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Online assistants for Worknet leaders

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Fred Kayiwa, Thank you for your letter My Future Thought for Minciu Sodas in Africa which I share with our groups. I will think about how we might support
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2009
      Fred Kayiwa,

      Thank you for your letter "My Future Thought for Minciu Sodas in Africa"
      which I share with our groups.

      I will think about how we might support our work on the ground. My wish
      is that each of us have our own brands as individuals, that we have
      online venues in Worknets, and that we benefit from Minciu Sodas's
      support and services, both free and paid. I welcome our thoughts
      (especially Franz Nahrada's!) how we might support each other's local
      activity and encourage "global villages" and "schools for traveling

      These next few months - April and May - I will be able to work on our
      online support system while I write grant proposals and look for
      clients, especially to create open source learning materials in
      mathematics and other disciplines.

      I would like to organize around some of our prominent leaders / thinkers
      / networkers, especially Franz Nahrada and Janet Feldman, but also
      Pamela McLean and Edward Cherlin, and definitely God and also myself,
      too. I would like to provide paid work for online assistants to help
      them because I know they have more to do than they can, and we would all
      benefit, and we have some exceptionally helpful people who have good
      online networking skills.

      I would like to start by providing a stipend for Fred Kayiwa so that he
      might help Janet Feldman through the worknet that I'm setting up at
      http://www.worknets.org/en/holistichelping/ (and we'll change the url
      to a new domain soon!) I can afford that for at least a few months to
      see how that works.

      Likewise, I'd like to find a way for Tomas Cepaitis or Sasha Mrkailo to
      assist Franz Nahrada. Franz, perhaps I could pay to start and then if
      it works well you could pay for this? Or we could find grants or
      another source of money for this?

      I think Benoit and others might make great assistants. My thought is
      that our most prominent leaders are strong as thinkers, as networkers,
      as hosts and as mentors. Whereas I think Fred is strong as a networker,
      and even a mentor, but not yet developed as a thinker and host. So my
      expectation for our online assistants is that they grow as they work for
      our leaders - help them write down and organize their thoughts, and help
      them respond to people - and over time develop their own venues and
      their own thinking.

      It would be very good if we might develop such relationships because
      then it will make for strong teams and open up a lot of business and
      social opportunity.

      This is part of our developing Worknets as havens where our leaders
      clarify their values and their assumptions.

      I look forward to meeting with Samwel in London and also thinking
      through how we can encourage our African thinkers!


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      kayiwa fred wrote:
      My Future Thought For Minciu Soda in Africa
      > Hi Andrius
      > I know you are very busy at the moment trying to set all things in
      and out for the Lab and the communia meeting its very absad that i could
      not attend but am sure ext time perhaps you can invite me to Lithunia i
      see i have afriend in Greece who is willing to write me an invitatin
      later whenever i wnat to travel [Just in Case]
      > This is my personal letter about my thoughts
      > Andrius i see there is big opotunities for our lab in Africa and my
      thinking is that perhaps we think of having something tangable for the
      Ms Lab in Africa most probably Uganda something like a tangable project
      where we can write our proposals and indeed people see that we have
      impact on other people mostly on ground.
      > and i thought of a school thats owned by MS lab i dont know how you
      see this mostly in the bussiness persipective but to me i see it can
      work perfectly in Future
      > I als think it can be a very good long term investment.
      > Hey Andrius
      > I still have dreams of visting USA in order to market our projects
      for our organisation of the kids
      > I will also want to send you DVD that we made i will need your adress
      > I would like also to vist Chicago where David is and the office of
      miniciu sodas
      > am also trying to create many friend from USA on face book such that
      once that opotunity comes perhaps they can pay my ticket as a
      cotribition stlye
      > --
      > kayiwa fred
      > Kampala Junior Team
      > p.o.box 3303
      > kampala uganda
      > +256782371003.
      > www.kampalajuniorteam.org
      > http://www.kampalajuniorteam.tumblr.com

      AndriusK: Hi Fred, thank you for your wonderful letter I will share it
      with our groups

      Fredkayiwa: ok Andrius good that you liked it

      AndriusK: yes I think that best for us if we simply support your dreams
      as a leader :: and help you support other people, too :: so keep writing
      about your dreams on-the-ground and online :: and let's work on it over
      time :: I think it's best if all of our leaders lead their own projects
      :: and Minciu Sodas just be there to support everybody :: and WorkNets, too

      Fredkayiwa: exactly Andrius :: i love that culuture

      AndriusK: yes and I'm excited by your participation :: and I appreciate
      your support for David Ellison-Bey and others :: and I think it's great
      if you can support our leaders :: and if I do well then I hope to
      organize paid work for you and others to do that :: like helping Janet
      Feldman, being her online assistant

      Fredkayiwa: i like some work at the moment :: may thats why am showing
      less here :: am out in the fied looking for casual jobs

      AndriusK: sure :: and I will think of you :: Would you like to be Janet
      Feldman's online assistant? :: She would give you tasks for you to do.

      Fredkayiwa: exactly i can accept :: provided she can meet my internet
      costs so i have my mordem on my laptop

      AndriusK: is $50 a month sufficient? :: what are you paying?

      Fredkayiwa: the charges are 47$ permonth as per dollar exchange :: but
      some times it lowers and it is 55$ or 50

      AndriusK: ok :: and how much do you need to live per month? :: and how
      much do you need for your school?

      Fredkayiwa: i pay 1200$ for fees :: per year :: and about 200$ to live
      per month including rent for my room

      AndriusK: and the $50 is part of the $200? :: for Internet? :: and how
      do you earn your money?

      Fredkayiwa: from casual jobs that i do, from small work i do like
      bees,[which is now off] from also friends but i have dates too

      AndriusK: what are dates? :: the food?

      Fredkayiwa: sorry Debts

      AndriusK: ok I understand
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