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Re: [holistichelping] Uzupis microhouses for our global villages?

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  • Denis Kimambo
    AndriusĀ  I have to say this looks very powerful idea i wish you and all luck in gettting it done. DENNIS KIMAMBO +254-722-388-275 PO BOX 17382 20100 Kipchoge
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2009

      I have to say this looks very powerful idea i wish you and all luck in gettting it done.

      PO BOX 17382 20100
      Kipchoge Keino Avenue
      Nakuru Players Theatre behind Bontana Hotel

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      From: Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...>
      Subject: [holistichelping] Uzupis microhouses for our global villages?
      To: globalvillages@yahoogroups.com, "help group" <holistichelping@yahoogroups.com>, mendenyo@yahoogroups.com, "learningfromeachother" <learningfromeachother@yahoogroups.com>
      Date: Monday, September 21, 2009, 12:51 PM


      I ask us to consider how we might make good use of a "microhouse" for
      catalyzing a global village. Would you like to live in such a
      microhouse? or host visitors? or work on projects? or build a team for a
      global village? We may be able to provide you with one! We need your
      help to explain your needs and your suggestions.

      I spoke on Sunday with Vytautas Ratkevicius about a proposal he is
      writing. Vytautas is the Sheriff of the Republic of Uzhupis.
      Lithuania's Finance Ministry has responded positively to their plan to
      build a new art center made of modular rooms. My understanding (I need
      to double check) is that each room will be a shipping container (roughly
      20 feet x 8 feet x 8 feet which is 5.9 meters by 2.3 meters by 2.3
      meters). Each room is like a small house, like a trailer that
      construction workers use. The rooms can fit together in different ways
      so the entire building can be reorganized with a crane. Or you can move
      a room to the countryside or the seashore. Rooms are furnished (I think
      with wood) and equipped with technology and be economical and ecological.

      Vytautas knows about Minciu Sodas and is interested in our international
      network. Let me explain a bit about Uzupis.

      Uzhupis is a historic neighborhood of Vilnius, Lithuania. Many artists
      lived there. They declared independence in 1997 (not entirely
      seriously) and have their own constitution, flag, foreign minister
      (Tomas Cepaitis), all a bit humorous.
      http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ U%C5%BEupis Kennedy Owino and the Nafsi
      Africa Acrobats performed last year during Uzupis independence day
      (April 1). Vygantas Vejas curates the Uzupis Art Incubator's gallery
      http://www.umi. lt/galera. php Thanks to Vygantas and Tomas, I did my
      first art show there in May. At the time, Giedrius Bagdonas, leader of
      the Incubator, invited me to apply for a room at the new art center they
      hope to build.

      Recently, Giedrius invited me to expand my request. I asked for two
      rooms, one in Uzhupis and one in the countryside, so that I and other
      Minciu Sodas / Worknets participants could stay there. I thought of
      them as "gates" (of creativity) for our Global Villages Network, linked
      by video bridges.

      Vytautas explained further. They are now writing a detailed proposal to
      Lithuania's Finance Ministry. They would like to establish about
      one-fifth of the rooms in different locations around the world. They
      are very impressed with our global network. Also, Thomas Chepaitis,
      foreign minister of Uzhupis, is active in Minciu Sodas and many of our
      participants have become ambassadors of Uzhupis. Thomas has organized a
      network of some 200 ambassadors.

      My understanding (I need to double check) is that, if this project is
      approved, and if we participate, then Lithuania (and Uzhupis) would
      * provide us with microhouses
      * equip them with technology
      * deliver them to us

      We would have to:
      * own land to put them on
      * make good use of them
      * maintain them
      * pay for utilities (heating, electricity, Internet)
      * communicate our design ideas
      * promote Uzhupis and its artists
      * host visitors from Uzhupis and work together

      I think they would be very happy that our networks Uzhupis, Minciu
      Sodas, Worknets all work alongside in harmony.

      What locations might participate? Please speak up! Here are some ideas:
      * David Ellison-Bey (Moorish Cultural Workshop) in the South Side of
      Chicago. We spoke today and he might be interested.
      * Franz Nahrada's Hotel Karolinenhof, Vienna, Austria
      * Samwel Kongere's lab in Rusinga Island, Kenya
      * Ben de Vries wherever you are! including Silicon Valley, California
      * Josephat Ndibalema, William Wambura, UYOGA in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
      * Wael Al Saad in Palestine
      * Kennedy Owino in or near the slums of Nairobi, Kenya
      * Markus Petz in Tampere, Finland
      * Fred Kayiwa, Kampala, Uganda
      * Sasha Mrkailo, Sombor, Serbia
      * Benoit Couture, Edmonton Reconciliation Centre, Canada
      * Fantsuam Foundation, Ago-Are eco-village, Nigeria
      * Wendi Losha Bernadette (Cameroon), Tom Ochuka (Kenya), Edward Cherlin
      (Silicon Valley), Janet Feldman (Rhode Island), Jeff Buderer (Arcosanti,
      Arizona), Pamela McLean (London), Andrius Kasparavicius (London), Marcin
      Jakubowski (Factor E Farm, Missouri), Steve Bosserman (Columbus, Ohio)
      and add your name!

      You can see that this could be a very exciting network and a smart
      investment for Lithuania and a good leveraging of the idea of the
      Republic of Uzhupis.

      The priority is for places where there could be ongoing activity and
      connection with travelers. My thought is that these would be bases for
      encouraging the creation of global villages. The microhouse could be
      there for a few years and then moved elsewhere as the village builds
      momentum or moved around as needed.

      We need places ("global villages") to put the microhouses, but we also
      need travelers who might live and work there for long and short visits,
      typically for a few months. We would have to make a commitment so that
      this works out. We need to think, who among us might like to travel and
      live in such a little house and engage others?

      Vytautas asks for our help to think, how do we imagine using such
      houses? What activities might take place there? What are our needs? We
      can write about the activities we imagine, which might include video
      bridges, fabrication laboratories, creating artworks, scientific
      investigations, agricultural projects, crafts and textiles, sports,
      music and film studios, Internet access, libraries, cooking, etc.

      Our answers and examples will help them write their proposal. We don't
      know if their proposal will be confirmed, I am glad they are inviting
      and including me and our network.

      Are you interested? Do you have ideas? Please let us know!

      Please ask any questions and I will try to share more details.

      Thank you,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms. lt
      +370 699 30003

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