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Jeff, Wishing you a great team for MyFoodStory!

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    Jeff, Thank you for your excellent project overview. I have posted it at: http://www.myfoodstory.org/wiki.cgi?FishTeam
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2006

      Thank you for your excellent project overview. I have posted it at:
      I share with Janet Feldman's working group Holistic Helping, perhaps there
      are candidates for your team on "back to the root", sustainability,
      Integrated Farming and Waste Management, with special attention to farmed
      fish. Please also forward to the One Village group and to all you might.

      Yes, I'm very excited to contribute $500 to your work. Please confirm how I
      should send this to the Pay Pal account for One Village Foundation. Please
      know this is a Minciu Sodas Research Fellowship for you as our laboratory's
      Investigatorius. As you lead this project, please let us know how and where
      we might co-brand with One Village Foundation the fruits of your team's work.

      Also, I am reserving $500 for your team (a portion of that may be needed to
      cover bank fees). Here I am very interested in your creativity, how you
      might make best use of this money. For example, you can use it to back a
      community currency which Maria Agnese Giraudo and others might earn and then
      use, much as we did with the Chocolate Project. Please use your imagination!
      let us know so that I might add my input, approve and send the money.

      Thank you for your detailed ideas, they all sound good. The web ring idea
      fits exactly with what Greg Wolff and I discussed, but I am heartened that
      everything you do will be fruitful. I am also thankful for all the work that
      you have already done for us these several years.

      Let's also look for additional sources of funding, especially related work.
      I will work on this and also please know that I will be actively supporting
      your efforts and look forward to your leadership, what directions are
      especially important you.

      Thank you also that we can feature you in November! That gives me a whole
      month to find our next team!

      and have a spooky Halloween!
      from an Internet cafe with wireless access in Jerusalem,


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      JeffBuderer: Andrius, Please see preliminary report below. I also attached
      word version (this is just a rough draft but i wanted to get this out to you
      before waiting any longer).


      MyFoodStory will have its own momentum. This project will be one of six
      projects that are alive and contributing content to MyFoodStory in the long

      Vision & Values

      We'll be reaching out to people who are interested in Integrated Farming and
      Waste Management, or interested in farmed fish or such, and we want to hold
      them together somewhere by focusing on a shared value such as sustainability
      and/or "back to the root".

      While the goal is to develop a compendium of best practices so that
      Integrated Farming becomes a highly profitable venture, the idea is that the
      real profit that we gain from the process is the sharing of dreams visions
      and knowledge assets among us in a open source or more precisely a open
      content structure.

      Assembling people at values-centered venues such as the Back To The Root
      working group centered around your value "back to the root" is way to
      congregate committed people around value oriented actions that are empower
      them by bringing their values and ideals into materialization in their lives
      through more organic and ecosystem ways of designing the human built
      environment and our production systems.


      If we are going to consider any kind of commodity production (such as
      chocolate or coffee) in places like Africa it needs to be part of an
      integrated approach that includes consideration for urgent domestic needs. So
      the notion of Fair Trade needs to include where the investment from that
      commodity or value added product is going:

      * 1. Is it going to produce more coffee for export, is it going to NYC or
      is the dividend balanced with some profits (in addition to livable wages) a
      net outflow and some being invested in local nutrition program?
      * 2. Does the farm impact the surrounding environment?
      * 3. Is it better to dedicate agricultural lands to local production of
      staples and finance it with say bio-diversity and carbon credits rather than
      with commodities?
      * 4. We also need to look carefully at the trend lines of commodity
      production and consider the sustainable benchmarks for each of the
      commodities we are looking at. Are they already being exceeded and if so is
      there room in that benchmark for sustainable production to replace the
      unsustainable sector of the market?

      For more about how that integrated approach might be applied in a developing
      country please see Songhai Farm www.songhai.org (fish, pigs, fruit, etc) or
      Fantsuam Foundation www.fantsuam.com (fish, ICT, microfinance, etc)

      IFS Workshop in January

      I plan to use the monies to help fund my trip to Africa in which I plan to
      visit Kenya and hopefully also Ghana. Samuel Kongere is part of the team that
      will converge in Kenya for the workshop that will feature environmental
      engineer and inventor George Chan's Integrated Farming System. We are
      planning at this time that the meeting will take place before the World
      Social Forum and may include presentations at the WSF and the Young Global
      Green Conference.

