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Minciu Sodas thanks COMMUNIA for spin-offs and externalities

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Juan Carlos, Minciu Sodas participants have greatly benefited from the COMMUNIA meetings in all manner of projects. We have a worldwide network of independent
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 10, 2009
      Juan Carlos,

      Minciu Sodas participants have greatly benefited from the COMMUNIA
      meetings in all manner of projects. We have a worldwide network of
      independent thinkers, and these are rare opportunities for us to meet
      each other as well as get to know people locally. Here are some of the
      ways we benefited:

      Kennedy Owino and nine other Nafsi Afrika Acrobats
      http://www.nafsiafrica.org were invited by Norwegian Television to
      perform live in Norway. They all agreed that they participate in the
      COMMUNIA meeting in Vilnius which was held the week earlier. We used
      the COMMUNIA money to fly them from Norway to Lithuania and back. At
      the meeting, they represented an African perspective. They also gave
      free performances:
      * 8 minutes on Lithuanian television's morning show
      * Republic of Uzhupis independence day celebrations (organized by Tomas
      * Butrimonys small town (organized by Zenonas Anusauskas of Eiciunai
      Youth Centre)
      * Panevezys school for the deaf and Panevezys television (organized by
      Odeta Abromaviciute)
      * the COMMUNIA dinner, which was also a celebration of Minciu Sodas's 10
      year anniversary
      They raised several hundred euros for small projects in Kenya.

      Odeta Abromaviciute http://www.cultureartfact.org was first introduced
      to them on this visit. Since then they have worked closely together,
      especially on video bridges linking children in Kenya and Lithuania,
      with help from Zenonas as well.

      Zenonas and Odeta were introduced and have worked closely. Recently,
      Zenonas gave a one-week video course at Odeta's summer camp organized at
      the Kursenai children's home.

      At the London meeting of COMMUNIA, I handed to Samwel Kongere an extra
      video projector from the Folk Creativity Club "Atzalynas" to give to
      Nafsi Afrika Acrobats for use including their work with children in
      Nairobi's slums.

      Zenonas, Irena, Thomas and Andrius's work on this meeting brought them
      together as a team for other projects as well. Zenonas's work for the
      Vilnius meeting of COMMUNIA was the major source of funding in 2008 for
      his Internet TV http://www.internetinetv.lt which has pioneered
      Internet video streaming and broadcast in Lithuania's parliament,
      Vilnius's city hall, the ELTA news agency and many NGOs. Irena
      Buinickaite now works as an assistant in Lithuania's parliament and this
      has opened possibilities further. Andrius now lives with Zenonas and
      Audrone in the village of Dukiskes.

      Andrius Kasparavicius in London hosted a meeting of London's Lithuanians
      with the Minciu Sodas team. He was introduced to Zenonas Anusauskas and
      Irena Buinickaite. Andrius Kasparavicius invited them to a meeting of
      leaders of the United Kingdom Lithuanian Community. Subsequently,
      Zenonas and Andrius have organized several live streaming video events
      from the UK thanks to Zenonas's website, including a seminar held at
      Lithuania's parliament building. They have also catalyzed UK Lithuanian
      participation in the anticorruption movement Jungtines Demokratijos
      Judejimas (United Democracy Movement).

      Our 8 member team for the London meeting met twice with Leon Benjamin
      http://www.winningbysharing.net of the advertising agency The Law Firm
      Group. Afterwards, he gave 6,000 GBP of work to our Minciu Sodas team
      to build a directory, in the Public Domain, of 500 UK online communities
      and to engage 100 of them on behalf of Mornflake cereal's online video
      contest http://www.mornflake.com This work led further to
      introductions to Stuart Oliver for whom Minciu Sodas worked to create a
      collection of links, in the Public Domain, about Scotland's clean tech

      Leon Benjamin also linked us by video with Ken Thompson, founder of
      Swarm Teams http://home.swarmteams.com an SMS social networking
      technology that they invited Rachel Wambui Kungu and Samwel Kongere to
      implement, at no charge, for civic projects in Kenya.

      Ana Ilic and Zdenka Mrkailo presented Public Domain Fashion at the Open
      Knowledge Conference the day after the London meeting. (Several of us
      spoke there). They also met fashion photographer Jovita Valaityte in
      London who gave them a free fashion shoot. The London experience gave
      them the impetus to work together and grow motivation that led to
      business successes in Serbia, including a fashion show.

