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Re: [holistichelping] Fwd:Kaiser Daily Reports: Media and Society (Bono's RED raises millions, African Media Partnership in 24 countries)

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  • Leonard Boniface
    Dear Jeff,Benoit and all, Thanks for your Emails on this.I will answer what you asked Jeff in general and glad that Benoit already aswered most of the things
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 7, 2006
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      Dear Jeff,Benoit and all,
      Thanks for your Emails on this.I will answer what you asked Jeff in general and glad that Benoit already aswered most of the things in very sipiritual way.Things are moving different in now days with the campaign against HIV/AIDS.It sounds every sector is concerned and connected on it even bussiness,so Bono's campaign here on products aimed to raise the funds for the Global Funds,and many bussiness people(only who are interested) are helping;and people like Bono with DATA www.data.org dedicated in using his skills,talent and the title as a famous to help the causes,and what is doing perhaps many people who are like him can not do it or are busy with other things,so even if is doing atleast it can sound  more than nothing.God loves people who share,use their talent for the interest of others,so Bono here is among of them.Yes,I talked a bit with him on my work when he visited Tanzania and he was very interested,but I did not ask him for any support.Another thing impressed me on his work is his ability of fundraising for Africa,raising voice on African's  debts cancellation and Make poverty history's camapign and he do visit communities in a grass roots-we went in villages in Arusha and that's a great thing.


      Benoit Couture <benoitctr@...> wrote:
      Leonard, Jeff and all,
      Bono and all human "idols" are in danger of the illusion that stardom projects on them and of what people do out of it.
      Stardom is the popularity that comes from being elevated to rise above one's peers. Glory is when the celebrity getting healed from the isolation of stardom causes by the Glory of unity such as what Jesus prays: "Father, the glory which thou has given me, I have given to them that they may be one, like we are one. You in me and I in them.
      A simple technic that came to me spontaniously at 15 when I was first asked for my autograph by 2 ten years old boys, was to first declined as it made me feel so awkward to be elevated by such a request. They insisted and so I said to them: "You each give me your autograh and I'll give you mine, how's that?" And I skated away. When I returned, I stopped by them and they gave me the thumb's up sign. They understood that my star is no brighter than theirs. I carried on with this aproach for the few years of stardom I had after that. Perhaps, this idea could make its way from this conversation and reach the University of Superstars, from Bono, U2 and on to treat the Western world from such an illusion...  
      In regards to Bono and U2 directly, I remember reading that for 3 years, the members of the band were all intensely in Bible learning. One indication that the Spirit is shinning bright with him, is the last time when the band U2 came to my city. When Bono came out of the 20,000 seats venue after the concert, he chatted with a few fans who waited on them. The chatting turned into a quiet party when someone brought out an accoustic guitar and he began serenading to his new found friends.
      In the Psalms it says: "Your procession has come into view oh God, the procession of my God and King into the sanctuary. In front are the singers, after them the musicians; with them are the maidens dancing and playing tambourines. Praise God in the great congregation and in the assembly."
      How about a reality TV series from an partnership between BBC-CBC-PBS that would provide the landmark for the deployment of a Health-Education- Correction model where the Heart Forces created from out of the heirs of the musical movement since the 1950s out of Europe and North America are trained and sent to the front line of development where a hand-up is most needed and welcome?
      Here are some thoughts in that regard...
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/globalvill ages/message/ 1608
      http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/globalvill ages/message/ 1618
      http://finance. groups.yahoo. com/group/ cyfranogi/ message/1832
      Benoit Couture

      Jeff Buderer <jeff@onevillagefoun dation.org> wrote:

      >American Express, Converse, Giorgio Armani and Gap were the initial
      partners in the program -- which was launched in January -- and are
      distributing credit cards and selling tennis shoes, sunglasses and
      T-shirts, respectively, carrying the Product RED label.

      On the one hand I think it is great that many in the business community
      are getting involved. However we must ask why are they getting involved?
      It almost seems like they are more interested in selling products than
      providing real help or finding out what the needs of the people in the
      field really are. I am also wondering if not the money spent on this all
      gleaming and glamorous stuff would be better spent on helping the people
      in need.

      I feel the conspicious consumerism of the west is the PROBLEM not the
      solution. Yet what kind of message to such events carry? That Africans
      and humans in general need those things to be successful like rich
      glamous Hollywood worshipping people in America and the West. I wonder
      if the net big picture impact of such event is not actually making the
      problem worse not better...despite all the PR and cleverly orchestrated
      images and hoopla.

      It was a special opportunity you had to meet Bono. Did you have a chance
      to speak with Bono about your work and the challenges you face? He
      probably has everyone around him telling him and his corporate handlers
      exactly what he wants to hear. That I feel is the pattern of dysfunction
      that keeps the vast majority of the leadership class disconnected from
      the real reality that most humans experience in our everyday lives. I
      suspect that it is often the case with such people that after all the
      time spent meeting with powerful people, their handlers and the hawking
      of products, that there is really little time left for getting a sense
      of what life is like for the common person in Africa or wherever.
      Despite their good intentions the reality is that celebrities/ famous
      people are ultimately prisoners of their reality as members of the
      priviledged elite, class.

      We have a role in helping these wonderfuly talented and charismatic
      people to truly become forces for positive change in the world by
      getting them a real picture of what is going and how to best address the
      problems of global poverty and ecological destruction which threaten the
      entire world's future.

