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[holistichelping] watch the video advert, we did in 2006 on HIV/AIDs.

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  • zoneziwoh
    sorry about this error; below is the corrected link. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zL4MaPvG5gM thks zoneziwoh www.zoneziwohshow.com freelance writer blog
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      sorry about this error; below is the corrected link.



      freelance writer
      blog www.thesop.org/html/writers.php?writer=zone


      Response to "NGO Worker Sentenced to Life Imprisonment"

      Response to UN Forum Seeks to Ensure Schooling for Children From Homes

      Response to "Australia: Indian Women, Down Under and Tortured"

      Have We Forgotten How to Take Care of Ourselves?


      --- On Thu, 23/4/09, zoneziwoh <ziwoh@...> wrote:

      From: zoneziwoh <ziwoh@...>
      Subject: [holistichelping] watch the video advert, we did in 2006 on HIV/AIDs.
      To: holistichelping@yahoogroups.com
      Received: Thursday, 23 April, 2009, 7:27 PM

      watch the video advert, we did in 2006 on HIV/AIDs.

      http://www.youtube. com/watch? v= zL4MaPvG5gM

      hope you enjoy it

      NB: i played the role of the young lady who is seropositive

      www.zoneziwohshow. com

      freelance writer
      blog www.thesop.org/ html/writers. php?writer= zone

      http://www.Vision4P lenty.org/ zoneziwoh

      Response to "NGO Worker Sentenced to Life Imprisonment"
      http://newsblaze. com/story/ 20090108080658zz zz.nb/topstory. html

      Response to UN Forum Seeks to Ensure Schooling for Children From Homes
      http://newsblaze. com/story/ 20081012153035ts op.nb/topstory. html

      Response to "Australia: Indian Women, Down Under and Tortured"
      http://newsblaze. com/story/ 20081106083032zz zz.nb/topstory. html

      Have We Forgotten How to Take Care of Ourselves?
      http://newsblaze. com/story/ 20081027060208zz zz.nb/topstory. html


      --- On Thu, 23/4/09, Samwel Kongere <jambita1@yahoo. com> wrote:

      From: Samwel Kongere <jambita1@yahoo. com>
      Subject: [holistichelping] Mornflake: thanks Benoit, Kevin, Leon, Andrius/welcome Joanne!/my feedback re product endorsement
      To: mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com, voiceful@yahoogroup s.com
      Cc: holistichelping@ yahoogroups. com, mendenyo@yahoogroup s.com, "learningfromeachot her" <learningfromeachoth er@yahoogroups. com>, nafsiafrikasaana@ yahoogroups. com
      Received: Thursday, 23 April, 2009, 3:39 PM

