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2009-04-25: Restore SouthCentral Farm

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  • dorinda moreno
    Daniel Santana and Rose Lujan, i forward this appeal to a series of resource lists that reflect this area of support for sustainable living for your info and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 16, 2009
      Daniel Santana and Rose Lujan, i forward this appeal to a series of
      resource lists that reflect this area of support for sustainable
      living for your info and reviewal that you may consider subscribing to
      this global need and resource sharing.
      dorinda moreno
      elders of 4 colors 4 directions
      fm global/wearetheones

      Restore SouthCentral Farm

      From: Daniel Santana <tmontanaff7@...>
      Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 10:42:19 -0700 (PDT)

      [Attachment(s) from Daniel Santana included below]


      SATURDAY, APRIL 25TH. 11:30AM-3PM

      -danny santana~>
      NF21 Committee

      myspace (click on the link):

      - - -

      The South Central Farmers' Demands to Forever 21

      We demand that Forever 21 restore the South Central Farm land, at 41st
      and Alameda in Los Angeles, to the Farmers.

      The South Central Farm is the people's land, given to us by Mayor Tom
      Bradley, in 1993 after the Los Angeles Uprising. The people built an
      inner-city paradise, the nation's largest urban farm. In 2006, Mayor
      Bradley's promise was broken: the Los Angeles City Council took the
      land away and gave it to a developer to build a mammoth shipping
      center for the sweatshop clothing manufacturer Forever 21. We're
      here today to tell Forever 21 that we won't work for sweatshops, that
      we are Farmers. We are the people: the Farm is our land!

      Further, we demand that Forever 21 recognize the rights of working and
      poor residents of Los Angeles:

      The right of residents to have green spaces in their
      over-industrialized neighborhood.

      Residents signed 140 letters and spoke before the City Planning
      Department in June to demand environmental justice, in opposition to
      the proposed warehouse. Eight hundred people signed. The project
      developer agreed that the residents deserved an Environmental Impact
      Report before beginning construction.

      A children's park is planned next to the shipping center.

      The shipping center is unnecessary. Ample existing warehouse space is
      available since imports from the Port of Los Angeles have dropped 20%
      this year.

      Twenty-five hundred truck trips daily, according to the developer's
      plans, would add tons of particulate matter to the neighborhood,
      endangering the young, the elderly, and other at-risk populations with
      risks of asthma, cancer, and other lung disease. Children especially,
      who cross near the Farm site on their way to and from two nearby
      schools, are at increased risk of traffic accidents. The site of the
      Farm is already bounded by ground-level freight and passenger train
      tracks on the west, with 1200 train trips daily, and by Alameda Avenue
      on the east, a major shipping artery from the Port of Los Angeles.
      The plans for the warehouse raise concerns about ground water
      contamination from the underground parking garage, increased noise
      levels from the increased truck traffic, light pollution from 24-hour
      lighting, and aesthetic concerns, with workers trapped inside a
      complex bounded by an iron fence.

      Major civic and environmental groups joined with residents to oppose
      this construction. The National Defense Resource Council, the Center
      for Biological Diversity, and Communities for a Better Environment
      have joined with the Farm and residents to demand environmental
      justice. The esteemed Acequia Institute wrote, "the proposal, if
      approved as is, would constitute the most serious and egregious
      violation of environmental justice principles by LA City and County
      governments, the Port Authority, land use planning authorities, and
      other interested parties." The South Coast Air Management Quality
      District recommended restricting traffic along the western perimeter
      of the site, park and ride programs for employees, reconfiguration of
      the main entrance away from residential areas, limiting the operations
      to "clean" trucks, and adding a freeway off-ramp to the site, all to
      mitigate the hazards of the shipping center.

      Industrialization continues to blight poor and minority neighborhoods.
      The Environmental Protection Agency requires environmental justice
      statements for "the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all
      people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with
      respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of
      environmental laws, regulations, and policies. EPA has this goal for
      all communities and persons across this Nation. It will be achieved
      when everyone enjoys the same degree of protection from environmental
      and health hazards and equal access to the decision-making process to
      have a healthy environment in which to live, learn, and work." A
      railroad track between the neighbors and the proposed shipping center
      does not mitigate the need for environmental justice.

      The right of people to feed themselves:

      Three hundred and fifty families supplemented their diet with fresh
      produce grown at the South Central Farm. The City took that right
      away and told the people to get sweatshop jobs instead.

      The South Central Farm preserved an agricultural way of life, teaching
      children how to grow food in ancient traditions suitable for desert

      The South Central Farm was and will be a world-wide model of communal,
      urban agriculture.

      The South Central Farm is the center of a green revolution in Los
      Angeles, a revolution that, because of the Farmers, today brings fresh
      produce to the inner city and will soon bring to Los Angeles an
      ecological consciousness of backyard, rooftop, and community gardens.

      Further, we demand Forever 21 accede in their business practices the
      rights of workers to a safe and humane work environment and to prompt
      redress of grievances:

      An end, once and for all, to sweatshops:

      Even after a four-year boycott and eventual settlement with its
      workers in 2004, Forever 21 continues to violate workers' rights and
      its six Los Angeles plants and supports subcontractors who do the

      The Garment Workers' Center negotiates on-going complaints of labor
      law violations with Forever 21. “We want to make it clear to the
      public and to the politicians that they cannot use the economic
      argument about ‘the good jobs’ that will stay or be added to the
      Los Angeles economy if this land is given to Forever 21. The
      experience of the garment workers that work with
      the GWC makes it abundantly clear, that the jobs they have sewing in
      factories which subcontract with the company are sweatshop jobs, not
      good jobs†said Delia Herrera, one of the organizers at the GWC.

      Dignified, safe, and productive labor:

      Forever 21's warehouse jobs at the trucking center are dangerous and
      dead-end, the worst of back-breaking labor. They offer no future to
      workers there. As a former warehouse worker testified to the city
      Planning Commission: "It's not a nice job, and I don't think any of
      these men would have their sons and their nephews working in these
      warehouses, much less if they didn't say it was going to be union
      jobs. I'm sure it's going to be twelve hundred non-union jobs, low
      wage, long hours. . . . So I implore you, please, please, I implore
      you to take into consideration everything that the community has
      talked about here, including the things that these power brokers smirk
      at, like the kids and the hawks and the trees. That's what's
      important to us. That's what makes up our sacred church. So please,
      I implore you, it's not as easy as they make it sound, there's a lot
      of complicated things involved here, including the health and the
      lives of our children."

      People, even poor people of color, deserve jobs with dignity and
      guarantees of safety, and even when jobs are scarce. Forever 21 is
      offering nothing to the residents or the South Central Farmers except
      brutal labor for a 24/7 shipping machine hidden behind an iron fence
      in a remote corner of Los Angeles. We demand that land be returned to
      the people to whom the City originally ceded it, for their use and



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