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How might we help in Sri Lanka?

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    Eluned, John, Thank you for your efforts for peace. Thank you, Eluned, for your report. I look forward to your leadership, what might we do now for a hopeful
    Message 1 of 1 , May 18, 2009
      Eluned, John,

      Thank you for your efforts for peace.
      Thank you, Eluned, for your report.
      I look forward to your leadership, what might we do now for a hopeful future?


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      > Well I guess today is a day for quiet thankfulness that the main agony is
      > over in Sri Lanka, if the news is true, and a time to hope and work for
      > reconciliation between the untold thousands of traumatised people on both
      > sides of this sad conflict.
      > John Rogers
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      > Subject: [fightingpeacefully] Sri lanka Paradise in Peril
      > Sri Lanka Paradise in Peril
      > Having recently spent 5weeks on retreat in Sri
      > lanka on my 8th visit since 1979 , I have felt the full force of events
      > there, and much that is now reported as truth is really False
      > Evidence reported As Real and gives rise to FEAR and
      > confusion
      > the truth is
      > No LTTE = Peace in
      > Sri Lanka
      > Tamils are not terrorists but
      > Prabakaran and his LTTE certainly are , and have given more grief to the
      > Tamil
      > and Sinhalese civilians than the Gov military forces now given the
      > support of 70% of the population at the recent elections
      > The people of Sri Lanka want peace more than
      > anything else ,I know this having joined their Million meditation for
      > Peace in
      > 2006 in Anaradupura . I also walked for Peace with a multi ethnic
      > group of 600 young persons in Trinco malee, brought together by the
      > NGO which has worked with them for 40 yrs called Sarvodaya
      > 14,000 villages throughout Sri lanka are part of
      > this organisation ,and have been helped to educate and develop themselves
      > , very
      > successfully
      > ,
      > I was able to help them after the Tsunami hit so
      > many lives away , and was privileged to see them cope magnificently
      > with that disaster , they had no health problems ,and inland villages went
      > to
      > the aid of the stricken ones on the coast
      > Tamils worked alongside Sinhalese as they
      > struggled together to survive , many hoped it would allow them to create
      > a
      > new future free of strife and hatred ,
      > In my home village in Wales UK 3
      > Sri lankan Physiotherapists , set up an appeal for funds ,
      > and many responded all over Wales £3million was
      > donated very quickly
      > Our Physios wanted to build schools in the South to
      > replace those washed away ,
      > and locally enough funds were donated to build 5
      > Schools named after our village Schools
      > I was able to visit them in 2006 and was able to
      > see their delight at first hand ,
      > They have a 90%literacy rate in SL ,these are not a
      > backward people are in fact leaders in the field of family planning and
      > community health ,in SE Asian countries
      > The Donations after the tsunami ,were enough
      > to give each family in Sri lanka home to live in ,
      > But sadly £2billion has been used by
      > Prabakaran to build himself an underground Palace HQ ,discovered by the
      > Gov
      > forces as they cleared the Northern areas an discovered much that was
      > hidden ,
      > None of this money went to the Tamils in the North
      > and East to rebuild their houses ,
      > I visited some of them still in tin roofed
      > temporary shelters , after walking for Peace with the children,
      > A few
      > days after I returned South , Trincomalee was trashed by the
      > LTTE all the little businesses run by Tamils wrecked ???WHY
      > ?????
      > Two light aircraft with suicide
      > mission to bomb Colombo,where I was staying with friends on my recent
      > visit,
      > came over from the North
      > and all lights went out as Colombo became invisible
      > to them , but one dropped the bomb and killed himself ,the other was
      > pursued and
      > killed himself and his plane at the airport
      > Where did the money come from to purchase them and
      > so much fighting equipment ,?
      > A ceasefire for Wesak New Year
      > celebrations was called recently for 48 hrs by Gov forces
      > to allow civilians to reach help in the rehabilitation camps set up to
      > receive
      > them , LTTE did not allow them to leave , so they are still suffering
      > starvation ,
      > The Gov want LTTE to give up the weapons and
      > come to the negotiations table,
      > However if they keep their weapons and
      > continue to be given arms by the Tamil Diaspora,
      > THe situation will never change and will like the
      > Irish problem where the American Irish diaspora kept the pot boiling for
      > 20 yrs
      > until Bill Clinton visited them to change the whole nature of the
      > problem and understanding dawned
      > There is no Genocide of Tamils in Sri lanka
      > ,30% of the population is Tamil living all over the Island 50% in the
      > South ,20 Tamil MPs Tamil Civil Servants , Students in
      > University's, Tamil teachers Tamil
      > Nurses
      > LTTE have installed artilery units among Tamil
      > civilians in schools and hospitals ,so of course they have been hit by Gov
      > forcres , they are using civilians to shield themselves ,and in fact shoot
      > any
      > who decide to run away !
      > The Gov forces are aiming to wipe out the LTTE and
      > bring peace for all the people of Sri Lanka, which has a wonderful future
      > in Eco
      > tourism when the fighting stops
      > The problem then will be educate the tourist that
      > turtle eggs for breakfast ,will wipe out the turtle haven that existsfor
      > them
      > ,and in not playing loud music ,in not using flood
      > lights in not destroying by their activities
      > Seagrass weed beds
      > ,
      > Coral Reefs
      > Mangroves
      > Sri lanka has some of the finest hotels in the
      > world
      > scenery that takes your breath away
      > Wild life still surviving alongside human
      > activity
      > Archeology of enormous interest
      > Warm seas and
      > wonderful food
      > and people with smiling faces and of such beauty
      > that they surely should be preserved as a threatened species?
      > As one who treats Sri lanka as
      > my spiritual home ,and with great respect for the Sri Lankan
      > peoples,and their culture
      > I pray with the Tamils and with the Sinhalese
      > Buddhists that Peace will come soon ,to their lovely home,
      > May they stop throwing harsh words and
      > weapons at each other ,and instead express loving kindness to their
      > co creators of their Paradise home,
      > Tamils Hindu Prayer ------
      > Oh God lead us from the unreal to the real
      > .
      > Oh God ,lead us from darkness to light.
      > Oh God lead us from death to immortality
      > .
      > .
      > Shanti, Shanti, Shanti ,unto all.
      > Buddhist Prayer
      > May all beings everywhere plagued with sufferings
      > of body and mind quickly be freed from their presence,
      > May all beings swiftly attain
      > Buddhahood
      > Buddhas merely
      > shows the Way
      > By Ourselves we cease from wrong ,
      > We ourselves must walk the path ,
      > No
      > one can save Us but Ourselves
      > Buddhas
      > merely show the Way
      > May Peace prevail in Sri Lanka
      > Cllr Eluned Hurn
      > www.Sarvodaya. org
      > fightingpeacefully@ yahoogroups. com
      > email honeylyn@gn. apc.org
      > ,
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