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Re: [learnhowtolearn] Re: DIY Solar projects and "Profit"

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  • Benoit Couture
    Graham,   I do not understand how money in = money out = NO PROFIT   gets to be applied in the reality that we live.   Are you saying that you are going to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2009
      I do not understand how "money in = money out = NO PROFIT"  gets to be applied in the reality that we live.
      Are you saying that you are going to be a volunteer to handle your part for free as well as Fred and everyone else, except for the few who happen to operate the NGO whom get paid to "administrate" volunteers time and efforts, volunteers who do not get paid for it?
      If so, that sounds like the few making a living out of the many people's misery.
      And what about the companies that are prodicing and distributing the products that you offer?  Are they made of people who do not get paid for their work?  And are they going to supply you for free?
      Without profit, please clarify what and how the benefits could be delivered and to whom.

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      From: graham <DIYSolar@...>
      Subject: [learnhowtolearn] Re: DIY Solar projects and "Profit"
      To: mendenyo@yahoogroups.com, learnhowtolearn@yahoogroups.com, holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Received: Monday, July 6, 2009, 6:51 AM

      Dear Benoit,
      You are running well ahead of me!
      Maybe one day NGOs will be organised to have a "profitable" micro pv businesses
      but we are very far from that today.
      It has been done in Kenya (by business people) but that it not my idea here.
      All I'm hoping at this point in time is having a few DIY Solar projects
      that are financially VIABLE.
      In other words having NGOs that do not need charity to keep them going.
      To put it another way; money in = money out = NO PROFIT!

      Salut Graham,
      As I read your idea, the question that came up is: Does the liscence of NGO's allow them to go directly into "for-profit business" such as you propose? 
      I could see an NGO being formed to train people to go into business, like some micro credit organisations but I dont think that an NGO is allowed to buy and sell at a profit.  I know that it is not allowed in Canada.
      At present, in Minciu Sodas, there is Graham on the supply side of empowerment and there is Fred on the demand side as ground volunteers.  This provides us with a live picture of a need being ripe for it's market's emergence.
      We need to think through on how to go about assembling the structural team that can handle our initial prototype:
      FUNDING-  Earth Treasury knows of NGO's who do micro financing.  Perhaps can we interest them into taking on the part of funding needed until we are ready for financing. 
      TRAINING-  The synergy between Graham and Fred need to be supported to co-ordinate the unfolding of the marketing plan, in the balance of demand and supply and in the integrity of our values, among which the value of the person comes first through out the operation. 
      FINANCING-   By the time we reach the stage for financing, Mornflake along with people like Mr. Soros and firms like Templeton Foundation might accept to lead the way into the comfort of private financing, instead of  falling prey to the rush for profit of the public financing such as stock markets.  
      If that does not work, we should then put ourselves in position to offer a bidding contest to the financial firms and governments that we choose to invite, so as to not prostitute our values. 
      PRODUCTION-  Graham and your contacts are the basis for this plan.
      DISTRIBUTION-  This is Graham's start-up field of activity.
      WHAREHOUSING-  We need to determine the best all around location to emerge from, in Uganda.
      PROMOTION - SELLING-  Deciding on the form of publicity that will be used, all the way from the sell people to the media support of their efforts.  In other words, lets be sure that the enrgy of enthusiasm gets to be fuelled by the creativity of each one involved and the companionship of the team members.
      This is why I think that we would be wise to navigate our deployment by starting our promotion-selling activity amongst the groups who thrive in such natural companionship and care for each other. 
      I say so, because to my dismay, I was told in the last year, that even though extreme poverty rules, the market of products such as cocaine are still yet emerging along with the empowerment that we are embarking on here with DLY. 
      SERVICING-  Thechnical support for each product sold.
      NETWORK AFFILIATION-  From a core association like Mornflake with DLY, we can move in a parralel emergence of several markets of services.  Earth Treasury is certainly set to join such an assembling process. 
      This idea of Network Affiliation is to cultivate the release of Talent Discovery as Fred seeks to do with his soccer team and other endeavours.  This is an open door for inspiration and dedication to rise in the song of liberty.    
      Were we to be blessed with success, my Prayer is that we remain strickly focused on the emergence that supply the needs, as oppose to getting distracted by wants and lusts that are irrelevant to the economy of the Kingdom of Heaven in our midst.
      (add more as you see fit)
      Who else can join to embody the physical emergence of DLY solar project in Uganda from Graham's location as a starter?   Once grounded and perfected between Graham and Fred, the market will quickly move on to the other African members of Minciu Sodas who are interested to join. 
      Dear Lord, I ask for your inspiration and guidance into this possible Value-Network of Your emergence in our midst...amen to Your Yes in us all... 
      ...may all blessings be with us all...

      --- On Mon, 7/6/09, Graham Knight <DIYSolar@btinternet .com> wrote:

      From: Graham Knight <DIYSolar@btinternet .com>
      Subject: [mendenyo] Initial Funding for DIY Solar projects
      To: mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com
      Received: Monday, July 6, 2009, 1:07 AM

      Dear All,

      Andrius has suggested using funds from the Mornflake project to initiate some DIY Solar projects.
      I welcome that and will do my best to supply what is requested.

      I would, personally, like to add 'to the pot' with another idea.
      As you may be aware, I'm concerned about the lack of good communication that often occurs after a free sample pack
      has been sent (on request) to NGOs.

      There are any number of reasons why projects of all sorts fail but proper communication is often the main problem.

      So I'm offering $100 of solar pv parts to the first entry where we have managed, between us, to produce an outline of a viable solar pv project!
      By that I mean where the NGO has devised a way of buying/making/ selling pv devices (battery chargers, radios, etc)
      that can be sold locally to produce enough income to make a self-sustaining project. I will explain more about this when requested.

      Apart from the usual solar conversion of existing radios, lamps and mobile phones there are two other possibilities that can apply
      in some localities; charging car batteries and converting shop products.

      1. Where car lead-acid batteries are taken into a town for charging an alternative is to solar charge them at home.

      2. I'm told that there is an increasing range of imported lamps powered by dry cells on sale in many towns.
      Some are easy to solar-convert, some not.
      Send photos and I will say which ones are a possibilty.

      If the above is of interest I will send more information when the person chosen to run your projects replies.


      P.S. I am also interested in supporting projects for improving stoves.
      Let me know if you are in contact with anyone who might be interested. Peter Ongele is already involved in one project.

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