      I am unable to go online today as there is a tragic
      death of a teenage girl i nurtured at Christian
      children's fund. She was crushed by a vehicle.
      Tragically she died on spot. I will be online next
      --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      > Janet,
      > Thank you for your insights. I'm glad that Joanne
      > and Leon might respond.
      > In my mind, there is a big difference between
      > endorsing and promoting.
      > I want to stay away from "endorsing" for the reasons
      > that you cite. I
      > don't think that we won't have or want the divine
      > judgement that would
      > allow for endorsements of others or ourselves for
      > that matter.
      > Instead, we are "promoting", which is to say, we are
      > simply providing
      > attention. And we are promoting them because they
      > are promoting us. In
      > my mind, they are providing resources so that we can
      > promote ourselves
      > and thereby they can benefit from our authenticity
      > as we help them
      > become known. We don't have to know anything about
      > their products or
      > even provide a positive view of them. We are simply
      > bringing them into
      > the light where they can be scrutinized.
      > Minciu Sodas teams are useful where the outcome is
      > unknown. We don't
      > know which videos will go viral. Will it be a mouse
      > chasing a cat
      > chasing a dog? Possibly. And so the winning video
      > may have nothing to
      > do with Mornflake or cereal except that it mentions
      > Mornflake as the
      > contest specifies. But that is enough for the
      > contest and for Mornflake
      > to benefit. Minciu Sodas is useful because we open
      > up many angles that
      > might lead to unexpected results. I will get to
      > speak with Joanne and
      > Leon on Friday and understand more.
      > I will be in the village today, difficult to reach.
      > Dennis, Samwel,
      > please find Sasha Mrkailo and Tomas Cepaitis and
      > work with them in the
      > chat room so that you know how to add entries today.
      > Please focus on
      > regional searches like "UK Manchester online
      > community" etc. as Joanne
      > wrote.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms. lt
      > ms@...
      > Janet Feldman wrote:
      > > 
      > >
      > > Dear Friends,
      > >
      > > Great to see so much activity related to the
      > Mornflake project, and
      > > welcome to Joanne! Reading what Joanne has written
      > has addressed some
      > > of the questions and issues that I myself have
      > brought up, and perhaps
      > > will help to do the same for Kevin and others who
      > have raised similar
      > > concerns.
      > >
      > > Thanks to Benoit for your great suggestions to
      > Mornflake (focusing
      > > first on strengthening and developing the company
      > internally,
      > > and creating strong bonds with individuals and
      > communities "locally",
      > > then working in partnership with others like
      > Minciu Sodas to expand
      > > globally)! And also to Kevin for his questions and
      > his constructive
      > > criticism, as well as his suggestions for
      > solutions.
      > >
      > > One important aspect of sustainable development is
      > to strengthen one's
      > > local base and bonds, which can include a national
      > focus (or, in this
      > > case, multi-national yet closely linked, ie "UK")
      > too, in terms of
      > > outreach and connectedness. And from that position
      > of support and
      > > strength to then "go global." This is why
      > Benoit's suggestion is so
      > > relevant.
      > >
      > > Kevin has brought up the issue and idea of
      > "authenticity" , and this
      > > connects to the "local" (at least as Mornflake is
      > more a
      > > local/national company at the moment, rather than
      > international) . This
      > > links to one of my concerns about promoting
      > Mornflake "products",
      > > since most of us--including those doing the
      > research--are not in
      > > locations where we can purchase and eat the
      > products, hence cutting
      > > down on the "authenticity" of a product
      > endorsement.
      > >
      > > Joanne may have addressed this issue in her letter
      > in any case, since
      > > she has asked that we NOT do any product promotion
      > right now.
      > >
      > > While I am against MS doing product promotion in
      > general (not just in
      > > this situation, but overall), I am very
      > enthusiastic about the
      > > research we are doing. And I would like to suggest
      > that--in addition
      > > to research--Minciu Sodas and its members might
      > appropriately be
      > > supportive of a "company", when we determine that
      > this company
      > > reflects the values of our "culture".
      > >
      > > That might take the form of an "endorsement" (ie
      > "we give our seal of
      > > approval to this company because it is a good
      > corporate citizen"), or
      > > perhaps even encouragement to purchase products
      > from the company (ie
      > > "patronizing this company will help it to support
      > local communities
      > > and engage in humanitarian activities") .
      > >
      > > We are not an advertising agency. But we can help
      > to "advertize" a
      > > company, especially one that itself promotes
      > "ideas" such as
      > > sustainability, and "values" such as caring about
      > people in local
      > > communities, and wanting to create healthier food.
      > >
      > > I don't know about the money aspect, though:
      > perhaps this would be a
      > > more authentic endorsement when not tied to funds
      > we are receiving for
      > > work? This might apply to "Minciu Sodas" itself,
      > by which I mean the
      > > "culture", as much as the organizational entity,
      > rather than to all
      > > members of its sub-cultures.
      > >
      > > For example, I can see where some of our members
      > (in various
      > > "sub-cultures" ), like the Nafsi Acrobats in Kenya,
      > might be hired as
      > > consultants by Mornflake, to help them develop
      > creative ways to
      > > advertize their product. Again, not putting
      > Mornflake products in
      > > Nafsi videos (at least until Mornflake products
      > become available in
      > > Kenya :)), but working with Mornflake on a video
      > campaign for that
      > > company, including training in-house employees on
      > how to make videos,
      > > where to market videos, what elements make up a
      > good video, et al.
      > >
      > > Andrius, there will most likely be issues for
      > you--and for all of
      > > us--related to MS as a "business" (and your own
      > need to make money),
      > > versus MS as a "culture". It seems to me that this
      > is a case where
      > > there may be a conflict to address. Members of
      > MS-related sub-cultures
      > > might be better able to benefit from these
      > projects, for instance,
      > > whereas MS the umbrella culture--representi ng our
      > diversity and being
      > > the public face of all of our related
      > activities-- may not.
      > >
      > > I will close for now by using an example of a
      > business-nonprofit
      > > relationship that has worked well, and been a
      > winning situation
      > > all-around. This connects to Leon's "winning by
      > sharing" philosophy,
      > > something we can all endorse!
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