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Fwd: [ABC4AllKenya] For Kenyan Mentors (letter thanking Yuel and JC for support) re VOTE NOW!

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  • Rachel Kungu
    Dear all, Please consider voting for the above mentioned concert, Your organisation might be one among the charity organisations who will benefit from the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2009
      Dear all,

      Please consider voting for the above mentioned concert, Your organisation might be one among the charity organisations who will benefit from the funds raised. However, I would also like to request for your votes as am a member of ABC4All Kenya


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      From: ABC4All A Better Community for All <abc4all@...>
      Date: Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 9:27 PM
      Subject: [ABC4AllKenya] For Kenyan Mentors (letter thanking Yuel and JC for support) re VOTE NOW!
      To: Voluntary Youth Philanthropist <rachel.kungu@...>

      Thank you both Yuel and JC for your welcome support.

      It takes a while for people to realize that we are working to bring GHR to the world where ANYONE can benefit.  But as time passes (no matter how long) the realization will becomre more obvious to those more reluctant or too busy or whatever to participate in full like you 2.  The most recent plans/update clearly shares such information:  http://abc4all.net/plansupdate.htm .

      For now, though we recognize that SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT still allows for FREE WILL to exercise the right to vote or not to vote.  So your support really is appreciated and welcome.  After all, what this vote is all about is being able to accept a vehicle for Tax-Deductible donations via a company WHO WILL NOT CHARGE FEES.  Thus the 100% donation will go to the local cause no matter where a local FUNdraising concert is held in the world to honor the Family of Barack Obama while simultaneously raising funding for local charitable groups: http://abc4all.net/obamericaworld.htm


      On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 9:17 AM, Jean-claude kamwenubusa  wrote:

      Dear all,

      Hope the awareness voice from Yuel is cheering and it's true. As one
      family we should vote on such project?, We are more than 100, and we
      still need only 96 votes.

      Note that there is a deadline for voting at Givemeaning.