      What are your thoughts about this?


      Boniface wrote:

      > Hi Colleagues,
      > It was fantastic to meet with Rock's Musician Bono and spend days in
      > actions with him and his DATA's team while they visited Tanzania in
      > May 2006.He is great people with ambition for real changes and we need
      > more people like him in this world.Hope you've seen recently his film
      > on yahoo pages!;and now read this terrific story below on his
      > successiful campaign!.
      > Regards,
      > Lenny.
      > Irish Musician Bono's Product RED Raises $10M in U.K., Global
      > Fund Director Feachem Says
      > Access this story and related links online:
      > http://www.kaiserne twork.org/ daily_reports/ rep_index. cfm?DR_ID=
      > 40203
      > <http://www.kaiserne twork.org/ daily_reports/ rep_index. cfm?DR_ID= 40203>
      > Product RED, a project created by Irish musician Bono and Bobby
      > Shriver that that aims to raise money for the Global Fund To Fight
      > AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria by donating a portion of profits from a
      > range of branded products, raised more than $10 million in the United
      > Kingdom from February through September, according to Global Fund
      > Director Richard Feachem, the New York Times reports (Story, New York
      > Times, 10/4).
      > American Express, Converse, Giorgio Armani and Gap were the initial
      > partners in the program -- which was launched in January -- and are
      > distributing credit cards and selling tennis shoes, sunglasses and
      > T-shirts, respectively, carrying the Product RED label. The four
      > partner companies have committed to the brand for five years and have
      > pledged to give an average of 40% of profits from the products to the
      > Global Fund. London's Independent in May announced that it would
      > become the first media outlet to sign on as a partner in the project.
      > In addition, cell phone company Motorola in May announced that it will
      > partner with Product RED (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 5/16). Product
      > RED products will be available in U.S. stores this month, the Times
      > reports. "RED is one of the first major efforts to tap more Americans
      > to contribute to fighting AIDS a continent away," Bill Gates,co-chair
      > of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said, adding,
      > "I wasn't sure they would get enough companies on board to make RED a
      > viable entity, and whether it could generate enough revenue for the
      > global fund to make it worthwhile. I was pleasantly surprised on both
      > counts."
      > According to Feachem, the amount Product RED has raised so far is
      > twice the amount the Global Fund received from companies and
      > individuals from 2002 through 2006. "RED is intrinsically sustainable
      > because RED is good for the companies," Feachem said. According to
      > Tommy Thompson, former HHS secretary and honorary chair of the Global
      > Fund, "The reason the private sector's got to be involved is
      > there's just not enough money coming in from the government.
      > This is a huge thing and the demand and the need is so great that we
      > just don't have enough money coming in from the governments to do it."
      > The funds generated from U.K. sales will be allocated to HIV testing
      > and treatment services for HIV-positive women and children living in
      > Rwanda and to supporting AIDS orphans in Swaziland, Feachem said (New
      > York Times, 10/4).
      > African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS Plans 24-Country
      > Campaign To Fight HIV/AIDS
      > Access this story and related links online:
      > http://www.kaiserne twork.org/ daily_reports/ rep_index. cfm?DR_ID=
      > 40204
      > <http://www.kaiserne twork.org/ daily_reports/ rep_index. cfm?DR_ID= 40204>
      > The African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS, which
      > includes 37 major public and private broadcast companies, on Dec. 1
      > will launch the first multiyear, pan-African campaign across 24
      > countries to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS, Reuters reports
      > (McGregor, Reuters, 9/22). The campaign is part of a five-year effort
      > to significantly increase the amount of HIV/AIDS-related programming
      > by African broadcasters (African Broadcast Media Partnership Against
      > HIV/AIDS release, 9/22).
      > Under the initiative, African television and radio stations will
      > devote at least 5% of airtime -- about one hour per day -- to HIV/AIDS
      > programming. According to organizers, the partnership aims to halt the
      > spread of HIV, inform HIV-positive people that they can live normal
      > lives and urge young people to practice safer sexual habits that
      > reduce their risk of contracting HIV.
      > The campaign, to be launched simultaneously at 13:00 GMT on World AIDS
      > Day on Dec. 1, will include a combination of public service
      > announcements and longer-form programming (Reuters, 9/22). The
      > campaign will promote the idea of an HIV-free generation and use the
      > tagline, "imagine the possibility: it begins with YOU" (African
      > Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS release, 9/22). Young
      > people who achieve their life goals and African icons -- such as Nobel
      > Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Liberian President Ellen
      > Johnson Sirleaf --will be featured in the PSAs.
      > In addition, local television and radio stations next year will
      > receive training and technical assistance to integrate HIV/AIDS themes
      > and messages in popular programs including soap operas, documentaries
      > and sitcoms (Reuters, 9/22). ABMP's main funding partner in the "YOU"
      > campaign will be the Coca Cola Africa Foundation, which will
      > contribute $1.5 million over the next three years.
      > The campaign will anchor a multi-year effort by ABMP, which was formed
      > at an October 2005 summit of African broadcasters organized by the
      > broadcasters, the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Nelson Mandela
      > Foundation in an effort to reinvigorate the role of African
      > broadcasters in combating HIV/AIDS (African Broadcast Media
      > Partnership Against HIV/AIDS release, 9/22).
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