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Re: Why no DIY Solar

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  • graham
    Hi Jeff, I m not sure how to reply to your email below. Have you not seen the circular from Wendi and then her reply to my personal email? I assume you have
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 25, 2009
      Hi Jeff,
      I'm not sure how to reply to your email below.
      Have you not seen the circular from Wendi and then her reply to my
      personal email?
      I assume you have now seen the comment from Andrius?
      P.S. There is a real problem getting many people to think in business terms!
      I will write yet another blurb soon on starting a business!


      You are making good effort Graham.

      I think the key is linking up with the right people and network who would most benefit from your knowledge and approach.


      On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 12:56 AM, graham <DIYSolar@btinternet .com> wrote:

      Dear All,
      I have supplied DIY Solar sample packages to Samwel, Wendi, Peter and others
      but none of them has decided, it seems, to use this pv technique.
      None have explained why not!
      As this not an unusual situation I have not commented till now.
      Obviously I have to guess at the reasons why not from the hundreds of others
      who have tried this and the few who have given some vague reason why not!
      My big problem with the great majority of refusers is that they will not or
      cannot communicate!
      When I get someone who is prepared to explain their situation I am
      always willing to consider sending more parts on a long-term loan.
      My impression is often that it is considered that too much effort is required
      from non-technical people to produce so little power compared
      to what they know exists in the towns and elsewhere.
      I also often suspect that some people expect that their 'bad luck' must change soon!
      However what mystifies me still is that Peter Ongele tested and approved
      a simple, cheap mobile phone battery pv charger but no-one has taken that
      up either.
      All it requires is a $2 pv module and some bent wires - could not be cheaper!
      P.S. One other reason why pv projects fail to start is the general assumption
      that you need lots of capital to start ANY business.
      It is is vital for some but not if you are selling something that is not sold by others.


      Dear Andrius and All,

      Great minds think alike, as I was just mulling over this project and
      realizing we needed to cycle back to you!

      From some research Wendi and others at AK did (which they posted here), it
      appeared that they might not be able to make good use of DIY Solar products,
      which is what--in my view--the correspondence would be based upon. Please
      correct me if I misunderstood, Wendi and Graham.

      I wasn't sure myself how they would proceed from there, and the Rising
      Voices work focused my attention elsewhere thereafter.

      We have had great posts lately from Mark (thanks, Mark, I will respond to
      your post soon myself!) and Sam, mentioning solar power, so there seems to
      be a convergence of people thinking and acting upon their interest in
      exploring and utilizing it.

      Conversations here with Wendi, Graham, Sam, Mark, and others so interested
      would be of great benefit to us all. We might want to have some Worknets
      conversations too. Mark, what you're doing now sounds very intriguing, and
      might indeed prove both useful and empowering.

      We would like to work with Graham Knight too, who is here and who you know
      too, I think (I know Jeff does, because we had some 3-way emails a few years
      back...I assume you do too, as I think there was an OVF link to the
      correspondence and potential activities).

      It will be great for Wendi to share what she and AK did by way of research,
      and hopefully it can be useful as a springboard to next steps with solar for
      AK in some capacity, as well as for others so interested.

      Getting back to the past few months, from my end the interactive aspect did
      not evolve as we had originally envisioned. The other "small projects" you
      mention were linked to the solar project, which was the first point of
      discussion and activity. When that seemed to be a "no-go" for the present
      time, our activity together shifted more to the "Blogging Positively"
      project, and we have not yet returned to the solar.

      On that basis. how would you like to proceed, Andrius? I will not be able
      to be a mentor for awhile, because I am offline a lot now or focused on a
      couple other pressing projects for the next couple months. This is one
      reason for suggesting a discussion here with others interested in solar, a
      kind of peer education and activity that will benefit from "the more, the

      Wendi and other AK members may have some other ideas about what they can do
      for $100, or perhaps already have done a more substantial amount of
      work--equalling $100--which has been for their own edification (ie not
      posted publicly). If so, it would be great to post that now...and let the
      lively discussions begin!

      With blessings and best wishes to all, Janet

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Wendi, what did you learn from your project?

      > Wendi,
      > Thank you for writing.
      > Early this year I funded a $100 project for you. Janet agreed to mentor
      > you. And you would do several small projects and look for synergies
      > amongst them? How did that go? What did you discover?
      > Also, what kind of work could you do online? What kind of Internet
      > access are you currently using? What kinds of small projects would you
      > do on-the-ground?
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms. lt
      > ms@...
      > Dukiskes, Lithuania
      > Dear Andrius, Janet and all,
      > Thank you for all your endeavours made daily which we struggle to read
      > all the postings you make so as to follow up the work you are doing for
      > all of us.
      > Where have you kept us now? We hope that you still remember us and our
      > problems and projects too and that we are still included on your list too.
      > We wait to hear from you both.
      > Sincerely ACTWID members led by Wendi
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