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Re: [holistichelping] Janet, Leon, Neil, Kerry at Voiceful

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Hello, Leon, Kerry, Janet, Andrius, I m happy to see Leon and Kerry join us in MS LAB; Kerry, you remember putting online at Modo Fac Central in 2005 and
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 5, 2009
      Hello, Leon, Kerry, Janet, Andrius,
      I'm happy to see Leon and Kerry join us in MS LAB; Kerry, you remember putting online at Modo Fac Central in 2005 and pleasure to see you here applause for you.
      I've been putting myself offline to find reasons, why there is to much water borne diseases around lake victoria? There is an out break of malaria here, this is because of low cost mosquito nets which cannot protect the people the mosquito will come in and bit. Another fact i am finding reason; is why many young girls start school but end up not completing studies compared to boys?
      At safe water system training, i took for five days, i found out that people are not poor because of wealth,mmh! We are poor because of health, worms, lack of sanitary intervention. I'm working with women who could not haue meals,i thank Andrius and others for supporting. At a special unit at a school for physically challenged children, i donated four mattresses because the children are in lack of bedings.
      If there is a matter of need then safe water accessibility and proper health care is a priority for poor villagers! Oh the girls dropout of school due to sanitary needs, because they can not discuss it with their parents, some use old mattress, old cloths for sanitary and monthly! Do not assume facts but facts when you interview door to door, our social gatherings. Word of mouth cannot help. The help age people are waiting to die! Pathetic? "Talk it loud and help non but go to the people"
      Sustainability is broad eh! Where does it start? For the next weeks of June 2009 i am asking what's your sustaibility strategy? Start with a handful understanding people, go to them, ask questions and have your answers.
      I can access interenet but rates high, i can have computers but maintening them is a hell with a poor browser. What a challenged world?
      I ask and live by asking.
      I'll be kept informed.
    • Masimba Biriwasha
      Dear Friends, I am writing to acknowledge that I have found the Mornflakes project to be highly empowering and mind-opening. It has led me toward an avenue
      Message 2 of 3 , Jun 5, 2009
        Dear Friends,
        I am writing to acknowledge that I have found the Mornflakes project to be highly empowering and mind-opening. It has led me toward an avenue that would have take me years to discover had I not participate in it. Of course, its been quite a challenge but that is exactly what has made it appealing, at least for me.
        First, I have discovered so much about online communities in the United Kingdom, and, in general, have learned so much about the concept of social networking from the communities that I joined as part of the project.
        Second, I am interested in pursuing MA in Publishing studies at Oxford, and doing the research was an important to discover the nature and content and increasingly popular online phenomena in the United Kingdom.
        During the process of doing the Mornflake research, I began investigating more about multi-level marketing, essentially the theoretical idea behind the project, and found that there are more effective ways of doing marketing.
        In fact, my training session with Andrius made me realize that marketing ought not always be based on self-interest. Rather, you can market a product in a win-win manner, i.e. winning by sharing.
        Winning by sharing is not driven by profit seeking alone, or self-interest, rather it is a paradigm of expanding what is there for the benefit of everyone concerned.
        Anyhow, in the process, I discovered how some small business are also embracing online networking http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/04/business/smallbusiness/04sbiz.html?em.
        According to this report, there is a almost a grass-roots quality to online networking, which suits the mission of our togetherness.
        I just though I should share these few sentiments
        Many thanks
        Masimba Biriwasha

        On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 10:46 PM, Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

        I welcome all who have joined us at Leon Benjamin's working group Voiceful,
        part of the Minciu Sodas laboratory http://www.ms.lt which I lead.

        Janet Feldman (who leads our working group Holistic Helping)
        I'm very glad that you are thinking about our culture and subcultures.
        How might we best support and foster each other? You're good at that
        and I look forward to your thoughts and impact.

