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Re: [mendenyo] Samwel, how are you provoking yourself?

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  • Samwel Kongere
    Fine Andrius, I am at a position and have roled out, made many ideas before but taking and using peoples ideas in the public domain is a matter of concern for
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 5, 2009
      Fine Andrius,
      I am at a position and have roled out, made many ideas
      before but taking and using peoples ideas in the
      public domain is a matter of concern for me and other
      Kenyans and everybody. What i have is at simple stage
      and global stage, i have have a clear focus on
      sustainable local community resposible tourism and
      agriculture, and my thinking can be challenged at a
      level but how can some community focus be misused? I
      am very aware of my endeavours, community and and a
      full plan of what i can achieve, they can achieve? To
      some extent the community as well as me should achieve
      a goal. My last question is are the donors other
      communities in the world understanding our cause,
      needs and ideas and if so or not? How can we change
      our trends? And, if we cannot change them through the
      available media then we better leave working on their
      behalf (community). I can go further if i like, but if
      you allow me let me keep the community peace of
      interests private at cases. I know our needs' i do not
      want to act beyond odds, i have worked in community
      malaria control for nine years but the implementation
      stage is still a dream post. Who will score? The goal
      keeper or the defender, forwarders, or spectators or
      it is a draw? The concept might be same but wordings
      --- Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:

      > Samwel,
      > I liked your letter on "Sustainability is a poor
      > teacher!'' I didn't
      > quite understand you. But I think what you meant is
      > that, if things are
      > going well for a person, then will they be
      > interested to learn? Are
      > Americans or Europeans interested to take big leaps
      > or are they hoping
      > to get by with tiny changes? Minciu Sodas is
      > thriving in Africa (thanks
      > to your help!) because Africans are willing to
      > participate in entirely
      > new approaches. The global economic crisis opens up
      > business opportunity
      > for our lab because people may take a fresh look at
      > what we have to
      > offer (like global teams or Public Domain learning
      > materials).
      > Samwel, I appreciate your leadership and how you've
      > inspired many people
      > in our lab, both in Africa and around the world.
      > Independent thinkers provoke themselves; dependent
      > thinkers are provoked
      > by others. So if you provoke people, then are you
      > fostering dependent
      > thinking or independent thinking?!
      > Samwel, my question is, how are you provoking
      > yourself? What don't you
      > know that you would like to know? What do you want
      > to investigate?
      > We then understand you as a leader, somebody who
      > provokes themselves,
      > and invites us by their example to provoke
      > ourselves, too.
      > Your trip to London is a great investment by our
      > lab, by myself and our
      > participants in London. Also, you are representing
      > all of us. It's not
      > enough that you benefit, but that you help others
      > benefit, too. Also,
      > it's good if your projects might strengthen our lab,
      > where that's possible.
      > So please write more: What is it that you don't know
      > that you'd like to
      > discover? What would you like to achieve after you
      > have stopped working
      > as a community organizer? What would you like to
      > accomplish in London?
      > What kind of people would you like to meet there?
      > What would you like to
      > achieve in London for other people who you know?
      > What is your plan for
      > Mendenyo in the coming year?
      > Who are "you guys"? Is that how I treat you? Why
      > should anybody give you
      > funds? What are you offering? And is that what we
      > are all about?
      > Your answers help me understand that I'm doing the
      > right thing by
      > purchasing your ticket to London. I know many good
      > things about your
      > work in the past. But please write about your work
      > with me and others in
      > the future. What will that mean for you? And what
      > could that mean for
      > our lab?
      > I can fly you to London or I can save the money. I'd
      > prefer you come!
      > If you do come to London, I will need your help, and
      > all of our help, to
      > keep our expenses at a minimum, and to be as light a
      > burden as possible
      > on all who will help us. We are coming to work. We
      > have very few resources.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > ms@...
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > Samwel Kongere wrote:
      > > Andrius,
      > > I wanted to provoke thinkers and surely i have
      > > provoked them. You wanted me to role out what i
      > expect
      > > from my London visit. I need support for the
      > > consotium, funds and nothing else to tell the
      > people
      > > truth starting from us.
      > > I know Tom Ochuka, and Ken Chelimo are feeders to
      > my
      > > thoughts. The budget is what matters and it starts
      > > with you guys.
      > > Lets put our focus together.
      > > Samwel.
      > > --- Benoit Couture <benoitctr@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > Dear all,
      > I am preparing another community focus on
      > Sustainable Local Community
      > Responsible Tourism and Agriculture this year
      > (2009), after 2008 on
      > Female empowerment on Information Communication
      > Technology and
      > Entrepreneurship, I ask myself why? sustainability
      > is a poor teacher? Is
      > success a poor teacher? Or which is which?
      > We learn about ourselves when we fail. So, do not be
      > afraid of failing.
      > Failing is the process of the success. You must have
      > success without
      > failing. So; does it mean; unsuccessful people; are
      > people who never
      > fail? It is not unemployment which matters, it is
      > about who you are
      > keep striving you will become somebody. Quit and you
      > become
      > somebodybut you are the same person again; I think
      > it is all about
      > becoming who you are!!!
      > My Malaria leader Hibrahim usually calls me
      > dog-fool and encourages me
      > to keep on failing and success is at the conner,
      > this to him, these are
      > funniest words he remained my mentor. A mentor is
      > someone who had done
      > what you want to do .and successful at doing it.
      > Do not find an
      > adviser. I think an adviser is someone who tells you
      > how to do it. Most
      > of the advisers are selfish, ego-centered people. Be
      > careful of the
      > advice you take, you must keep your mind open,
      > always be first aware of
      > which advice is coming from where.
      > My mentor Andrius, taught me about systems of
      > independent leadership,
      > thinking, networking in the public domain. A leader
      > has to be a leader
      > of people not a manager of people, why? Managers see
      > their subordinates
      > as inferiors. Leaders must direct people, they are
      > smarter. After I
      > dropped my predicament on volunteer and enclave of
      > unemployment; began
      > researching, networking, contributing my social
      > understanding among
      > other independent thinkers (leaders) on Public
      > Domain issues: I found
      > out that there were sincerely and diligently
      > building successful
      > networks and the globe. When I met these comrades
      > virtually on www.ms.lt
      > <http://www.ms.lt/> and discussion groups, I saw
      > impact of independent
      > thinking on other peoples lives and financial
      > futures. I began to truly
      > appreciate the value of the networking on public
      > domain issues.
      > Anywhere, I was learning to overcome my fears of
      > being rejected and
      > stopped worrying what other people will say about
      > me.
      > To learn to lead people, working with different
      > kinds of people
      > Hardest thing about success are those who are
      > actually natural leaders.
      > Surely, the ability to get long and inspire is a
      > priceless skill. I
      > found out in MS. Lab. I said skill can be learned.
      > In conclusion, ongoing long term, educational
      > programs, to develop you
      > as a human being with self confidence is vital on
      > the right side of
      > relevant thinking development of success. I
      > therefore, congratulate the
      > leadership intertwined on the: Accessing, Reusing
      > public sector and data
      > in Minciu Sodas Lab which will continue to upgrade
      > my social and
      > community development background.
      > Let us have another thinking day.
      > Samwel.
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