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London meeting and Public Domain Fashion

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  • ms@ms.lt
    Hi, I m in Vienna after my vacation. I ask for our help to prepare for our London meetings (COMMUNIA, Worknets, Open Knowledge Foundation, Oekonux)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 3, 2009
      Hi, I'm in Vienna after my vacation. I ask for our help to prepare for
      our London meetings (COMMUNIA, Worknets, Open Knowledge Foundation,

      I share my chat below with Sasha Mrkailo. This New Year's I visited him
      and his family in Sombor, Serbia. We met the owner of their favorite cafe
      Cafe Des Arts and through him a fashion designer, Ana. Sasha's wife
      Zdenka is also designs her own fashions. They are excited to create
      Public Domain Fashion including a blanket called "Baby Twister" (It would
      be good to think of an orginal name, how does the baby play with it? maybe
      it's a Baby Wrapper? Roller? Bender? Tumbler?) We decided we'll ask
      Prodromos Tsiavos to provide invitations for Ana and Zdenka, I need their
      passport information.

      And Sasha is interested that we do a video bridge with Sombor, Serbia from
      London. Zenonas Anusauskas will be excited to do that. And I would like
      to do video bridges with Edward Cherlin in Silicon Valley, with Kennedy
      Owino in Nairobi, and with our team in Lithuania. Are you interested?
      What might we do?

      I also want to invite Fred Kayiwa (Uganda) and Peter Ongele (Kenya) and
      hopefully they can come. I need to call them first and see if it would
      make sense. Then I need your passport information (Fred I have yours
      already, yes?). I would also like to contact Rachel Wambui Kungu and see
      if she might come.

      I want also to call Tom Wayburn, Graham Knight, Marcin Jakubowski, Claudia
      Czerkauer and others who might participate. Claudia, what is your phone


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas

      [19:32:17] Andrius Kulikauskas: Hi Sasha, how are you? Greetings from
      Vienna. Any news on the London meeting, who should come from Serbia?
      [19:32:23] … How are you working together?
      [19:33:16] Sasha: Hi Andrius
      [19:33:30] … yes we are working together trying to organize things
      [19:33:38] Andrius Kulikauskas: good
      [19:33:53] Sasha: we have filmed the kids playng the game, and Ana sent me
      today some pictures and texts to translate
      [19:34:05] … Zdenka is very happy to get to know Ana
      [19:34:18] … and they will most likely work together in the near future
      [19:34:33] … they plan to open a workshop on the main street
      [19:34:46] … Zdenka is very happy , she can learn a lot from Ana
      [19:34:59] … its a very good thing that you connected them :)
      [19:35:43] … also I meet Mikan the owner of dez art caffe , he mentioned
      something about me helping him with some project
      [19:36:10] Andrius Kulikauskas: great!
      [19:36:22] Sasha: yes
      [19:36:31] Andrius Kulikauskas: please stay in touch with our groups,
      that's encouraging news!
      [19:36:38] … who should we send to London?
      [19:36:53] Sasha: yes will do, this last days are hectic, had a lot of
      things to do
      [19:36:59] … well Ana definitelly
      [19:37:11] Andrius Kulikauskas: and if we can send a second person?
      [19:37:14] Sasha: and maybe Zdenka?
      [19:37:23] Andrius Kulikauskas: yes she would like to go?
      [19:37:25] Sasha: that would be good for her
      [19:37:31] Andrius Kulikauskas: ok I wanted to make sure about that
      [19:37:39] … I think we have a budget for two from Serbia
      [19:37:41] Sasha: yes very much, as she said maybe this is the only chance
      to see the world
      [19:37:53] … I would liek her to expand her vision
      [19:37:54] Andrius Kulikauskas: also we could set up a video bridge with
      you in Sombor and Zenonas in London, yes?
      [19:38:01] Sasha: yes!
      [19:38:09] Andrius Kulikauskas: maybe at the Cafe?
      [19:38:17] … so let's plan for that
      [19:38:18] Sasha: that is a good idea
      [19:38:24] … yes
      [19:38:41] Andrius Kulikauskas: please ask them to send me all of their
      passport information so that we can write them ininvitations soon, this
      [19:38:54] Sasha: yes will do that
      [19:39:27] Andrius Kulikauskas: great and also I told Markus Petz he is in
      Finland and he invited me perhaps to go there as an "artivist" and I said
      that their community might be interested in Public Domain Fashion, too
      [19:39:52] Sasha: yes the idea has potential
      [19:40:54] … are you at Franz hotel?
      [19:41:05] … if so please send my greetings to him
      [19:41:31] … also I have a good news regarding my bees, al 10 hives are
      alive ...
      [19:41:36] … I am very happy because of that
      [19:42:07] … I hope this year will bring lot of changes in my life (and my
      familys life)
      [19:42:19] Andrius Kulikauskas: that's great!
      [19:42:30] … yes I will be with Franz for two week and I'm working on all
      of our websites
      [19:43:00] Sasha: did you see my reply regarding the ms.lt website?
      [19:43:47] … I cant see older posts, and I read all emails from workgroups
      from the web (I dont download the emails to my email account)
      [19:43:58] … I find it much more convenien like this
      [19:44:22] Andrius Kulikauskas: I didn't understand but I will try again now
      [19:44:51] … I saw the Screenshot but it seems to show correctly
      [19:44:51] Sasha: ok
      [19:44:56] Andrius Kulikauskas: but I will tell you a trick
      [19:45:02] Sasha: ok
      [19:45:09] Andrius Kulikauskas: usually it only shows 40 letters
      [19:45:20] … but you can show more if you add the variable number=200 for
      [19:45:27] Sasha: ah forgot that!
      [19:45:37] … yes I remember I could see more of them...
      [19:45:50] Andrius Kulikauskas: http://www.ms.lt/news.php?number=200
      [19:46:04] … but that's somethign I should improve
      [19:46:08] Sasha: yes I remember now
      [19:46:10] Andrius Kulikauskas: and I'm glad our website is useful
      [19:46:21] Sasha: it is
      [19:48:58] … anything else for now? I need to leave now...
      [19:55:28] Andrius Kulikauskas: bye, Sasha!
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