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Wendi-AK (and others interested): "Aunties" Campaign Against Rape and Incest in Cameroon

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  • Janet Feldman
    http://www.tantines.info/tantinesgood/rap_incest_cameroon.html Campaign Against Rape and Incest in Cameroon Problem: a.. 5,2% of girls and women in Cameroon
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2009

      Campaign Against Rape and Incest in Cameroon


      • 5,2% of girls and women in Cameroon have been raped
      • 14% have escaped rape attempts
      • Among the victims of rape, 18% have been raped by a family member, 9% by more than one rapist at a time, and 11% more than three times by different rapists
      • The incidence of rape is exponentially increasing: the evolution has a worrying tendency

      Consequences :

      • Rape can traumatise the victim for the rest of her life
      • 18% of the rape victims have contracted a STI, even HIV
      • 24% have been pregnant as a result of rape

      Reactions after rape:

      • The majority of the victims had the courage to talk to somebody about being raped ; however, many victims did not find support
      • 23% of the victims obtained a medical certificate (an important document to go to court)
      • 16% of the victims laid complaints
      • 7% victims went to court
      • Only, 5% of the rapists were condemned by justice

      What needs to be done now:

      • Break the silence after rape
      • Denounce the rapist
      • Support institutions that fight against rape and sexual violence towards the establishment of psychological support of the victims and towards more action in court against rapists

      Find the documents of the campaign here

      For more information, contact:
      S.O.S. Viol (at RENATA, situated at Carrefour Total Ngousso, street face to face with Boulangerie Socropole)
      Tel. : 22 07 37 30 – 97 17 98 77 – 76 19 18 68
      E-mail : sosviolcameroun@...

      RENATA - National Network of Aunties Associations
      P.O BOX : 7814 Yaounde
      PHONE: (237) 22 01 34 73
      PHONE: (237) 99 48 71 54 – 75 25 28 85
      FAX: (237) 22 21 91 18

      E-mail : renatantines@...

      ALVF  Tel. : 96 57 02 22
      ACAFEJ  Tel. : 99 82 38 93

      MINPROFF  Cellule d’écoute Tel. : 22 06 93 93 – 22 06 93 94


      Aunties – who are we?

      The young girls who contracted an unwanted pregnancy (21%) are like many other adolescents still in education. As a result of their pregnancy, they are mostly obliged to temporarily or definitely stop schooling. They are generally abandoned by the responsible of their pregnancy and sometimes also by their family. 5% of them did not have any prenatal consultation and 48% of them had it at a late point of time. 22% of the children of teenage mothers do not have a birth certificate and 36% of the children suffered from diarrhoea in the last six months.

      The German-Cameroonian Health Programme/AIDS initiated an approach of informing and accompanying adolescents in the field of preventing early pregnancies and HIV/AIDS by the ‘aunties’ who are themselves adolescents and teenage mothers and who are engaged in reproductive health.

      An aunty is: a teenage mothers who gave birth between 12 and 18 years, who is a student or not, but who is engaged in the field of preventing early pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STI) such as HIV/AIDS. An aunty is dynamic, works voluntarily and is dedicated to her clear role:

      • Education / Assistance of adolescents to behave less risky in primary and higher schools and in the community, Counselling of adolescents on their sexuality, information and sensitisation on the problems related to early sex, unwanted pregnancy, STI, HIV/AIDS, sharing of experiences on the difficulties that go hand in hand with an early pregnancy
      • Durable effects on the ‘aunties’ good knowledge of the body, active participation in community life, awareness of the risk of being infected with STI/AIDS, feeling of leadership and promotion, solicitation of marriage, valuating the social status, good knowledge of themselves.

      http://www.tantines.info/tantinesgood/auntiesrepertory.html ("Aunties" in each area of Cameroon)
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