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Re: [holistichelping] Great to Hear from Lenny-Benoit-Maria!/"Biographies" and gathering data

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  • Leonard Boniface
    Dear Agness,Janet,Benoit and all, Thanks all for the E-maiils.The conference went very well.I learned more on how people are very kindly in this part of the
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 24, 2006
      Dear Agness,Janet,Benoit and all,
      Thanks all for the E-maiils.The conference went very well.I learned more on how people are very kindly in this part of the world,making all the efforts to combat HIV/AIDS in Africa and have solidarity,torelance and initiatives for social change.It was great experience and the President of the International AIDS Society and AIDS 2008 was among of presenters.My workshop went well.Solid is the one of the greatest organization in arranging things and make real progress needed.I'll write more later.
      On the project of "biographies" book,surely,I will involve also the people in grassroots with no internet access through schools contact and churchs as you've suggested Maria.
      Yes, Janet,that idea is great,i have been taliking to SOLID and their partrners as a Gulf Island Secondary School,delegates from those other countries and we are forming a colition with an action plans to realise some goals and nice going on.Various people at the conference said hello to me for you Janet.
      It's nice to hear from you all and will be more than happy to respond always as soon as I can.
      With kind regards,

      Janet  wrote:
      Hello Dear Everyone!
      Great to hear abt the conference going so well, Lenny, and excited abt the linkages being made, not only there (between you and Meron, SOLID, other participants) , but for future activities. It would be wonderful if a connection could be made, re ICTs and learning centers, between Tanzania-Lesotho- Kenya-Canada- Italy-USA, and hopefully Zimbabwe, Uganda, and beyond.
      Benoit, it would be terrific if Lenny can visit you in Edmonton. Interestingly, there is a link to myself and Lenny in that suggestion, in terms of music. Lenny is a songwriter-musician , among his many other talents, and in Edmonton, One World Beat--of which I'm news editor--always has a great showing during the festival, from the Edmonton Small Press to Bill Bourne and the Change for Children nonprofit.  Hope Lenny will perform during OWB 2007!  Would love for you to be involved too, Benoit!!  How far is Edmonton from Toronto, where I think Lenny is usually based?
      Maria, always exciting to hear from you, and your question--abt gathering info from non-wired youth (re "leadership bios")--is very pertinent. We need to find ways to do this in all endeavors, and am sure Lenny is thinking abt this too. Let's brainstorm further when he's done with the conference and gets settled back in Toronto again...Lenny, what are your plans or ideas on this so far?
      With greatest thanks and love, Janet
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      From: Benoit
      Sent: 10/22/2006 7:41:01 AM
      Subject: [holistichelping] Re: A book called "Biographies" -Submission.


      Is there a chance that you might come to Edmonton Alberta? If so,
      please do let me know and I will host you at our house and I'll
      introduce you to Suzanna from Sudan who occupies an interesting
      position in a local multicultural NGO.


      --- In holistichelping@ yahoogroups. com, Leonard Boniface
      <bonnylenny@ ...> wrote:
      > Dear Agness,
      > Thanks for your E-mail.I am setting now a Resources Center in
      Bariadi Shinyanga,Tanzania where is a remote area with no internet-
      also connecting them with a school here in British Columbia where
      am atteding a conference and today I had a wonderful presentation! .I
      will very soon some more info.
      > Best,
      > Lenny.
      > Maria Agnese Giraudo <mariaagnesegiraudo @...> wrote:
      > Dear Leonard and all,
      > I really appreciate what you are doing for youth. My only
      concern is how to reach youth in remote areas where there is not
      Internet.Young people who are isolated need to know that their life
      is interesting and important for many young people and adults too
      around the world. What is your stategy to put them in touch with the
      world? I'm wonderting if school and local /religious or what ever
      communities should help you in this effort.
      > All the best!
      > Maria Agnese
      > Leonard Boniface <bonnylenny@ ...> ha scritto:
      > Dear Colleagues,
      > I am writing a book called "Biographies, " which will feature the
      biographies of many youth leaders around the world, and I would like
      to include your biography if you are between the ages of 15 to
      35.The book will show the reader what youth have done so far on
      various issues in the different fields in which they are working,
      for example, in HIV/AIDS, MDGs, human rights,entrepreneur ship, etc.
      So the biographies will deliver a powerful message on how youth have
      been involved in these issues, on the changes they have already made
      in their communities, and on the way they can change the world if
      they receive more support. This book will inform readers about who
      you are and where you are working so that they can contact you
      directly. I hope this book will reach thousands of people all over
      the world. I think "framing" the gathering of the bios in such a
      way that we address the challenges, barriers, struggles, and success
      of the youth leaders would be good in our lovely and
      > complicated world.
      > Please send me the following:
      > -Your biography. Please include a few words explaining what you
      need to do more of, perhaps other projects you are expecting to do
      or dreaming to do, what successes you've experienced so far, and the
      barriers, challenges, or obstacles you've encountered.
      > -Personal passport-size pictures and other pictures that show
      you working on projects, etc.
      > -Biographies are limited to 2 pages. The deadline is December
      15, 2006, but I will appreciate receiving it earlier. Please send
      your biography as soon you can. Biographies should be sent by E-mail
      wherever possible to Leonard Boniface: LBM2015@...
      > With kind regards,
      > Leonard.
      > Leonard Boniface
      > Chairperson- Tanzanian Youth Network
      > Oxfam International Youth Parliament Action Partner
      > Founder-Teenage Life Programme
      > Freelance Journalist
      > http://profiles. takingitglobal. org/LennyB
      http://www.iyp. oxfam.org/ partners/ central_africa/ leonard_boniface .asp

      > http://eu.staying- alive.org/ 48fest/media_ journalists_ leonard.html
      > www.teenagelife. 4t.com
      > www.iyp.oxfam. org
      > LBM2015@...
      > bonnylenny@. ..
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