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Response to Jeff: FOSS Kenya, GRASSUP/OVF/Biodesign and more!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Jeff and All, Hello and thanks for this great note! I think that one of our new sign-ups at Holistic Helping, Charles Loku, will be going to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 15, 2006
      Dear Jeff and All,
      Hello and thanks for this great note!  I think that one of our new sign-ups at Holistic Helping, Charles Loku, will be going to the conference, so I will post this to HH in the hopes that Charles might be our "eyes and ears", if no-one else can get there. Is there any chance that Henry or Kennedy can attend? Yes, I agree completely abt Franz's work, and also integrating that of others too, from all parts of the world.
      On GRASSUP, I think there may be a report created last year about GRASSUP Phase One, which I will see if I still have (given my computer troubles at that time, I'm not sure), and/or can get otherwise. I should say that the purpose of a current f2f move for GRASSUP reps is specifically to discuss the project, including evaluations done by COL reps, and our own assessments of what each and all of us together accomplished. From there we will hopefully be better able to discuss next steps. So I'll be better able to provide an update to everyone after that happens.
      I am excited about working with Jeff and all at OVF, and also Graham Knight and Biodesign!! KAIPPG has long been interested in solar-related technologies, and I have been spoken to KCYP about having some links between us in this regard. To also involve Sam/Udogo, OVF-Kenya reps, and GRASSUP partners, for example, will add to our individual and collective development efforts, so I am hopeful that we can work together, and am prepared to help make that happen.
      With greatest thanks and hope to get someone to the FOSS conference! I think it's $250, and it's from the 23rd-25th of this month. The E-Govt Initiative (Kenya govt) is one sponsor, and GRASSUP has had discussions with one of their consultants about working with them, so paths are converging, and hopefully activities and opportunities too! Janet

      Hello everyone,

      Thanks Janet for that update about the upcoming conference.

      I think it is important to keep in mind Franz�s work in Vienna, and also relevant links that can lead to a convergence of energy within our many interrelated networks.

      Regarding GRASSUP I am not sure how many people really know the specifics about the program. So I am sending out a summary HTML doc that we created for GRASSUP when OVF was involved in the process. Janet I am not sure if you have something more updated that you could also offer to update everyone as to the details of the program. OVF was involved in this program at the start of its development. The funder of the program is the Canadian Based Commonwealth of Learning www.col.org, which worked with us to successfully complete the grant proposal so that it addressed all their needs as well as the four Kenyan NGOs of the COL Kenya group who Janet had invited into the process.

      We still have an interest in this program and are in discussions with Janet about the possibility of working together to promote social enterprises using DIY Solar approach developed by BioDesign a UK based group led by Graham Knight. Biodesign promotes grassroots business development utilizing more eco-friendly technologies (small low cost solar panels) for charging cell phones, flashlights and radios. As well as providing an opportunity for small scale entrepreneurs they are also preferable to using dry cell batteries which are expensive for low income people as well as a potentially toxic waste hazard for the environment. BioDesign in recognition of their innovative work, have recently gotten coverage from the BBC and CNN International, specifically in relation to a group Janet advises - the Kibera Community Youth Programme. See my blog posting on DIY Solar for more information.

      Also some interest in has been expressed by a colleague of ours in relation to the upcoming conference on Open Source in Kenya. On that note, I would suggest that we work towards selecting someone on the behalf of our network and then share the information and results of the conference with all us. This would include posting on the web a summary of the event � similar to what Samwell did although I never saw the link to where this was posted on the web besides the email he sent to us.

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