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Re: Visit by Kenya's Minister for Foreign Affairs to Toronto

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  • Tegi Obanda
    ... wrote: From: Coalition Constitution Reforms Subject: [next_kenya] By Kenyans For Kenyans Re: Visit by
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 19, 2009
      --- On Sun, 19/4/09, Coalition Constitution Reforms
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      Subject: [next_kenya] By Kenyans For Kenyans Re: Visit by Kenya's
      Minister for Foreign Affairs to Toronto
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      Date: Sunday, 19 April, 2009, 10:18 PM

      As we speak,  Kenya has been invaded by a neighboring country, forced
      to accept foreign identity
      cards, forced to pay taxes to another
      jurisdiction, forced to live under occupation of an abusive oppressive
      invading army. What has the person masquerading as minister for
      foreign affairs done?


      Now we hear this person has time to travel to Canada using tax payers'
      money to tell us what? How they are sitting in the office in Nairobi
      counting flies while Kenyans are  being oppressed and tortured and
      humiilated by a foreign military force?

      I thought by now the AU should have met to discuss this issue.
      Kenyans fear that all this meaningless mumbo jumbo of
      "peaceful coexistence" means peaceful coexistence between the
      illegitimate elite who call themselves ministers and their mercenary
      militias who help them crush democracy and perpetuate dictatorship in

      The people of Kenya rightfully fear that the illegitimate elite have
      sold off various parts of kenya for sums  unknown. On the northern
      side they have sold off the ony source of water for Lake Turkana to
      multinational corporations based in Egypt and operating from
      neighboring Ethiopia.

      Lake Turka is dying. Lake Victoria itself which is being annexed is
      dying. All our rivers and water sources are drying because flowers
      have to be watered--flowers which are tended under extremely dangerous
      health conditions-- are then exported to Europe and rebranded as "made
      in Europe" after paying cents to workers and nothing for water and

      The people calling themselves ministers for foreign affairs or any
      other title they
      might fancy
      should know that they cannot just be ministers when airborne in
      aeroplanes and in foreign countries while when in Nairobi they sit in
      their offices in closed doors counting flies while the country is
      being invaded and natural resources being plundered.

      It is a sad day indeed that we have to accept that 17 years and 4
      months after the repeal of Section 2A, Kenyan human rights
      activists are still being persecuted and assaulted by Kenyan police
      forces who are unwilling to solve even the simplest of crimes. It is
      amatter that should concern the international community that human
      rights activists Oscar Kingara and GPO Oulo were last
      month shot dead under circumstances that suggest that they wee
      assassinated under the orders of the Kenyan governemnt.

      The illegimiate elite are unable to protect Kenyans internally (or are
      accused of being the perpetrators of crimes against Kenyans).
      Similarly, they are unable to protect Kenya from external invasion (or
      are accused of being  partners with commercial and military mercenary
      forces that spells total human and environmental disaster for Kenya
      and the  entire  East African region).

      Now we in the diaspoara are then expected to bow our heads to these
      tiny despots? Have they even emplemented the National Dialogie and
      Reconciliaion Agreements that gave some semblance to the legality of a
      government in Nairobi after a sham of an election that murdered
      thousands of Kenyans and dsisplaced over 600, 000? When is the
      constitution going to be reformed? When Jesus Christ returns?

      Tegi Obanda

      --- On Sun, 4/19/09, charles mumia wrote:

      From: charles mumia
      Subject: [kenyan_community_ ncr_canada] Fw: [kco-l] Visit by Kenya's
      Minister for Foreign Affairs to Toronto
      To: kenyan_community_ ncr_canada@ yahoogroups. ca
      Date: Sunday, April 19, 2009, 12:56 PM


      --- On Sat, 4/18/09, Basil Mwawasi wrote:

      From: Basil Mwawasi
      Subject: [kco-l] Visit by Kenya's Minister for Foreign Affairs to Toronto
      To: kco-l@yahoogroups. com
      Received: Saturday, April 18, 2009, 7:01 PM

      Hi all
      This is to inform the general membership that Kenya's Minister for
      Foreign Affairs Hon. Moses M. Wetangula, MP, will make a brief visit
      to Toronto on Saturday, April 25, 2009
      There will be a meeting with Kenyans in the Diaspora in Toronto on
      that day, Saturday April 25th, 2009 between 12. 00 p.m. and 3.00 p.m.,
      coordinated by the Kenyan Community in Ontario (KCO) and everyone is
      invited to attend.

      ADMISSION WILL BE FREE and light snacks will be served

      This will give all an opportunity to engage the Minister on a
      discussion on issues that may be of interest to us Kenyans and
      Canadians on Kenya's relations with the international community.

      As you know, for along time Kenya pursued a Foreign Policy based on
      principles of promotion of peaceful co-existence, respect for
      sovereignty and territorial integrity of other states, preservation of
      national security, non-interference in affairs of other states, etc,
      Kenya has now shifted its foreign policy orientation and currently the
      strategy rests on four pillars of economic diplomacy, peace diplomacy,
      environmental diplomacy and diaspora diplomacy. The Ministry of
      Foreign Affairs has a mandate to develop and implement this policy.
      Please visit: http://www.mfa go.ke/mfacms/ Please be on the look out
      for information on the location of the meeting that will be
      communicated through this forum by Monday, April  20th, 2009.
      I am also requesting members to RSVP me in advance latest by
      Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009 if you intend to be in attendance as this
      allow the
      organizers to work out the necessary logistics pertaining to the meeting.

      RSVP basil.mwawasi@ rogers.com or call (905) 202-6298 to leave a message.
      Thank you
      Basil Mwawasi
      Kenyan Community in Ontario (KCO)
      Visit: http://www.kcocanad a.org/

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