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Fw: Dynamic Multi-Enterprise Value Network

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut John, Andrius and all,   Here is a good example to help us to think in terms of Value-Networks.  The more time goes on, the more I view the possible
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2009
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      Salut John, Andrius and all,
      Here is a good example to help us to think in terms of Value-Networks. 
      The more time goes on, the more I view the possible future as being a matter of joining the renewal of business partnership according to the lines that learn from their own history's mistake without abandoning successful strategies and receipes of the past.
      The secret of renewal is in how we treat each other...or not.
      Benoit Couture

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      Subject: Dynamic Multi-Enterprise Value Network
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      Hi – Sign of things to come… Cheers, John

      E2open Transforms the Supply Chain Into a Dynamic Multi-Enterprise Value Network with Launch of E2open 7.0

      New Demand Network Solution, Tightly Integrated with Existing Supply Network Solution, Strengthens E2open Platform

      REDWOOD CITY, Calif., June 23 -- E2open, the leading provider of on-demand, multi-enterprise demand and supply network solutions, today announced E2open 7.0, empowering companies with a single platform for collaboration, visibility and business process control across both the demand and supply sides of the enterprise.

      Today's manufacturing models have evolved from chains into networks, consisting of thousands of outsourced trading partners working to operate as an integrated global enterprise. The ability to balance supply with demand, while always a major challenge, has become increasingly complex, requiring a new class of solutions.

      "Modern day manufacturing requires consistent real-time data in order to enhance network visibility, connect networks to internal processes, reduce risk and balance supply and demand 'on the fly,'" said Mark Woodward, President and CEO, E2open. "With E2open 7.0 we are delivering just that. This is the first and only solution that offers multi-enterprise manufacturers the ability to shape demand and supply simultaneously and truly thrive in the 21st century global marketplace."

      Launching E2open 7.0

      E2open 7.0 is comprised of a broad suite of out-of-the-box, best practice solutions using a SaaS delivery model, allowing companies to manage their end-to-end, integrated, multi-tier demand-supply network. Additionally, E2open 7.0 eases trading partner on-boarding through the support of a multitude of multi-enterprise integration channels and proven best practices for rapid connection of global supply chain participants. The net benefits: rapid time to value, minimized internal IT resources and improved profitability. This release includes the introduction of the E2open Demand Network Solution as well as enhancements to the E2open Supply Network Solution and E2open Outsourced Partner Network Solution.

      The E2open Demand Network Solution enables companies to address today's unprecedented demand volatility by providing the ability to sense "shelf back" demand fluctuations, evaluate multiple potential impacts and then dynamically respond. E2open Demand Network provides a collaborative platform that includes functionality for order management, customer-facing vendor managed inventory and forecast collaboration, as well as shipment tracking functionality in order to provide end-to-end visibility across the demand network.

      With tight integration between the E2open Demand Network and E2open Supply Network Solutions, E2open 7.0 is the industry's first end-to-end demand-supply network solution delivered on a single SaaS-based platform.

      E2open 7.0 extends the capabilities of the E2open Outsourced Partner Network Solution, which enables a completely outsourced manufacturing process - from planning to execution - reducing the risk of outsourcing through extended value chain visibility and execution control of orders and inventory in asset light environments. E2open Outsourced Partner Network is a suite of products that provide OEMs with end-to-end visibility and control across multi-tiered manufacturing networks. The products provide improved operational efficiency in outsourced manufacturing, improved supply and quality assurance, as well as continuous performance monitoring of trading partners.

      "Many manufacturers have already made strides in optimizing the supply-side of their demand-supply network. However, in today's tough economic environment, it is increasingly critical for companies to also get the customer-facing demand network processes optimized. Companies participating in our research increasingly report customer-facing pressures and disruptions as the top issues that need to be addressed in managing their business," said Nari Viswanathan, VP/ Principal Analyst, at Aberdeen Group. "In enabling seamless visibility and execution across these distributed networks, manufacturers need to work with vendors that offer tight integration between demand- and supply-related processes and organizations, in order to survive the downturn and maximize the opportunity of a recovering economy."

      The underpinnings of the new platform are E2open Multi-Enterprise Foundation and E2open Multi-Enterprise Integration. Together these product suites form the basis for all E2open solutions, delivering key capabilities for multi-enterprise integration, multi-enterprise business process management, exception management, business intelligence, and operations management. The SaaS-based delivery of these solutions enables scalable collaboration, visibility and control across the global demand-supply network. Also included are proven tools and services for easy qualification and on-boarding of new network participants.

      E2open 7.0 is immediately available. Contact E2open at 650-381-3700 or visit www.e2open.com/release7 for more information.

      About E2open, Inc.

      E2open is the leading provider of integrated demand-supply network solutions designed to improve visibility, collaboration, and control across multiple tiers of trading partners. E2open delivers a complete, SaaS-based solution including software, deployment, operations, and partner community management that easily connects to systems of record such as ERPs, PDMs, or advanced supply chain planning applications. E2open drives major improvements across all key demand and supply network performance metrics, resulting in significant cost savings and customer service improvements. Customers span a range of industries and include The Boeing Company, Celestica, Cisco, Dell, Hitachi, IBM, LSI Corporation, Panasonic, Philips, Motorola, Seagate Technology, Spansion, Vodafone, and Wistron.

      Further information can be found at www.E2open.com.


      Public Relations:
      Ruder Finn
      Margaret Hoerster
      Phone: 312-329-3909
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      Company Information:
      Name: E2open, Inc.
      Address: 1600 Seaport Blvd., Suite 500
      City: Redwood City
      State: CA
      ZIP: 94063
      Country: USA
      Phone: 650-381-3700
      FAX: 650-381-3999


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      Multi-Enterprise Platform streamlines supply chain processes.

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