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David's Designers Give Bank and Tom Ochuka's Water Hand Cart

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Congratulations to David Alan Foster http://www.designfluence.org of Give Bank http://www.givebank.org which is competing in the Ideablob contest. David, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 7, 2009
      Congratulations to David Alan Foster http://www.designfluence.org of
      Give Bank http://www.givebank.org which is competing in the Ideablob

      David, I tried to vote earlier and then I didn't when I met this hurdle:
      * ideablob.com Website Terms and Conditions
      * ideablob.com Submitter and Voter Terms and Conditions
      * ideablob.com Official Contest Rules
      * ideablob.com Privacy and Security Statement
      I have read and accept all of the terms referenced above.

      That is 70894 characters = 11298 words = 20 pages. At 200 words per
      minute, it would take about an hour to read that! The "I have read"
      clause makes that legally and morally mandatory. This is obviously a
      poor practice and reflects poorly on the contest organizers. I'm not
      inclined to sign up for their website. Or to encourage 5,000 people to
      sign up. Imagine wasting 5,000 hours of time! (Alternatively, asking
      5,000 people to lie.) And instead we could be signing up people for our
      own groups and websites. I note that getting somebody's permission to
      sign up for a group is, by many measures (including my own costs and
      NYSE valuations of social networking sites), worth about $100 per
      person. So that is about $500,000 worth of assets. I think it's better
      that we build and leverage our own. The moral questions are painful but
      they show that indeed we're building a different culture.

      Can we start work with Give Bank with the resources that we have?
      "The Designers Give Bank is the place for industrial designers, product
      designers, inventors and makers of all levels and interests to pledge
      and commit to a number of hours per month that you can offer to
      humanitarian projects." Current priorities:
      * We'll pay for the back-end IT and web design we need for Give Bank and
      finish our 501c3 application.
      * We'll step up outreach activities and hire part time help to manage a
      few projects.
      * We can fund the initial development of our Cat490 project, which is a
      catalog of all machines, tools and products that are affordable and
      available to poor customers.
      * It will also allow us more time to work on our budding relationships
      with other NGOs in this space.
      * Lastly, this funding will lead to more funding!

      Can we use our Worknets wiki, in the Public Domain, to start work on the
      GiveBank catalog?

      Tom Ochuka, Pamela McLean, Ricardo and I chatted yesterday
      about a hand cart that he'll be building (for $120) to cart 240 liters
      of water about 3/4 kilometer in Kisumu, Kenya to help address the city's
      water shortage. Could Give Bank help advise the design of these and
      similar projects?
      and build up its activity? and work together?

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      David Alan Foster wrote "Help Us Achieve More Than 5,000 Votes!?"
      > Andrius,
      > You may have already received a message from me on the IdeaBlob
      > contest we're running in?
      > Our Give Bank project <givebank.org> is almost in the First Week
      > Sprint Round toward winning the August prize of $10,000.
      > Read updates here: <http://www.ideablob.com/ideas/5913-The-Give-Bank->
      > about Give Bank.
      > I wonder, and Mark Roest also suggested, if you would send out a
      > message to the aggregate communities with an endorsement and
      > encouragement for all to vote for Give Bank. My friend Kern narrowly
      > missed the prize for Global MindShift in July, so I know it's a real
      > possibility.
      > It would make Give Bank operational quickly, thus becoming a talent
      > resource for the Global Community.
      > Please let me know your thoughts on this, and if you would be willing
      > to take action quickly. As of this writing, there remain 1 day, 7
      > hours and a bit over 6 minutes in this week's "Sprint."
      > Looking forward,
      > David
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