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Fw: Invitation to Kibera and application for support

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  • George Nyongesa
    Dear colleagues,   I am forwarding this email for two reasons: - for your infromation and invitation to participate, - to consider supporting the budget if
    Message 1 of 2 , May 3, 2009
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      Dear colleagues,
      I am forwarding this email for two reasons:
      - for your infromation and invitation to participate,
      - to consider supporting the budget if you or organization sees it fit to partner with us.
      George Nyongesa
      Bunge la Mwananchi

      --- On Sun, 5/3/09, Bunge Mwanachi Katwech <bungelamwananchikibera@...> wrote:
      From: Bunge Mwanachi Katwech <bungelamwananchikibera@...>
      Subject: Application for Support
      To: mwananchibunge@...
      Cc: grnyongesa@...
      Date: Sunday, May 3, 2009, 4:43 PM

      Attn: George Nyongesa,

      Following the meeting we ( myself, Olang, Yasin, Fatuma, Shafie, Sheikh Ahmed and you) held at Al Yusra hotel near Jamia mosque on friday 1st May 2009. Please find below the write up about bringing together Kibera community grass root leaders. We initially were getting your address wrongly sorry for inconveniences. We look forward towards your corporation.

      Coordinators: John Otieno Milar and Sheikh Ahmed
      Tel: 0723262819




      Kibera Bunge la Mwananchi, is a people initiative that comes in the back drop when Kenya as a country is reconciling with it’s past after the much disputed presidential elections that saw over 1,500 people loose their lives, others were rendered homeless, others lost their county and the county’s gains ranging from plitics, economics and social fabric serious eroded and torn. It is in that regard that Bunge la Mwananchi Kibera Chapter is hosting grass root leaders on 6/4/09 at (place to announced later) to officially lauch its mandate and activities in Kibera.

      This Bunge forum will seek to do and carry out the following objectives:-

                   I.      Mobilize community grass root leaders from all networks, CBOs, sectors etc with a view to rally them behind pertinent issues that cut across Kibera.

                II.      Formulate effective strategies and ways of reconciling community with a purpose of restoring peace and national cohesion.

             III.      To carry out advocacy and to promote human rights awareness within the community.

             IV.      To give community members a platform to engage on agendas of Kenya National Dialogue and reconciliation.


      The meeting shall also serve to carryout assessment of recent activities. It’s on that basis that we firmly reiterate our commitment to this process and out come. We look forward towards both partners cooperation.


      Below is a budget for this activity:




      ITEM                        UNIT COST                      TOTAL


      1. Venue                                 @ 2,000                                            2,000/=

      2. Public Address 5                 @ 2,000                                            2,000/=

      3. Communication                   @ 1,000                                             1,000/=

      4. Transport                             @ 1,000                                           1,000/=

      5. Lunch ( 100 people)             @ 10,000                                       10,000/=

      TOTAL COST                                                   16,000/=

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