      Let's be ONE

      > From: yuel bhatti
      > Subject:
      > Body: Dear ABC4ALL,
      > Greetings of peace and love from Pakistan!
      > Please refer below message from Mr. Burton and we must all see who have not
      > yet vote for very important Humanitarian Relief project. We have a huge net
      > work of ABC4ALL may be over 900 members and only 13 members cast the vote
      > for this important project.
      > It is my humbly request for all abc4all to priorities this mail and vote for
      > remaining 86. I am fully hope you will take action quickly. If you feel any
      > problem about how to further going on the site or procedure and other
      > information about the project may get assistance from Dr. Burton who is  24
      > hour available. I have not seen such dedicated personality in this World.
      > Please take prompt action.
      > Gratefully,
      > Yuel Bhatti
      > --- On Thu, 2/5/09, ABC4All  wrote:
      > From: ABC4All
      > Subject: [abc4allglobalteam] VOTES needed: 86, deadline 03/04/09: VOTE and
      > we have a vehicle to accept tax-deductible donations! // Your GiveMeaning
      > Project - obamaworld +
      > To: "Yuel Lall Din Bhatti"
      > Date: Thursday, February 5, 2009, 1:05 PM
      > From ABC4All
      > TIG: http://profiles.tigweb.org/abc4all
      > MESSAGE TO OBAMERICA and to a New wOrld
      > http://ABC4All.net
      > Votes Needed: 86
      > GO HERE TO VOTE:  http://obamaworld.givemeaning.com
      > Founder:  ABC4All TEAM
      > 1.  Prakash Kr.
      > 2.  Ariel Saucedo
      > 3.  Jean-Claude Kamwen...
      > 4.  Bill King
      > 5.  Robert Chew
      > 6.  Mulenga Cliff Mule...
      > 7.  Yuel Bhatti
      > 8.  Rev. Melony
      > 9.  Oluwadamilare Adey...
      > 10.  Alan Hamann
      > 11.  Plato Owulezi
      > 12.  Gugulethu Mgabhi
      > 13.  Joseph Lukwago
      > It's Obamerica wOrld! Concerts & FUNdraising™ to honor the family of
      > Barack Obama, "genuinely president of the world."
      > for hotlinks: http://ABC4All.net/obamericaworld.htm
      > Model for FUNdraising Concert to support local NGOs/nonprofits which can
      > take
      > place anywhere in the world.
      > "This is a great Idea to show support for the new president and what he is
      > trying to do!"
      > --Alan Hamann
      > "I Think ABC4All doing a great work and i will always try to help from my
      > side.We are one and we will create the new world.i am always with you not
      > even
      > me the whole world with you...." --Prakash Singh, Co-Founder, Local ABC4All
      > / INDIA
      > "What greater art form than music can we unite the countries that exist on
      > all 7 continents of the world. The indigenous cultures from every continent
      > may
      > begin to realize that a favorite son from as far away as Africa has raised a
      > new
      > consciousness to governments of the world. What greater tribute may mankind
      > place in store for future generations than to know and feel the Love
      > generated
      > by a single act of listening to music that is a major part of the
      > unification of
      > a troubled state in troubled times.
      > "There are plenty of examples of what is happening financially to the
      > world powers, but not one that could match the gesture and the pureness of
      > thought that is transcending in an effort to localize a concert and to pay
      > tribute to a favorite son of a nation, a country in turmoil than to offer up
      > tribute to the minorities of the world that will now be blessed by greater
      > leadership, more openness for change, and a solutions team that is second to
      > none, in desire, in wish and in spirit of unleashing a new calm for the
      > world to
      > behold in creative leadership and responsible governance.
      > "Let the world behold what a stimulus package will feel and look like, in
      > the days numbered ahead of us, as we see a first time cabinet divest itself
      > of
      > personal goals and will act for what is best for a troubled nation to unify
      > and
      > to galvanize its hopes and prayers under one spokesperson, The newest and
      > soon
      > to be known black leader of a nation founded in many religious freedoms and
      > personal rights that are extolled in many hundreds of countries and their
      > allies.
      > "May be bless the earth and bless this new leadership that is blossoming
      > before our very eyes. May the new leadership also never breach the trust of
      > the
      > people of well over 200 other nations and may we also see the model of
      > cooperation that will far exceed the results of any "competitive"
      > leadership founded on contrary principals. By working together we can
      > achieve
      > the sum total of decades of work that will happen in just a few short years.
      > "God Bless America, and God Bless us who will live to see the solutions of
      > the new century, become a living and breathing example to our grandchildren
      > all
      > over the world."  --Bob Chew, ABC4All Co-Founder
      > ---------- Forwarded message ----------
      > From: GiveMeaning Support
      > Date: Feb 2, 2009 12:22 PM
      > Subject: Your GiveMeaning Project - obamaworld
      > To: abc4all (at) gmail.com
      > Dear ABC4ALL,
      > I'm writing to welcome you to GiveMeaning.com and to thank you for
      > submitting your proposal at GiveMeaning.com
      > Because GiveMeaning harnesses the "Power of Plenty" whereby many
      > contributors each give a relatively small sum of money to achieve a common
      > goal, we know that each proposal requires an audience of potential
      > supporters
      > to succeed in fundraising at GiveMeaning and it is for this reason that we
      > require 100 votes to be collected within 30 days of a proposal being
      > submitted
      > at our site
      > We have seen proposals quickly gather the votes they require when the person
      > who has submitted the proposal emails their friends, family and colleagues
      > with
      > a link to their proposal and a request for them to vote.
      > The web link to your proposal at GiveMeaning
      > is:http://obamaworld.givemeaning.com
      > We are here to help so please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of
      > any assistance or if you have any questions about the process or
      > the site.
      > --
      > The GiveMeaning Team
      > Phone: 604-633-1180
      > Toll Free: 1-877-399-3632
      > --
      > http://obamaworld.givemeaning.com
      > Burton Danet, Ph.D.
      > Co-Founder, ABC4All
      > MESSAGE TO OBAMERICA and to a New wOrld
      > http://ABC4All.net

      Let's be ONE: Everywhere we are, everywhere we go and at anytime
      We are all concerned and together we'll make it

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