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Re: [holistichelping] Oxfam International Youth Partnerships 2007-2010

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  • William Wambura
    dear leonard and collegues, oxfarm for me its a new name,but at the same time is the challenge to many young people all over the region and global,young people
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 24, 2006
      dear leonard and collegues,
      oxfarm for me its a new name,but at the same time is the challenge to many young people all over the region and global,young people especial in our region are undergoing many bad and hard stuation becouse of lack of access in their youthness,they stamble and falling becouse they are not strongly minded,and those who are strong they lack strenth to cope with reality,scatered mind is what they pocess,for restance my self,i do have a lot of ideas which sticks in my mind as dreams but not accomplished at all,i hope oxfarm will join the mind of young people to find their strenth and dreams fullfillid.

      Leonard Boniface <bonnylenny@...> wrote:
      Dear Friends and Colleagues,
      Greetings from Salt Spring Island in British Columbia where over the weekend we've just finished the Community to Community (International Conference). I was one of the International Presenters.
      I am writing to share a brilliant opportunity for you or your colleagues. I've been an Oxfam International Youth Parliament Action Partner since 2004 and it’s a wonderful opportunity working for real social change. As other OIYP Action Partners, I've accomplished a lot so far, needs to accomplish more, and now it's a great time for more young people to be involved in the third cycle and become part of this terrific network. Application forms are ready now, I do encourage more young people to apply and join us as an OIYP Action Partners.Also, I do encourage printing out this application form, then share with disadvantage’s communities with no Internet access too.
      For more info, I’ve attached the E-mail below from OIYP with more info. I hope you'll apply. Do note, I've also attached the OIYP application form in Ms.Word format.
      Best Wishes,
      Leonard Boniface
      Chairperson-Tanzanian Youth Network
      Oxfam International Youth Parliament Action Partner
      Founder-Teenage Life Programme
      Freelance Journalist  
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      From: "May Miller-Dawkins"
      To: <bonnylenny@... >
      Date: Thu, 19 Oct 2006 09:35:38 +1000
      Subject: Oxfam International Youth Partnerships 2007-2010
      Dear Leonard, ,
      We write to you with exciting news – the launch of Oxfam International Youth Partnerships 2007-2010. 
      We are looking for 300 more young people who are currently working with others in their communities to achieve positive change.  These 300 young people will come from all regions in the world and will join action partners from 2004 and 2000 as part of the OIYP network.  From 2007 until 2010, Oxfam will facilitate programs to build their skills and knowledge, facilitate exchange and support their action in their communities.
      As an action partner, we are asking you to help us find the next generation!     Please pass on the enclosed information to young people in your community, country and region.
      Before passing this information on, read the 2007-2010 application form and think about which young people you know of that could learn and grow through the OIYP process.  You might also want to think about organizations in your community who could pass this onto young people.
      Download application forms in word or PDF from www.iyp.oxfam.org.  We are also posting you application forms and posters to share with your community.  All applications must be submitted on the application form with at least one support letter from a community member or organisation.
      We hope that you will take up the exciting opportunity to support a new generation of young people to join the OIYP network.   
      All the best from,
      May, Anna, Nicole, Gabi, Cherie
      Oxfam staff team
      For more information:
      Email: oiyp2007@...
      Phone: +612 8204 3900
      Fax: +612 9280 3426
      P Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail
      G 20 in Melbourne - take action now, visit http://www.oxfam.org.au/campaigns/mtf/povertyhistory/g20/

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