        Originally, I started Voiceful as a working group (a Yahoo! email group)
        organized around Rachel Wambui Kungu http://www.peace-caravan.org and
        her deepest value, "giving voice to the voiceless". Similarly, I have
        set up about twenty such groups around our leaders. Usually, I would
        wait for a person to be active at our lab at other groups. But we were
        in the middle of our Pyramid of Peace to help Kenyans
        http://www.pyramidofpeace.net, and Rachel (along with Dennis Kimambo and
        Kennedy Owino) was a key leader. We were receiving 20 letters per day
        at Holistic Helping and we had the chance to expand our lab. So I
        encouraged Rachel and Dennis to lead groups and they agreed. I also
        signed up practically all of the 30 or so participants, including in
        London at the Open Knowledge Foundation Conference. I introduced Rachel
        to Leon Benjamin when we were in London. In April, Rachel decided and
        then twice affirmed that she no longer wanted to lead this group or be
        active at Minciu Sodas's other online groups.

        I'm very glad that Leon has agreed to lead this working group. Leon's
        very thoughtful, the author of "Winning by Sharing"
        http://www.winningbysharing.net and having a great impact on our lab
        through our work for him to promote Mornflake cereal
        http://www.mornflake.com and their online video contest
        http://www.mornflakecompetition.com We've had more activity in the six
        weeks since Rachel left than in the fourteen months that we were
        assembling around her. It's all unexpected, but I wouldn't want to halt
        our work forward here after she's so clearly stated her desires. That
        would not be fair to me as I spend a lot of energy to assemble us.

        Leon and I are also in touch by phone. I imagine and hope that, in
        time, Leon will find a new name for this group which we can identify
        with his deepest value. Several years ago, Leon phrased that for me as
        "Becoming zero - total quiescience". And he asks, "How do I become
        zero?" I imagine that his business motto "winning by sharing" may also
        be related.

        Neil McEvoy http://www.neilmcevoy.name , thank you for joining us!

        I'm also glad to welcome Kerry Santo! She and I spoke for about 45
        minutes today. It was a great moment in my life to be on good terms
        with Kerry after experiencing her disappointment in me. Kerry is a star
        of Leon's book "Winning by Sharing", especially her story how she became
        the person on Ecademy with the most friends. (Leon led business
        development for Ecademy, a pioneering social network, especially for UK
        business, and where I first met Chris Macrae, Ed Daniels, Michael Wolff
        and others). Kerry led Modo Fac Central, a campaign to sign up
        supporters to buy office space and start a business center in Edinburgh,
        Scotland where the homeless and at-risk could be included and develop
        their business skills. Minciu Sodas worked for a few months for Kerry
        on a Drupal website, but our efforts fell apart, I would say that I was
        hoping that we might discover how to fit together our cultures (as
        Janet, Franz, Pamela, Samwel, Benoit and I and others are ever
        discovering!) and it may have been impossible.

        Since then, Kerry has pulled back from the online world and ended her
        Modo Fac Central efforts. She's focused on Scary Birds
        http://www.scarybirds.com her fun network of creative people and ideas,
        which is quite alive. She wants that to be a space for collaboration.
        She's learned to administer her own Drupal website. She's writing
        stories and screen plays. She's become a believer in working openly for
        all to see. She's also working with the founder of
        http://www.fallenangel.co.uk and wants to move from Edinburgh to Bristol.

        Kerry's also very supportive of our Mornflake outreach. She's
        unconventional and for that reason - and her frankness, her friendliness
        and authenticity - I know that she opens up all kinds of links to online
        communities. She's also very experienced at engaging online. One idea
        she proposed was that we have a logo for our outreach which we could put
        on our sites or include in our profile images. I liked this idea and
        I'm thinking how we might do that more generally (like "outreach" or
        "includer"), so the logo could work for all manner of sponsors, who we
        could then specify by adding their name to the logo and the picture.

        I think it's also timely and wonderful to know that after four years we
        can come together. I think it's quite likely that Rachel and I and
        others will work together again, yet unclear how and when.

        Neil, Kerry and all, Welcome!


        Andrius Kulikauskas
        Minciu Sodas
        +370 699 30003
        Vilnius, Lithuania

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