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  • William Wambura
    Hi Graham,Thank you very much for your hardworking heart on DIY solar charger developnment.Today I would like to share withh you about the impontatnce of DIY
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2009

      Hi Graham,Thank you very much for your hardworking heart on DIY solar charger developnment.Today I would like to share withh you about the impontatnce of DIY solar for African developing communities.


      I don’t want to involve my initial steps in buying a whole assembled/connected DIY solar chargers.

      I delibaretely want to engage my knowledge in the assembling processes.

      I want to learn how to assemble DIY SOLAR chargers,so that  can dessiminate the assembling knowledge.

      I  want to deals with assembling steps first.


      I have not yet checked the post box for your DIY SOLAR package




      In the mobile phone repair clinic we do the following:

      -Our phone repair clinic has 240V power installed.


      -Daily repair practices in cell phone problems.We have all neccesary tools and equipnments needed.


      -we get regular repair instruction on repair tactics from our experienced mobile phone technician.


      -we use mobile phone repair manuals such CDs,DVDs and other efficient mobile phone repair softwares to enhance our learning.

      -We have a lot of old cell phone parts/broken or demaged parts in which we effectively identify cell phone structures and lay outs.

      -We have networks of mobile phone repair technicians for complex mobile phone problems.



      Since the majority of Africans live in rura areas,they hardly have low access to mobile phones chargers.They hardly charge their mobile phnes by:


      -Vast part of our country is in dackness,only 8% of urban population have access to electric power.And 2% of rural population has power access.

      -90% of our population is in dack.


      -People in the rural travel long distance to town/urban areas to follow charging services for their mobile phones.People leave their homes very early in the morning to travel to urban centers to charge their mobile phones.They bandon their farm activities,domestic duties and other necessary social responsibilities just to charge their phones.


      -People in the rural endanger their lives and take high risk of their properties by walking through dense forests and bushes.

      People in the rural areas have no an ensuring transport infrastructures,they travel on feet,animal carts,on bycles which is very dangerous.


      -It is Very costful in terms of going long distance,charging cost,travelling expenses,time consuming,and lack of  efficiency in charge usage.

      Lack of  steady financial sustainability for transport and charging,also keep their mobile phones uncharged for some days or weeks.


      -Lack of convinient transport infrastructures like bycles,buses,railwys etc,as obstacles.

      If  we can succeed in assembling the DIY SOLAR parts,we can fix these problems.

      We can reach out  to the African majority living in rural places and sell them DIY SOLAR CHARGERS.

      By reachng out and sell out solar chargers to rurals Tanzanians,we be helping in the movement of global information society.


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