      The IFS MyFood Story Project to Featured at MyFoodStory.com in November

      The IFS MyFood Story Project will be featured in November at
      http://www.myfoodstory.com Most of the work could be done later but the
      preliminary work will include incorporating preliminary reports on selected
      IFS related projects around the world based on online research.


      * Engage the general public by showing how one particular key (such as
      farmed fish) can open up a whole range of opportunities in developing
      sustainable farming systems that are highly profitable. Our effort is focused
      on presenting the natural complexity as a viable way to designing human
      systems and as a alternative the current one-dimensional approach to reality
      that now limits our imagination.
      * Reach out and invite in our network who are developing integrated
      farming practices or have an interest in doing so.
      * Develop database system for collecting and making available this
      information online
      * Research collected as part of this MyFoodStory project will contribute
      to the development of sustainable project to promote Integrated Farming
      Systems around the world.
      * Andrius will consider the development of a social ping" system that
      allows producers and others to get registered and then once a month or so
      they are sent a questionnaire that checks is they have any data to update or
      if they would like to add a story, a comment, etc.


      Participants should follow the principles of "active sharing":

      * Original content is Public Domain except as noted
      * Venues foster an individual leader who has clear authority for the
      * Venues are sustainable through commercial activity that is cultivated
      in the spirit of "meeting each other halfway"
      * Venues seek the success of all, they are open and give a way for
      everybody who behaves well to participate

      Implementation Steps for November & December

      Aspects of the Integrated Farming My Food Story Project will involve:

      * 1. Developing a rough idea of relevant leads in the network and also a
      knowledge of non-networked best practices
      * 2. Collecting initial reports from online research including questions
      to ask and data to collect
      o Project start date
      o Current status update
      o Project budget
      o List of yields if any (I plan to include projects in various
      stages of development at least in the initial survey because I think it is
      important to connect existing projects and their best practices with proposed
      o Staff
      o Location
      o Founder’s story
      o Description of components that make the project integrated **
      Future plans
      * 3. Writing down a story from in-the-field. I will during the process of
      November invite reports and contributions throughout our network on first hand
      accounts of Integrated Farming Practices in action.
      o Plan to travel to a local example of integrated farming
      (aquaponics in action) in Missouri - S&S Aquaponics
      o I hope to get a report from Steve about the project in Columbus
      o I hope to have a report from Obayomi in Nigeria on his project
      there to develop an integrated farm
      o I will ask Benard to report on several projects in Kenya
      including ManorHouse which uses the biodynamic technique developed by John
      Jevons in Willits CA.
      o See if Bioshelters/Waterfield Farms in Amherst MA is still
      operational (aquaponics)
      o Contact Bob of one accord food panty for more information about
      his system and his recent developments
      o Go through past emails from Aquaponics discussion group:
      aquaponics@... and select relevant projects to contact and further
      o Contact Tom Duncan of Ecoplan in Australia who is developing
      innovative aquaponics projects there and has experience in China also
      o Contact Steve Diver of the National Center for Appropriate
      Technology in Fayetteville AK about any leads he has on best practices
      o Instruct Maria to evaluate any possible integrated farming
      systems in Europe and to seek help from ZERI partner Emissions Zero which is
      based in Italy.
      o Contact Songhai Farm in Benin and get a update on their work and
      also find our more about their companion project in Nigeria
      o Contact Ocean Arks in Vermont to get more about Living Machines
      as Integrated Farms
      o Contact Living Machines inc (NM) for updating on project that
      they are involved in.
      o Seek contacts from George Chan about various relevant projects in
      Fiji, China, Mauritius and USA
      * 4. Entering that story into the MyFoodStory archive
      * 5. Featuring relevant stories on our various network websites
      o such as OVF’s integrated farming and waste management blog.
      * 6. Develop a simple "web-ring" of sites that all have stories about
      IF&WM or similar approaches.

      Other Team Members for IFS MyFoodStory

      I have yet to converge a team together. I will send emails out to people I
      know who might interested in this in Africa. Maria has been working with me
      and I am not sure if she wants to be compensated a portion of that $400 or
      possible donate it to Samuel or someone else in her network.

      Payment Terms: Andrius has agreed to donate a fee of $500 to OVF in return
      for my work on the Integrated Farming Systems project of MyFood Story. 500
      dollars are to be paid to OVF account via PayPal.

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