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Re: Catch-up by Ricardo - May 2009

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Ricardo, Ken, Kiyavilo, That s great news! I have posted it at http://www.includer.org Does that mean that we can send money to Ken or Kiyavilo and they can
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2009
      Ricardo, Ken, Kiyavilo,
      That's great news! I have posted it at http://www.includer.org
      Does that mean that we can send money to Ken or Kiyavilo and they can
      take it out locally and forward it (in Kenya by mpesa)?
      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania

      ricardoolpc wrote:
      > Dear Andrius
      > how are you? This is just a catch-up message to let you know what I've
      > been doing recently with the MS members in East Africa.
      > Trading
      > -------
      > Ken Chelimo has succeeded in getting eBay and Paypal 100% working now.
      > He is the 2nd person from our Trading group to do that, after Kims
      > (Kiyavilo Msekwa) in Tanzania. Ken is the first person in Kenya from
      > our trading group to get Paypal and eBay working in conjunction with
      > his bank account.
      > It's taken ages. Some African banks don't work well with the Paypal
      > online payment service, due to incompatible computer systems, lack of
      > staff training, etc. The key to getting it working was for Ken to get
      > a new bank account at National Bank of Kenya. He then got a Visa
      > Electron debit card, linked it to his Paypal account and managed to
      > complete the Paypal 'Link and Confirm you card' process, to
      > lift/remove the $100 lifetime sending-money limit (for purchases).
      > For the 'Link and Confirm your card' process, Paypal takes a small
      > $1.95 test payment from the bank account via the debit card, with a
      > random 4-digit code appearing in the bank statement. Ken got this code
      > from his bank, and entered it into the Paypal website to lift/remove
      > the $100 limit. He can now buy things from eBay USA and pay by Paypal
      > without restriction.
      > National Bank of Kenya seems quite good, with helpful staff, and they
      > offer many ways to get information about your account, such as Mobile
      > Phone Banking and Internet Banking.
      > http://www.nationalbank.co.ke/
      > As well as benefiting Ken himself, our experiment also shows it's not
      > impossible for other people in Kenya to do the same as Ken, and get
      > paypal/ebay working. I'll talk to the other people in our Trading
      > email group soon about it (Ken Owino, Samwel, etc). The aims of the
      > whole exercise were...
      > 1) To prove it's possible for people in Africa to use eBay/Paypal, and
      > 2) To get the knowledge of exactly how to do it, after overcoming any
      > problems.
      > Sneakernet Trial in Kenya
      > -------------------------
      > The 3 month Sneakernet Trial in Kenya started recently, and people are
      > starting to use it a little. To encourage the users to find more ways
      > of using it, I've added a new section to the Worknets page, called
      > 'Possible Uses for a Sneakernet', added some ideas of my own and asked
      > the users for more ideas.
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?SneakernetTrialInKenya
      > All the best.
      > Ricardo
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