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tranfroming the Political Mind by new Eonomic Mind

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  • Global Palestine
    seems to be very good book. It is its time indeed. Many have covered the defect in the political system in crises. Mark I am aware about the systemetic depth
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      seems to be very good book. It is its time indeed. Many have covered the defect in the political system in crises. 
      Mark I am aware about the systemetic depth of the conflict. Actually while I am proposing my "holistic green healing economy" model to build up global green Palestine, I have in mind the basic Ideas Lokoff spoke about, to create new patterns replace the old one through the design of cycles of exchange and integrating freedom and capacities into economy, so that we discover the new possibilities of thinking, cooperation, integration, .. through  economic set-up of networked ecosystems of production.   

      Really I would love to discuss about that .. Any one has access to KPFA to tell them about my venture, so that it get some attention and crowding some energy behind? 


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      Wael and All

      The attached advertorial is meant by its authors to sell one company's CRM software, but there are others that meet the criteria it spells out (see the 40 profiles report). That is why I will read it in my search for the right solution for a solar sales and marketing company we just started up.

      Also, we are selling solar at $2.45 a watt (for the moment -- the US dollar is falling in value). If that is a really good deal in some countries where holistichelping is functioning, lets talk.

      Also, Wael, what you are facing in the Israeli occupation is rooted in what George Lakoff, a professor at U.C. Berkeley, wrote about recently in Political Mind. Check out the KPFA.org archives from yesterday -- I think it was in the 3 to 4 timeslot, if I remember correctly -- for his speech, which is being offered as a premium, along with the book, in their fund drive.

      It is the Strict Father paradigm, which comes straight from the chimpanzee level of our evolution, in which we kill the males in the next territory in order to seize the females and the food resources (see recent work by Jane Goodall), also written about by Riane Eisler as the dominator paradigm (vs The Partnership Paradigm -- the name of her second book) and historically chronicled in her first book, The Chalice and The Blade.

      Along with these three books are two books on The Evolution of Cooperation and The Complexity of Cooperation (if I remember what Ed Cherlin told me accurately). It is also the roots of the fundamentalist Muslim culture, and the fundamentalist Christian, Hindu, and warlord cultures. What we have the opportunity to do now, is to combine these perspectives with Permaculture, Small Is Beautiful and other appropriate technology resources, the mystical traditions underlying the original impulse behind all major religions (which all get subverted by disciplined, highly intent Strict Fathers hell-bent for control), the latest solar technologies and designs, the Captive Column structural system by Lawrence R. Bosch, whom I know, and some major work coming in the design of knowledgebases and the process by which everyone can participate in their creation and use.

      As we learn how to do so, we will learn how to design the Paradigm Shift we have all been working toward all our lives. That is my underlying focus.



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