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Fw: [LAANDC] Los Angeles Area Nuclear Disarmament Coalition invitation

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  • Benoit Couture
    Salut everyone,   I just received the following.  It looks like a campaign worth supporting.  Please dostribute widely.   Benoit  ... From:
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 13, 2009
      Salut everyone,
      I just received the following.  It looks like a campaign worth supporting.  Please dostribute widely.

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      Subject: [LAANDC] Los Angeles Area Nuclear Disarmament Coalition invitation
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      Date: Sunday, April 12, 2009, 12:56 PM

      Dear Benoit Couture,

      This invitation is going out to all participants in the Global Assembly Dialog.  Apologies to those who are already a member of the LAANDC dialog.

      The Global Assembly Dialog is continuing on hold.  However, the new LAANDC Dialog is using the same software, now with a forum capability, to promote a global Nuclear Disarmament network beginning with Los Angeles and San Francisco.  Many of the Global Assembly participants are from other areas of the world.  If you would like to have a separate group in the new dialog for your city, please let me know at rogereaton@.... 
      The Los Angeles Area Nuclear Disarmament Coalition [LAANDC] is delighted that President Obama has turned American policy around so we are now heading towards a world free of nuclear weapons.  With our "Organize Locally, Connect Globally" mantra, LAANDC intends to make a difference
      The first hurdle is the U.S. Congress. Congress must support the President's new policy whole-heartedly if we are to make progress.  Both the Campaign for a Nuclear Weapons Free World and the Friends Committee on National Legislation make it easy to send a message to Congress on this issue.  Please take a minute to register your opinion, and, as Chicago's former mayor Richard Daley said, "Vote early and vote often".
      LAANDC intends to ramp up quickly using the Internet, some innovative software of our own design, and the massive majority that exists globally for nuclear disarmament. Our strategy is to partner with existing global organizations. In particular, Mayors for Peace with its 2020 Vision provides an existing structure that makes rapid action on a global scale possible. 
      Do you want to learn more about how you can help us achieve full nuclear disarmament? Then join our on-line discussion.
      Or, attend one of our one-hour Nuclear Disarmament Activists Meetings. The next one will take place on Saturday, April 18th at 10 a.m. at St Andrews Lutheran Church in Mar Vista, 11555 National Blvd, LA, CA 90064. (Come at 9 am for a Global Warming presentation by Kathy Seal.)
      Do you belong to an organization or committee that supports nuclear disarmament?  Then bring your organization into the Coalition by contacting LAANDC Coordinator, Roger Eaton at rogereaton@... and include the initials "LAANDC" in the subject line or call  310 390 5220. 
      Nuclear disarmament needs to be addressed today, not tomorrow.  With global warming and peak oil threatening to further disturb a world already whipsawed by a chaotic financial system, what are the odds that it will be easier to disarm a decade from now?  So please heed this appeal and join us for what promises to be an exciting and ultimately successful campaign. 
      For more about the LAANDC, see our web page.  To join the dialog click here.
      Let's make it happen! 
      Roger Eaton 
      LAANDC Coordinator
      rogereaton@... - please specify "LAANDC" in the subject line
      USA 310 390 5220  

      April 12, 2009

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