      In London, we also met for the first time with Graham Knight of DIY
      Solar, who gave free samples of his solar panels for recharging mobile
      phone batteries. We're supporting his efforts in several African
      countries. We also visited George Auckland at the BBC.

      Didzis Veinbergs attended the Vilnius meeting where he spoke about his
      interest to start a publishing company of Public Domain works in
      Latvian. Andrius later included him in a NordPlus proposal that he
      wrote to publish an open source book for mathematics education.

      Markus Petz and Thomas Chepaitis first met at the Vilnius meeting.
      Markus and several others have become Ambassadors of the Uzhupis
      Republic (a neighborhood of Vilnius) of which Thomas is the Foreign
      Minister. Recently they organized two art exhibits in Uzhupis of
      artists from the Pispala center, Tampere, Finland, including Markus.
      Now Markus is awaiting our art works from Lithuania for an exhibit at
      Pispala on Truth.

      The COMMUNIA travel helped make possible many meetings including Franz
      Nahrada to the Oekonux meeting (after the London meeting); Andrius and
      Pamela made a road trip in Lithuania and attended the World Entrepreneur
      Summit in London; Pamela, Samwel and Andrius met with Vinay Gupta of
      http://www.globalswadeshi.net in London; Andrius Kulikauskas addressed
      Kofi Annan at the Open Davos Forum (after the Zurich meeting) about
      replenishment of their Kenyan efforts http://www.pyramidofpeace.net
      (featured in the January 2008 Torino meeting); and Andrius on his way
      home was able to visit Franz Nahrada and work for three weeks on a
      "hyperwiki" interface for the Public Domain wiki
      http://www.worknets.org; Andrius and Maria Agnese Giraudo visited
      leaders of the Binario Etico trashware cooperative after the January
      2008 meeting).

      The COMMUNIA meetings and these related activities featured prominently
      in several posts of my blog http://www.includer.org which I write as a
      winner of the Knight News Challenge Award.

      Most notably, the COMMUNIA meetings were the first opportunity for us to
      invite and meet in Europe with our African participants: Samwel Kongere,
      Rachel Wambui Kungu, Eric Wanjamah, Kennedy Owino and the Nafsi Afrika
      Acrobats, all who were active in our Pyramid of Peace
      http://www.pyramidofpeace.net and other projects in the Public Domain.
      A special thank you to all who helped with invitations! and worked
      towards inclusion.

      Thank you to Juan Carlos, the COMMUNIA network and the European
      Commission for supporting our efforts in so many ways. We look forward
      to the third year, especially the June 28-30, 2010 meeting in Torino,
      Italy. I invite Minciu Sodas participants to inform us of other good
      consequences of our COMMUNIA meetings.

      Thank you! and I look forward to contributing to the Draft Policy
      (communia_private; com9628mu)
      (and see the letters below)


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Dukiskes, Lithuania


      Dear All,

      As promised in Torino, version 0.1 of the
      COMMUNIA Policy Recommendations are online
      in our private Wiki:

      (communia_private; com9628mu)

      Federico did a great job (thanks!) in trying to put together something
      consistent and thoughtful enough to make you want to contribute,
      however please remember that:

      1. it is a beta project: please pay attention to the substance, not
      so much to details ;

      2. please focus on _adding_ points that in your opinion are currently
      from the list; there must be many, I am sure. We will prune / merge

      3. if you are not adding, but rather commenting (suggesting a
      split/merge, better wording,
      references, removal, ecc.), please use italics, to help to read the
      Also, do motivate your suggestions.

      On *Tuesday, 22 September 2009* we will close the wiki,
      to allow us to process the document in view of the Policy
      Meeting in Barcelona on 1 October 2009.

      Many thanks,

      juan carlos

      prof. juan carlos de martin
      coordinator - COMMUNIA project

      J.C. DE MARTIN wrote:
      > Dear All,
      > If you have participated in (or are aware of) spin-offs
      > or tangible externalities of the COMMUNIA project, such as:
      > - a group of members has banded together to submit a EU (or other)
      > proposal;
      > - a group of members has started a project, association, etc. together;
      > - members have met other members in COMMUNIA and then
      > started to cooperate in some way;
      > - etc.
      > could you please drop me a line with a few basic facts?
      > I am aware of a couple of such spin-offs, but I am sure
      > that there are many more out there.
      > If you tell me about them, I could include them
      > in the 2nd year project report, as spin-offs of that kind
      > are one of the main indicators of a functioning thematic
      > network.
      > Many thanks,
      > juan carlos
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