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Re: Update of personal growth

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Benoit Couture, Thank you for updating us in your life s story. I appreciate your quote If you knew the secret history of those you would like to punish you
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 28, 2009
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      Benoit Couture,

      Thank you for updating us in your life's story. I appreciate your quote
      "If you knew the secret history of those you would like to punish you
      would find a sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all your hostility."
      Thank you for sharing parts of your own history including parts that shine
      new to me such as your participation in Canada's Social Union Framework
      Agreement, your spiritual unity with Janet Feldman, and your activity at

      This is all great as we share our dreams and makes possible an "economy of
      dreams". You have a strong sense of your past. What is your hope for your
      (and our) future?

      Thank you for your life and your dreams!

      I invite us all to share likewise.

      Greetings from Smalininkai, Lithuania where I'm working on a statue which
      I'm calling "Wishes". See our photos:
      and add your own photos:


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      > Salut everyone,
      > I am writing to offer an update of mine and of our family news.  So at
      > first, here's a little history I wrote last week, as a contribution in a
      > discussion
      > ------------------------------------------------------------
      > Dear ...,
      > For the sake of being relevant to your answer, I am bringing my personal
      > situation in context with what you often write with your signature:
      > "If you knew the secret history of those you would like to punish
      > you would find a sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all your hostility"
      > I have made my way on the internet as a stay-at-home-dad who fits quite
      > well the profile that you describe, as I live in exile from my birth
      > place since Nov 1978.  I was 16 when I gave up a promising hockey carrer,
      > seemingly to the public, because of drug abuse and all the baggage that
      > this carried in the mid 70s.
      > Along with that, it is important to point out that my formal education
      > is 3 years away from high school graduate.
      > So the long story short, is the life of one who looses all basis for good
      > reputation and who swims against the currents of peer pressured
      > self-destrution toward to fundamental presonal-social renewal.
      > So in Feb. of 2002, there was a review of SUFA.  This is the Social Union
      > Framework Agreement of all Canadian governemtns, except for the province
      > of Quebec. 
      > I came across a tiny invitation to participate in the review, to the
      > people at large, at the bottom of a page in a community paper. 
      > That invitation seemed like an excellent starting point to use the
      > internet in my bid to go from drop out to re-integrated participant of
      > sociaty, from my new home position.
      > I sent to the SUFA review a package of ideas and one of them was Mutual
      > Penetration with Histoy. 
      > So from your statements of
      > ""If you knew the secret history of those you would like to punish
      > you would find a sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all your hostility"
      > to
      >  "...shifting the operating system of each individual from "fearing the
      > power of the boss" to "engaging and enjoying the power of the network"...:
      > is where I think that something like Mutual Penetration with History could
      > be helpful:
      > http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/h2g2/classic/A54905718
      > My aim in contributing on the internet since the SUFA's review of 2002, is
      > to find the elements of the catalyst needed for the healing of Canadian
      > unity from personal reconciliation to communal assembling, from the micro
      > to macro view of understanding, reaching the maturing integrity
      > of humanities from the local sweet spot to the global groove that takes us
      > to the shores of welbeing and of content satisfaction...that's why I had
      > to quit hockey and to take on the long and winding road to here and now!
      > Hopefully, I did not trow anything out of context,
      > Benoit Couture
      > Edmonton, Canada
      > -------------------------------------------
      > So in April 2005, I came across Andrius and began to develop content of
      > personal growth on a full time basis, in the Public Domain with Minciu
      > Sodas and Worknets.
      > In the last few years, deep family struggle began, due to my own wrongs of
      > all sorts.
      > I did what I could to use my online activities in sync with our recovery,
      > but it has yet to settle at both ends, online and on the ground.
      > In March of this year, Janet and I had some interaction regarding these
      > struggles and can be read at:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/holistichelping/message/3928
      > Since then, Janet has mention several times how the Buddism teaches about
      > "dying a little each day".
      > The core of the Christian spiritual life is also rooted in the practice of
      > dying each day in the command of Jesus when He says: "Deny yourself, pick
      > up the cross daily and follow me."
      > So for the last week, I have returned to the forums of a House Church site
      > where I had not been for over a year.  I am presently getting much help in
      > getting myself out of confusion.
      > If you are interested to look at the development, it is at:
      > http://housechurch.org/cgi-bin/bbcgi_hc/ultimatebb.cgi/topic/58/7#000009
      > The actual website of the House Church is at:
      > http://www.housechurch.org/
      > Past attempts to bring in sync my online and ground life can be seen,
      > thanks to Andrius and all of Minciu Sodas and Worknets at:
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Community
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Family
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Faith
      > All of these news are hopefully going to lead to make of me the being who
      > can get the doing of my endeavours done.
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?BenoitCouture#Endeavors20070530
      > ...may all blessings be with us all...
      > Benoit Couture
      > Edmonton, Canada
      > __________________________________________________________________
      > Looking for the perfect gift? Give the gift of Flickr!
      > http://www.flickr.com/gift/
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