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Directory of UK Online Communities (thanks to Mornflake)

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Leon, Joanne and all, We re building momentum in engaging UK online communities. I did a few examples and also I have been coaching Sasha Mrkailo, Thomas
    Message 1 of 1 , May 13, 2009
      Leon, Joanne and all,

      We're building momentum in engaging UK online communities. I did a few
      examples and also I have been coaching Sasha Mrkailo, Thomas Chepaitis,
      Masimba Biriwasha, Dennis Kimambo and Fred Kayiwa. I'm also excited to
      report that Ben de Vries and Jeremy Maso of Factor E Farm
      http://factorefarm.org (a pioneer in open source farming, see their
      profound blog http://openfarmtech.org/weblog/) are joining us. They are a
      great boost for our My Food Story website and they may very well
      reinvigorate our Social Agriculture working group
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/socialagriculture/ Thank you also to Franz
      Nahrada for discussion at his blog at the KeimForm community for the gift
      economy. http://www.keimform.de/2009/05/10/brief-an-genevieve-vaughan/

      I've set up our Directory of UK Online Communities as a web page
      that lets you group entries by all of our metadata variables, including
      who collected them (find Sasha Mrkailo):
      the results of our engagements (modest so far):
      demographic groups
      and geographic groups

      These reports will make it easier to clean our data.

      I will continue with training and we'll keep reflecting how to have the
      most positive impact. If we get the quality right, then we will be in a
      good groove and we can expand and succeed with quantity. This is quite
      new to all of us, but I and our team are growing in confidence.

      We've collected 511 communities so far. Some need to be pruned out, and we
      continue to add more.

      We have five or six people who are on track to engage 20 communities each.
      I expect that we'll have engaged them by May 20. After that, I myself am
      interested to continue for a couple of weeks to build up the websites to
      support such engagements.

      In particular, today (after I wake up) I plan to create a simple web tool
      for our websites so that we can receive, show and tag comments and replies
      in a way that functions as a light-weight project management system. We
      want to be able to collect instances where we can help people; and invite
      them to ask for our help; and then document our responses.

      Thank you all for our growing appreciation of Mornflake
      http://www.mornflake.com (and Leon Benjamin
      http://www.winningbysharing.net) and this profound opportunity for us to
      pioneer a new way make to make a living, link up our networks and build
      the tools and sites we need.

      Ben, Jeremy and I had a profound conversation today that creates a lot of
      synergy between Factor E Farm and my Minciu Sodas lab - I look forward to
      featuring them in every way. (Greetings to Marcin Jakubowski who has just
      arrived in Austria for a tour of farms interested in his open source
      farming innovations and approaches thanks to Franz.) The debate at
      Keimform is profoundly helpful, invigorates us and draws us closer.

      I invite our imagination where we might link up next.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
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