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Kerry Santo is interested in online assistants, give and take

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Kerry Santo and I chatted today about Mornflake http://www.mornflake.com , give and take and online assistants. She s upgrading her website s Drupal engine
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2009
      Kerry Santo and I chatted today about Mornflake http://www.mornflake.com
      , "give and take" and online assistants. She's upgrading her website's
      Drupal engine and then she's interested to carve out some space for our
      Mornflake "give and take" engagements (we'll do a small project when
      she's ready) and also she's interested to find work for our online

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      [22:29:43] Kerry Santo: andrius i am getting scarybirds upgraded to 6
      over the next coming weeks so it will probably better if you join after
      that, then i can make proper space for give and take
      [22:30:30] Andrius Kulikauskas: ok thanks Kerry!
      [22:30:43] Kerry Santo: yeah that way i can give it a dedicated area
      [22:30:53] Andrius Kulikauskas: wonderful
      [22:31:00] Kerry Santo: and also a space for the others to promote their
      [22:31:08] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes
      [22:31:39] Kerry Santo: i have had a few ideas about the online
      assistant role as i would like it so there would be a steady stream of
      income for them but that may take some working on
      [22:32:48] … oh i wanted to show you something
      [22:33:03] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes?
      [22:33:24] Kerry Santo: i just need to find where i put it
      [22:33:49] … here you go
      [22:33:49] Andrius Kulikauskas: great - it's great to see what develops
      - and we have lots of people
      [22:33:52] Kerry Santo:
      [22:33:54] Andrius Kulikauskas: and here's a nice interchange we're having
      [22:34:08] Kerry Santo: they are offering money for writing tutorials
      [22:34:12] Andrius Kulikauskas:
      [22:36:01] … that's good to know - I'm working in the Public Domain as
      much as I can - but it's good to think about and suggest to others, too
      [22:36:16] … Kerry, may I share our chat?
      [22:36:46] Kerry Santo: yeah sure but i would like to work on maybe
      trying to get small contracts for the online assistant/researchers
      [22:37:15] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes that would be great they can work
      for small amounts and you're welcome to organize work for them and
      profit, too
      [22:37:29] Kerry Santo: it may be very haphazard to start off with but
      if i can build up trust with those i know who could then maybe offer
      them work direct, it will take a wee while to iron out difficulites
      [22:38:23] Andrius Kulikauskas: I try to work open as much as possible
      and let people work as directly as possible and what I win in the end is
      that I can organize the largest teams and make the earnings I need to
      recover my investments - so this model allows people to partcipate at
      all levels and to overlap, too
      [22:38:25] Kerry Santo: well my main concern that the work would be
      steady enough for them, as i am working already am not too concerned
      about profiting myself, but just think it would be nice if they could
      get work
      [22:38:39] Andrius Kulikauskas: the important thing because they are
      poor is that they should be paid in advance
      [22:38:49] … it's not fair to make poor people vulnerable
      [22:38:52] Kerry Santo: i understand that
      [22:38:55] Andrius Kulikauskas: great
      [22:39:06] Kerry Santo: and thats why i want to try and get something
      steady so its not stopping and starting for them
      [22:39:16] Andrius Kulikauskas: also when there's no leverage on them
      then they are more self-directed which is what I strive for
      [22:39:31] … yes but if we're not harming them then it's ok, it doesn't
      have to be steady
      [22:39:40] … and the fact that you and I are both looking can even
      things out
      [22:39:47] … so anything you do is great
      [22:39:53] Kerry Santo: for my own conscience i would like it to be steady
      [22:40:02] Andrius Kulikauskas: fine
      [22:40:57] Kerry Santo: theres a project management module with drupal
      for 6 which i will be planning on implementing
      [22:41:21] … so i hope once site is upgraded it should make things a lot
      [22:42:49] … just been reading the comments at kudoscities
      [22:42:54] … dont really know what to make of them
      [22:43:33] Andrius Kulikauskas: they are friendly - they don't know what
      to make of me either - but I think we can work together - and they might
      be interested in ScaryBirds
      [22:43:54] Kerry Santo: well thats why i think a dedicated space would
      work better
      [22:44:12] … rather than just having it all mixed in with everything else
      [22:44:42] Andrius Kulikauskas: the goal is to reach out and engage
      communities on their own home turf - and Mornflake benefits because then
      everybody gets to see them visit and help
      [22:44:54] … build bridges
      [22:44:54] Kerry Santo: okay
      [22:45:36] … i think you are going to need some that are bigger than the
      golden gate bridge
      [22:52:28] Andrius Kulikauskas: you can do it, Kerry! ;)
      [22:54:44] Kerry Santo: okay well am going to disappear for a while so
      will let you know when site is upgraded and then get you and the others
      on the site, so hopefully it wont take too long
      [22:55:06] … with drupal 6 u can actually install a module for landing pages
      [22:55:27] … for different peoople so that would work quite well i think
      [22:55:45] … bye for now Andrius



      I'm excited to be in touch with you.

      May I join ScaryBirds? I would like to engage you and others there
      about the "Give And Take" that I'm starting thanks to Mornflake
      http://www.mornflake.com and their online video competition
      http://www.mornflakecompetition.com Working for Leon Benjamin (who
      wrote about you http://www.winningbysharing.net ) my lab, Minciu Sodas,
      built a directory of UK online communities
      http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?UKOnlineCommunities and engaged them to
      see which are most responsive to working together, acknowledging
      Mornflake's support.

      We've now received 1,000 GBP to engage the most responsive ones
      (including you and Mornflake). I want to join 10 of these communities
      and credit them with 50 GBP each in a "give and take" system based on
      services of Minciu Sodas lab's members. The idea is to make the most
      use of that money to advance everybody's endeavors, projects, goals.
      For example, the money could go to an online assistant (like Sasha
      Mrkailo, Thomas Chepaitis, Masimba Biriwasha, Fred Kayiwa,...) who could
      help with online chores including researching, writing, translating,
      outreach, web page design. Or the money could be donated for a project
      within our network, such as Wendi Losha Bernadette's work in Cameroon or
      Samwel Kongere's work in Kenya. They would then be active at whichever
      community they are working for.

      I would write a post much like this and look and ask, what endeavors do
      you have overall? and do your members have? and for those who like, we'd
      include them in our list http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Endeavors and
      look for ways to support them for free, and also suggest ways that you
      might apply your 50 GBP credit for a small project to support ScaryBirds
      and/or your members.

      I appreciate your thoughts and guidance!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Dukiskes, Lithuania
      skype: minciusodas
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