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We need to work intensely on our UK online community directory

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Sasha Mrkailo, Thomas Cepaitis, Dennis Kimambo, Samwel Kongere, and also Edward Cherlin, Fred Kayiwa, Masimba Biriwasha, Josephat Ndibalema, William Wambura,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2009
      Sasha Mrkailo, Thomas Cepaitis, Dennis Kimambo, Samwel Kongere,
      and also Edward Cherlin, Fred Kayiwa, Masimba Biriwasha, Josephat
      Ndibalema, William Wambura, Peter Ongele, James Njunge, Mnada Japhet,
      Rachel Wambui Kungu, Kennedy Owino (congratulations! are you
      available?), and all who might help,

      I need your help to work intensely on our directory of UK online

      Our first priority is to find as many online communities as we can in
      the following three groups that Joanne Jacobs asks us to focus on:

      1. Identify all regional and County-specific groups in the UK (starting
      with the broad regions of London, South-East, South-West, East-of-England,
      East Midlands, West Midlands, Wales, Yorkshire and the Humber, North West,
      North East, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and then narrowing down to
      specific Counties - see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_counties), and
      identify groups that are focused on those regions/Countries.
      2. Identify all existing universities in the UK with programmes in
      Creative Advertising, Film and Television studies and Multimedia
      production, and find online groups and mailing lists associated with these
      programmes. Identify key persons associated with these lists (ie:
      influencers, mailing list owners, etc). Do not attempt to sell them the
      product at present. (This is the group we will target for the advertising
      3. Identify all digital production agencies and advertising startups
      registered as businesses [in the UK] in the past 12 months, and get the
      names and
      contact details of business development agents in these firms. (Again
      this is a group we will target for the advertising competition.)

      We want to have several hundred of these by this Thursday evening, April
      30, so that Joanne Jacobs and Leon Benjamin have them before our next
      phone call on Friday. We won't be engaging these groups, but instead
      they will engage them.

      Sasha Mrkailo (skype: sasha.mrki), Thomas Chepaitis, Fred Kayiwa, Dennis
      Kimambo, Masimba Biriwasha already know how to collect entries for our
      directory. Edward Cherlin, it would be great if you might learn how to
      do this and help us teach others, too. I need us to teach as many
      people as possible to help us with this. It's not too hard. Visit us
      at our chat room http://www.worknets.org/chat/ or reach us on Skype (my
      Skype is minciusodas) and we will teach you how to do it.

      Edward, please, could you help with #3 ?

      If you don't know yet how to add communities to our directory, then
      please email us when you will be online so that we can be there at the
      chat room and teach you. Or just show up. I will be around Sunday on
      and off and will be working intensely from Monday to Thursday.

      If you are in Kenya, please call Dennis Kimambo +254722388275 and he
      will help teach you.

      Joanne Jacobs and Leon Benjamin will be contacting the above three
      groups directly. We just need to identify them.

      In the week after that we'll be looking for communities in areas that
      Joanne Jacobs directs us, such as:
      a. Rural interests and clubs and societies for country associations;
      b. British investment groups and British interests groups;
      c. Nutrition groups and societies;
      d. Health, fitness and exercise communities, and groups;
      e. Energy and conservations clubs, societies and groups;
      f. Cooking groups and recipe groups.
      I think that next Friday she and Leon and I will discuss in what sense
      we'd engage such groups.

      I have agreed to pay Sasha, Tomas, Dennis, Samwel and Edward 250 GBP
      each and also I will pay other participants 1 GBP per community with
      extra bonuses for those who add 50 communities. Please let us know if
      you're interested!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 699 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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