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Re: [globalvillages] Re: Lets re-map the world into global-communities

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  • Samwel Kongere
    OK all, Although our Sustainable local community tourism and agriculture consortium never happened as planned. One was due to funds, poor communication, health
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 23, 2009

      OK all,
      Although our Sustainable local community tourism and agriculture consortium never happened as planned. One was due to funds, poor communication, health related issues of H1N1(swine flu),unwarranted ignorance of members-believing and focusing too much on money matters, failing of local support among others etc. My move and travel across Nyanza and Rift valley, made me realize there is no potentiality of agriculture in Nyanza while up on top of Nandi hills across to Eldoret farms are evergreen but down at the Lake shore the harvest is poor, lack of rainfall but there is the vast fresh water in Lake Victoria.
      We, Tom, Joash and Ronald agree from my idea, soon there will be no fish catch and people are going to be malnourished. I am thinking of fish farming in pods in Rusinga island www.friendsofrusingaisland.org
      , picture garden at Got Angoro in Nyando, and and a recreational venue at Seme after Kisumu. I am going home over the weekend to compare my pictures and findings? Why Kisumu is becoming more popular with tourists? Is because of politics, social a atmosphere what?
      I will have a better idea if i think out of the basket. But every endeavor circulates on food security, better living not on teaching another to work, who advices who? Mmh! who advices advices who? This cynical peculiarity has killed many brilliant ideas and agenda that would otherwise provide tangible solutions acquired the notoriety of being a petty,querulous nation with a penchant for engaging in self-destructive activities.. We are always complaining of this and that,finger pointing at who and whatever for flimsy reasons, we never a moment stop to ask whether we are part of the problem, and when we ask? We counter accuse one another. There is a saying' i admired when i was a young boy' better to see something ones than to hear a bout it hundred times' i am hoping to do so-some work with Tom Chukka-Got Angora gardens in  Hero, Jo ash Oby-Seem and Kaela women development group in Reusing island.


      The consortium will be organized again when the original organizers meet again after the National Census in Kim in September 2009
      Money will be after real facts!


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      Subject: [globalvillages] Re: Lets re-map the world into global-communities
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      Date: Wednesday, July 22, 2009, 5:12 AM

      Franz, Wael, Tom, Samwel, Dan, Ricardo, Kennedy, Pamela, Sasha and all,

      Thank you for your great energy for working together.

      Franz, yes, I'm very enthusiastic to support your geographical database
      idea. Let's keep writing what that might mean, how it might unfold, how
      we can share resources and integrate and leverage what we already have.

      For example, it would be great and easy to start with local blogs (for
      Eiciunai, Rusinga Island, Sombor and everywhere we are). For that we can
      build on our existing ProWiki. It would also be good to support some
      practical projects, such as to know what are all the locations that Graham
      Knight's DIY Solar is being tried out including the timeline and future
      prospects. As we support one practical project after another we can roll
      out and develop and improve and perfect a relevant data format for

      Wael, I look forward to working with you. I'd like to write a proposal
      with you to a CEO of a Palestine mobile phone company who might support
      our help room and in particular the idea that Palestinians might train
      with us to be online assistants for people around the world who face
      unfairness or challenges or want to be included. If Palestinians spend
      effort to help others, then they might receive more constructive help in
      turn, and also be practiced in nonviolent engagement and building a green

      Samwel, Tom, Dan, Ken and all, thank you for great energy in Kenya and we
      should work practically to support your efforts, not with money but with
      all of our online assistants and infrastructure and also train and
      recompense people who learn to work as online assistants. Where in Kenya
      do we have the best Internet access and how can we include everybody in
      our teams?

      Pamela thank you for showing us your Dadamac website! and I look forward
      to your thoughts how and where we might work closer together.

      I just came back from a three day holiday to the seaside with my parents,
      brother and sister and their families. Tomorrow I go to the village
      Dukiskes to work on my paperwork and taxes for a day, then I will work
      from the village of Smalininkai for four or five days on my sculpture and
      will be in touch online.. I hope to get a headset and make some calls.

      Thank you all for working together!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      http://www.ms.. lt

      > holistichelping@ yahoogroups.. com writes:
      >>Dear Franz and all,
      >> This is an ideal thinking,for there are many comunities some ar
      >>forgotten, especially te disabled world,and narrow it to the deaf world.
      >>Maping makes activities accurate,even the bible has amap,but never in
      >>use,making the users read the bible but with little geographical
      >>knowledge making interepretation of the scripture not real.
      >>How can we put things together,do you have methods of making such agroup
      >>al to reach to acomunity they need.
      >>TOM OCHUKA
      > Tom
      > We habe done first experiments with Google Maps at other systems and it is
      > amazing how good you can link content and geographical context.
      > In Brazil, they start to map communities in a whole reagion - the so
      > called "Mapping of the Solidarity Economy" - and this helps to discover
      > what easily gets forgotten, to communicate needs and opportunities in a
      > geographical context. It totally chenges the significance of things, it
      > allows faster doors to the real world. Of course soon we will need
      > critical density of cooperation, so that this is not an invitation for
      > looters and destroyers in the real world.
      > But every day I am amazed how many cooperations between Africa and Europe
      > exist already! All these could maybe considered Global Villages!
      > I try to get several projects streamlined, also to have some budgets, and
      > I want to ask Andrius for help to make this mapping procedure doable and
      > communicate well with the wikis.
      > It will still take some months, but the direction is set.
      > Franz
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