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Markus Petz calls for artworks on Truth by August 20; Share photos!

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Markus Petz invites us to submit artworks for an exhibition Truth. (See below for details). He asks us to help spread the word. Markus is visiting Vilnius and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 7, 2009
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      Markus Petz invites us to submit artworks for an exhibition Truth. (See
      below for details). He asks us to help spread the word. Markus is
      visiting Vilnius and we hope to meet this Friday at the Parliament where
      at 11:00 there starts a conference on Internet Television organized by
      Zenonas Anusauskas with whose family I live in the village and who
      filmed our COMMUNIA meeting and visited in London. See
      http://www.internettv.lt I will also be in the Parliament's Information
      building at 14:00 tomorrow (Wednesday) for a meeting of
      http://www.aslietuvai.org which is a national brainstorming initiative
      similar to My Estonia http://www.minueesti.ee/?lng=en Markus, do you
      have a phone number in Lithuania? Mine is +370 699 30003.

      I'm also active as an artist and I hope to participate with an art work
      based on my philosophy. I am making short films to document and
      illustrate my philsophical ideas. Indeed, I'm imagining the Anusauskas
      home as a film studio for short films. This weekend I'm also making my
      first large sculpture (3 meters!) based on a family of structures I call
      the Primary Structure that describes the relationship between Human and
      God. On Sunday I made a clay model.

      I'm remaking our websites, starting with http://www.ms.lt where you'll
      see we can now upload photos, there's a link "Add a photo" that takes
      you to: http://www.worknets.org/software/addphotos.php and your photo
      will be automatically resized: original, thumbnail and a "standard" size
      of 360 pixels height or width, whichever is longer. I invite us to add
      our photos in the Public Domain and "think visually". I appreciate our
      ideas of how we might use these images.

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...

      Markus Petz: I have been working on the TRUTH exhibition - sent to you
      the call. I have been working for the 10July Day of my org in Uzupis
      republic, I shall be there after 5pm.

      This has been quite time consuming, it is connected with a project
      called ONLY WITH YOUR VOICE. That project is being led in Lithuania and
      3 of us will be coming from my org 8th - 13th July and we shall be
      staying in Vilnius in a Hotel called Giles. We shall be workin in the
      Parliament and with the President for 2 days. If possible we can meet -
      don't know your schedule or exactly how that might fit with the project
      coz its a pretty full program. But lets see.

      Then I go to Norway where I am attending the Arctic Ting One World

      Hope you are well and summer is progressing well for you

      Markus Petz


      Call for Exhibition

      The Center of Contemporary Art Pispala is organizing an exhibition
      "Truth" as a part of γνῶθι σεαυτόν– Organizing the Structure of
      Conspiracy. We seek submissions for Truth and also Art Mondo -part of
      the exhibition, which will be shown during the 4th Pirkanmaa Triennial.

      Material format: Videos (DVD, max. 10min), pics(open to all
      suggestions), texts(max.5pages A4), objets d’art (open to
      suggestions), live art (we would prefer video format, but would consider

      Deadline for the submissions is: 20 Aug
      Exhibition: 12th Sept - 4th Oct
      Opening: 11th Sept
      22nd Sept Art Mondo (Equinocturnal Gathering) – Event during exhibition

      If the material you wish to submit is large, please talk to us before
      hand. Our exhibition space is limited so size
      of submissions is a consideration.

      Please provide your contact information if you would like to recive
      feedback from visitors to the exhibition.
      Anonymous contributions are welcome.


      Submissions should deal with the theme: Points of view from the edges of
      art and from the margins of the believable: videobridge conversations
      and free-form lectures from rebel thinkers and doers from near and far.


      As long ago as 1651, in his book "Leviathan" the English philosopher
      Thomas Hobbes compared the complex structure of a modern country to that
      of a sea monster which had grown in size beyond the scope of human
      understanding. Now in the fourth century after the release of Hobbes ́
      book, the monster has grown even more in size and complexity. Bigger
      than ever before! For many, it is difficult to see oneself as a part of
      this huge creature.

      While people are trying to get a grip of it's complexity, different
      kinds of theories are born - including those of conspiracies. The
      conspiracy theories that can't be proven either right or wrong can
      become prophecies of their time. There's no hereafter or apocalypse that
      would prove their existence - or thereby non-existence. Thus
      contemporary "modern" societies have also the official media-religion
      with its own prophecies. People who are creating the alternative
      theories are the heretics that challenge these “officially approved”
      prophecies. In ancient Greece, the proverb gnōthi seauton - know thyself
      was scribed above the door to the Temple of Apollo, inside of which the
      famous Delfoi oracle gave prophecies to people seeking wisdom and
      answers. The modern day Hero, Neo of the movie Matrix encounters the
      same proverb in Latin when consulting the Oracle guide in the tale. This
      phrase can therefore be understood as counsel for those trying to
      understand prophecies - for true understanding of wisdom given from
      outside, we should first look into ourselves. Perhaps after that we can
      decide which prophesies we take for the truth?

      exhibition curator: Markus Petz
      email: evs.coordinator@...
      gallery mobile: +358 (0) 41 789 119
      gallery location: Hirvikatu 10, Pispala, 33240 Tampere, Finland
      web: http://www.hirvikatu10.net/wordpress.1/?page_id=8
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