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William Wambura in Tanzania: Mobile phone repair business

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    William, Thank you for your wonderful letter which I posted at my blog http://www.includer.org I share below my post and your letter. William, please send us
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2009
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      William, Thank you for your wonderful letter which I posted at my blog
      http://www.includer.org I share below my post and your letter.

      William, please send us (or me) your postal address so that Graham
      Knight can send you some DIY solar panels for recharging mobile phones
      as part of our Mornflake project.

      Graham, I've asked Vinay Gupta to help sign you up for Global Swadeshi
      http://www.globalswadeshi.net Graham, please also know that Minciu Sodas
      works publicly and creates a public culture. I'm not interested in
      matters that can't be written publicly. They shouldn't be my concern. I
      do and will share publicly what is written to me privately. Please,
      let's focus on what we can do in public. Thank you!

      Andrius Kulikauskas, Minciu Sodas, http://www.ms.lt, ms@...


      Maria Agnese Giraudo of Italy (and Episode 0) makes long trips each year
      to Tanzania. She’s the first person I know to have met Samwel Kongere in
      Kenya and through him Kennedy Owino and the Nafsi Africa acrobats. In
      Tanzania, she has a special friendship with William Wambura and helped
      him get an education and be serious about his life. I was delighted
      today to receive a letter from him about his adventures and dreams.
      Indeed, I’m collecting our dreams as part of an economy of dreams.
      Williams’ dream of mobile phone repair is timely for us and our
      Mornflake project (of Episode 47) to try in several countries to sell
      Graham Knight’s DIY solar panels for recharging mobile phones (of
      Episode 11).

      Hi Andrius, Am now back home, in Dar es Salaam. I humbly thank God for
      his gracely watch over my siblings. And also on my side God has been my
      power to have a happy survive of wee being. I have been in Nairobi since
      March 20th to 15th of June. I have met a lot of good people, creative
      friends like Kennedy Owino, James Njung’e, Steven Owino and Keneth all
      from Nafsi Africa acrobatic team. I also met Victor and Simon all fron
      Nafsi Africa acrobatic team. I also have made many good friends from
      Nairobi slums (Kibera and Kangemi). I have met acrobatic teams of ghetto
      youths (boys and girls). I also have made friends though Yoga practicing
      in nairobi, which was provided by Africayogaproject.org

      Currently, am focusing on my private project of mobile phone repair.
      Personal project as my personal initiative to focus on skills
      development on mobile phone repair works. This personal project is the
      product from UYOGA mobile phone repair initiative. Where we had gained
      basic skills.

      The mission is to focus on acquring compettive skills on mobile phone
      repair. And our objective is to mobilise resources (Expertisim and
      networks). And firstly focus on skills development.

      What I have done of the project.

      I have already completed to build the workshop and the power has been
      set up. I have bought some basic equipments to start with like,
      resoldering gun, cleaning agents, two extension cables, screw drivers
      etc. I have also bought small mobile phone parts such as mics, speakers,
      charger system for replacements. I have also contibuted mobile phone
      accessories such as phone housings, universal charges etc.

      People involved in the personal project.

      * William Wambura-I have worked on the construction costs and
      contributed the whole cost to start it.
      * Mwauongo Juma-He has been my colleague in the project since the
      beginning of it by the UYOGA initiative. His family has provided us with
      the space to build the workshop.
      * Kasimu – Through our close collaboartion with UYOGA we are accessing
      Kasimu at his workshop or ours now. With complex problems he is very
      available to support us and learn from him.

      UYOGA involvement in the personal project.

      UYOGA has been our initial supporter. It has provided us with the basic
      skills on mobile phone repair.

      I remember also Goran of the Roma in Sarajevo, Bosnia who I met at their
      Christian services through Malcolm Duerod of Episode 12. Goran and other
      Roma are expert at mobile phone repair.
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