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Re: [holistichelping] We have to be consistent in our crosscutting and community

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  • Franz Nahrada
    Very well spoken, Sawuel! ICT is nothing in itself, but it can support local action. (it could also be an addictive drug or worse, but that doesnt matter
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 13, 2009
      Very well spoken, Sawuel! ICT is nothing in itself, but it can support
      local action. (it could also be an addictive drug or worse, but that
      doesnt matter here)

      There are prerequisites for that:

      * A focus on community tools to provide life - as factor e farm shows,
      even though the current quarrels seem very questionable. They will recover
      and have to sort out expectations better.
      * Living examples where we do it, try and test it - it requires more than
      a farm, it requires a village - but sometimse a farm is good to srart
      * If ICT shuld be of any use, the community tools (like water, sanitation,
      building, machines) should be thoroughly documented online. Ralf
      Schlatterbeck is working on a server for that and I hope that in close
      cooperation with Andrius we create the toolset and portal for
      documentation -ProWiki is great for that. real life experiences should be
      taken into account and communicated - stories must be pafrt of the
      documentation effort
      * A strategy to connect the ICT savvy to local actors. Pamela has a
      wonderful model how this can work.

      There are so many initiatives on the way, its more a question of
      integration - there are good examples for almost everything - but you need
      to find them.

      all the best



      Samwuel Kongere wrote:

      Dear all members,
      It is high time we realize where came from in mendenyo. Our initial focus
      was ICT (WIFI) For people with limited internent access our governments,
      mobile phone campanies, and othe interested bodies have followed our focus
      but found out that this is not helping an African living next to Lake
      Victoria. There is famine and lack of clear focus on East African need for
      livelihood. With GPRS Phones, mobile modems in every part if not all!
      How can African child survive live without food? Good health undainted
      focus? And education which is becoming expepensive to our standards? If
      all our shared approaches are not pro-community! Do you know our
      livelihood and food security status? Yes, our projects are addressing
      information which can reach a coner of the world in seconds through mobile
      phones, internet but what about health, sanitation, food security? Is your
      approaches addressing community need for livehood?
      Yes in mendenyo needs a clear cut, which must be addressed at points to
      the exsisting situations.
      If your project has a clear cut for a sustained livelihood, good join our
      team of independent thinkers which are addressing a sustained rural
      grassroot and down up approach for real community responsible tourism and
      a sustainable food supply. We are mapping out real, people/places, with
      this desire.
      Are you going to address a first hand need which is food? Although the
      water shortage is a need but is your approach? The outline for a
      safe/clean drinking water is expensive but where do we start?
      This is a piece to help cross cutting of a sustainable agriculture!
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