can we get involved with the Acumen fund project? We may remember
      > that we actually have been down to earth with many issues which made us to
      > appeal to you.
      > All the projects that we earmarked all got to a stand still.
      > remember that we also tried to collaborate with your organization in Kenya
      > as we really wanted them to hold our hands since they have gone very far
      > into development issues th an us.
      > Immense thanks and waiting to hear from you.
      > Sincerely AK members led by Wendi
      > Sincerely AK members led by Wendi
      > --- On Sun, 10/4/09, Janet Feldman wrote:
      > From: Janet Feldman
      > Subject: [holistichelping] Janet: Update and Thanks (Andrius, Ricardo,
      > Mark, Sam, Dan, Tom, Sherrie, Fred, Barbara, Ken, Benoit, Wael, Dorinda)
      > To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Sunday, October 4, 2009, 5:37 AM
      > Dear Friends, Hello and thanks for such stimulating and lively
      > discussions! I am delighted to see so much activity, and am sorry that
      > those in my own life have kept me so occupied. First of all, to
      > Andrius, immense thanks for checking in with me, and I'm so excited about
      > your budding artistic talents and increasing focus on linking "local" and
      > "global" in creative and caring ways. I have been primarily "local" for
      > these past few weeks and months (as you may have noticed :))--attending
      > to a variety of family matters--but will be hoping soon to focus once
      > again more globally. Several things on the horizon or in process: 1)
      > Promoting the dissemination and use of "Blogging Positively" for Rising
      > Voices. Ricardo, my greatest thanks for your very helpful work in this
      > regard, and apologies for not saying that sooner. I am excited about the
      > possibilities of converting text and docs to fit various media formats,
      > thus enlarging so much the scope of a wide variety of information and
      > communication materials! I'll broach this subject with Rising Voices, and
      > think abt it for other texts too! 2) Getting back more fully to
      > ActALIVE, with World AIDS Day and then World Community Arts Day coming up
      > in Dec 2009 and Feb 2010, then looking ahead to the AIDS Ride 2010 and
      > arts activities I'll hope to be organizing for the International AIDS
      > Conference in Vienna, in July 2010. 3) Working to help revive the
      > Kenyan Community Abroad (www.kenyansabroad. org), a Diaspora nonprofit
      > based in the USA (now incorporated in RI by yours truly). One of the
      > things that is developing is a focus on the widespread hunger and
      > malnutrition- -even characterized now as a threat of "starvation" --in
      > parts of Kenya, and of course this touches members here in a direct way,
      > too, so will be looking to link our various forums and endeavors. 4)
      > Being active as an adviser (among other co-founders) in the transitional
      > process that the Global Youth Coalition on HIV/AIDS (www.youthaidscoalit
      > ion.org) is now experiencing, in which we are becoming a program of
      > TakingITGlobal and the Global Youth Action Network. 5) Volunteering to
      > get the word out about the World AIDS Marathon (www.worldaidsmarath
      > on.com), being organized in Kenya for the sixth year. It will take place
      > in Kisumu, actually, and the woman who is heading the organizing there
      > heads SWAP (www.swapkenya. org). This would be a great contact for Tom
      > and others in the area, and Tom is already linked to the founder of WAM,
      > via the Kenyan Community Abroad. Tom, immense thanks for your emails
      > too, and I will respond more soon. In the meantime, you now have funds
      > for two water carts, and that should greatly help this project, which can
      > itself be a model for others. So we look forward to documentation about
      > the process of building one, and results of its use. My other
      > comments are to people who have posted: 1) Mark: as always, you make
      > my day too when you post, and I have not forgotten about the wonderful
      > networking mail linked to the water-cart work! I think Krishna might not
      > have seen that: I did not discover till more recently some unread email
      > from August-Sept, among that returned mail sent to Krishna at his old COL
      > address. His new email is krishna.alluri@ gmail.com, and I hope we can
      > pick up the correspondence and resend to Krishna now. 2) Fred and
      > Barbara: I read with great dismay about the unrest in Uganda, and how
      > are things now, Fred, for you and your brother? So lovely of Barbara to
      > post about this and seek needed help, and I did send a small contrib via
      > E-Moneygram (9/14) to Fred, which I hope you got! Barbara, your love and
      > generosity of spirit are forever inspirational! I'm sorry I have not
      > gotten back to our conversation abt nonprofits, but I hope to do that
      > soon. How are Jared and Andrea doing? Fred, on another note, how
      > amazing it must have been to go to Norway--for you and the team!--in what
      > was surely the realization of a dream! I was thrilled to read that you
      > had achieved your goal, through lots of hard work and great persistence,
      > and I hope you will give us a follow-up to this journey, including what
      > it has meant for you and the team, and where you might go from here.
