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Re: [holistichelping] Sustainability is a poor teacher!!!

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  • Paul Fegan
    Samwel, Sustainability is not a teacher.  It is an education. Sustainability is not a destination.  It is a journey.  Consider the old maxim Give a man a
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 2, 2009

      Sustainability is not a teacher.  It is an education. Sustainability is not a destination.  It is a journey. 

      Consider the old maxim "Give a man a fish he eats for a day.  Teach him to fish he eats for life."  What if the man does not like fish?

      There is the story of a European missionary who comes upon a poor man carving wooden bowls with a sharpened stone tool.  The missionary gives the poor man a steel knife that allows the poor man to make his bowls faster.  The poor man comes to the missionary the following day and gives the knife back.  After the missionary explains that the knife is a gift and will help the poor man to rise above his poverty by speeding up his work the poor man gives this explanation.
      "I will work with your knife and it will become dull.  I will need to get a sharpening stone to sharpen it.  You may give one to me or I will buy it.  After a time the knife will wear away.  I will need to come to you to give me a new one or I will have to buy it.  What ever happens this knife will tie me to you and your ways.  To keep this knife I will become your servant or become the servant of knife sellers.  My ways will die and your ways will live in my hands.  My ways are precious to me.  They make me happy and keep my children strong.  To live and die a happy man in the ways I choose I will give you back your knife."

      It is also good to meditate on Mathew 13: 3-9.  The sustainability of the seeds depends on the planters care in sowing them and the preparation of the soil in which they are planted.

      Finally, these words from my old friend:

      "To lead people, walk beside them ...
      As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence.
      The next best, the people honor and praise.
      The next, the people fear; and the next, the people hate ...
      When the best leader's work is done the people say,
      'We did it ourselves!'""
      Laozi (Tao Te Ching)


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      Subject: [holistichelping] Sustainability is a poor teacher!!!
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      Date: Monday, March 2, 2009, 9:04 AM

      Dear all,

       I am preparing another community focus on Sustainable Local Community Responsible Tourism and Agriculture this year (2009), after 2008 on Female empowerment on Information Communication Technology and Entrepreneurship, I ask myself why? sustainability is a poor teacher? Is success a poor teacher?  Or which is which?
      We learn about ourselves when we fail. So, do not be afraid of failing. Failing is the process of the success. You must have success without failing. So; does it mean; unsuccessful people; are people who never fail? It is not unemployment which matters, it is about who you are’ keep striving you will become somebody. Quit and you become somebody……but you are the same person again; I think it is all about becoming who you are!!!
      My Malaria leader Hibrahim’ usually calls me dog-fool” and encourages me to keep on failing and success is at the conner, this to him, these are funniest words he remained my mentor. A mentor’ is someone who had done what you want to do …….and successful at doing it. Do not find an adviser. I think an adviser is someone who tells you how to do it. Most of the advisers are selfish, ego-centered people. Be careful of the advice you take, you must keep your mind open, always be first aware of which advice is coming from where.
      My mentor Andrius, taught me about systems of independent leadership, thinking, networking in the public domain. A leader has to be a leader of people not a manager of people, why? Managers see their subordinates as inferiors. Leaders must direct people, they are smarter. After I dropped my predicament on volunteer and enclave of unemployment; began researching, networking, contributing my social understanding among other independent thinkers (leaders) on Public Domain issues: I found out that there were sincerely and diligently building successful networks and the globe. When I met these comrades virtually on www.ms.lt and discussion groups, I saw impact of independent thinking on other people’s lives and financial futures. I began to truly appreciate the value of the networking on public domain issues. Anywhere, I was learning to overcome my fears of being rejected and stopped worrying what other people will say about me.
      To learn to lead people, working with different kinds of people
       Hardest thing about success are those who are actually natural leaders. Surely, the ability to get long and inspire is a priceless skill. I found out in MS. Lab. I said “skill can be learned”.
      In conclusion, ongoing long term, educational programs, to develop you as a human being with self confidence is vital on the right side of relevant thinking development of success. I therefore, congratulate the leadership intertwined on the: Accessing, Reusing public sector and data in Minciu Sodas Lab which will continue to upgrade my social and community development background.
       Let us have another thinking day.

      http://www.surveymo nkey.com/ s.aspx?sm= 5VvLrzLaXHc0i_ 2bh5XdOTxA_ 3d_3d

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