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Global Green Palestine as pilot-vision for the new world order

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  • Global Palestine
    Mark, you can not imagine how much energy your massage gave me. I ve just arrived Jenin, Palestine, leaving Germany behind. And I can tell that people here do
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 21, 2009

    you can not imagine how much energy your massage gave me. I ve just arrived Jenin, Palestine, leaving Germany behind. And I can tell that people here do not believe in visions any more. But I believe there will be some hidden pearls, which I will do my best to find and build a group following the universal trajectories taking place. 
    Another scenario is to build partnership with global association and work under their cover to establish the foundation memeplex. 

    I am very gratitude for any suggestion or open discussion. Attached some presentation material about my dreams. 

    SKYPE: wael.alsaad
    Mobile: 00970599270007

    On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 5:48 PM, Mark Roest <marklroest@...> wrote:

    Hello Wael,

    Welcome kindred spirit! No time to get into details before going to work, but there are others who share your perspective! I am letting people in other networks know you are speaking out. More later.


    Mark Roest

    On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 9:31 AM, Global Palestine <globalpalestine@...> wrote:

    please resend me your offer ~
    But in general, I think the time is ripe to follow large scale approach and not depending micro-financing projects to empower individual micro-challenges.
    Even many people are looking for survival, they are born for something bigger than that and they would love to be part of bigger challenge and vision sharing it with other. So imagine we network the becoming resilient communities in one organic economic body, where we share appropriate technology, know-how in developing green products and services we want and we need freely without being slaves to the traditional market obligations. 
    I think we can use economy, healing economy, as vehicle for it. Like the lungs providing body life with Oxygen, economy can be the mechanism for  sharing resources efficiently and building collective intelligence. And instead of destructive economy for human and earth, we can develop a model for cooperative green collective healing one and getting it to be part of the global market showing the masses global alternatives.
    Such an organic economic body has its own ecology in terms of functions and processes. Its own logistics veins and exchange code. 

    Any known sweet spots for these thoughts? Any initiatives do exists? 
    Beside mine for Global Palestine I know http://fairwork.mixxt.org/ mentioned by Franz on other thread. 
    http://sekem.com/ is doing good work but depending on local resources and capital as part of the traditional market. 


    On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 5:08 PM, graham <DIYSolar@...> wrote:

    Dear All,
    I'm glad that this chat is becoming more practical.
    The questions raised below cover other projects than just water but at the heart of most
    of them is the problem of getting people to become independent.
    I have offered more than once to give small loans for personal microsolar projects.
    All I ask is that an effort is first made by that person to work out how it can be
    made into a viable business.
    If it fails later there is no requirement that the loan is repaid!
    No-one has yet taken up my offer!


    I spoke with Tom Ocuka just now.

    His deepest value in life is "Have an environment where people can adapt
    to changes". This is very helpful for us all to know because it helps
    us understand and support him, know where his leadership is most
    natural, understand the personal relevance of his projects and hold him
    accountable to himself.

    His question is "How to empower the community?" and specifically "How to
    involve people to make them independent so they can find water solutions
    for themselves?" as in "How to get water without depending on the common

    I approve a loan of 8500 Kenyan shilling (currently about 111.40 USD)
    from my Minciu Sodas funds that Samwel is holding. The loan is for
    constructing one hand cart for water as Tom described. The terms that I
    suggest are that Tom be ready in 6 months to return 75% of the loan per
    my instructions, either to return to Samwel or to hold further. The
    other 25% is for research on this project that Tom will do and share on
    the questions above and other questions that Ricardo, Benoit, I and
    others might ask. This research will include regular updates (at least
    once a month) by email and photos of how the project is unfolding and
    what Tom is learning.

    Tom, do you agree to these terms? If you do, please write us and I
    agree that Samwel release the funds.

    Samwel, do you have any questions? My thought is that Samwel will coach
    Tom on research aspects, what we can all learn and what might interest
    us. This project will be part of Samwel's worknets lab and I hope we
    can build further on that around Samwel's and Tom's leadership,
    including others as well.

    My suggested terms show my economic logic. Minciu Sodas and other
    Worknets labs are about organizing around independent thinkers. So it's
    vital for our investments that we know Tom and focus on his own values,
    questions and growth. That is what builds our economic assets, too. A
    successful research project like this is easily worth $1,000 or more in
    terms of the relationships that it builds amongst us and opens up with
    others. For example, it can link up connections with Mark Chambers of
    http://www.akvo.org "open source for water and sanitation". The
    project needs to stand on such merits for it to be worth me investing
    myself in, for it to be self-sustainable. Whether or not it makes a
    profit or even covers costs is, for me, secondary, if it is
    strengthening our network.

    Samwel, Tom and all, I look forward to thinking through more such loans
    and how best to distribute and apply our resources.

    Tom, thank you for your initiative,


    Andrius Kulikauskas
    Minciu Sodas
    +370 699 30003
    Dukiskes, Lithuania

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