      > Bravo and thanks for making my own heart glad! 3) Benoit: I have been
      > thinking so much about you and praying for Debbie and your family. How is
      > she now? Your own "update" was very moving and uplifting, and your
      > contributions here take things to a higher level, or reframe issues in a
      > way that is always thought-provoking and spirit-expanding. Keep up the
      > great work! 4) Dorinda and Prince: it was wonderful to correspond
      > recently, and I look forward to updates from you both. It will be
      > exciting to learn more about Prince's migration work, and also your own
      > work on many levels, Dorinda. I hope to engage and collaborate with you
      > more closely in future, and Dorinda, we are definitely linked in any case
      > in a transcendent- -and hopefully translucent :))--way! I think you will
      > find a kindred spirit in Sherrie Noble too, who works (in her own words)
      > "with indigenous populations and finding ways to honor tradition with
      > modern technology". That sounds a lot like "great minds think
      > alike"...in other words, YOU! 5) Sam: you continue to amaze with your
      > thoughtful letters and "growthful" ways. Very sorry about the
      > sustainable- development conference not working out this year, but
      > hopefully it will in the near future. What are your plans now? On
      > another note, I would like to ask--understanding that it is a delicate
      > matter--that you address some of the issues and situation brought up by
      > Dan Otedo. Thanks to Andrius and Benoit for doing the same. Both of you
      > are caring and wonderful people, so it is painful to see such a deep
      > rift. And for the rest of us to witness the struggle, without knowing
      > more about it or being able to help, if we can. Dan, we are all so very
      > sorry to hear about your tech losses at Suba, which I know feel like more
      > than a loss of "goods", but also feel like a loss of hope and promise.
      > How are things now (ie can you give us an update)? It would be great if
      > we can help in some way, and Sherrie Noble has written a marvelous letter
      > in that regard, which I hope you have seen. If not, we will repost it.
      > 6) Sherrie: I'm delighted that you have resolved connection issues and
      > are now with us once again! You bring such caring and richness to this
      > forum! I wonder if it would be OK if I post to HH what you wrote about
      > yourself to me (and cc'd to a few others) in June? It was a great
      > "snapshot" of your work and passions, and I'd like more people to get to
      > know you. It is very touching to read your heartfelt and supportive
      > letters to Dan and Benoit, and I know we all appreciate the encouragement
      > and uplift! Hope you will be encouraged yourself by this to post as often
      > as the spirit moves! 7) Wael: I have so much enjoyed and admired
      > reading from you, and getting to know you! I will write a separate email
      > about your latest posting, on holistic design related to sustainability
      > ("the modular cell of the ecosystem of production") . I have just posted
      > about Acumen fellowships here earlier today: I think you should consider
      > one for your work! Also, I see that you posted to Globalvillages abt
      > Architecture for Humanity, mentioning that you would try to check with
      > them about the idea. I actually know the founder :)), so I can write
      > myself and see if we get a response. There are other individuals and orgs
      > who would surely be interested to comment! In any and all cases, keep up
      > the wonderful work, and also "keep the faith" about the importance and
      > value of what you are doing. I hope we can apply the results to help the
      > Palestinian people, and all people. 8) Ken (Owino): I think of you so
      > often, and am delighted whenever I hear news of or from you. At the start
      > of the year, you wrote about your art-related dreams and hopes, and
      > before the end of the year, I hope to respond in kind :)). When you can,
      > will you tell us more about what you are doing--and James, feel free to
      > join in too!!--and what your thoughts and aspirations are? You are as
      > eloquent as a poet, so your words and deeds take us places that our souls
      > need to go! On that note, I will close for now with love and blessings,
      > and look forward to sharing, interacting, and collaborating in a closer
      > way soon! Janet
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