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Prodromos and our Worknets meeting in London

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    Thank you, Ricardo, Ed, Kiyavilo, Rachel, Janet, Barbara, Tom and all for great letters! Prodromos Tsiavos is an organizer of the COMMUNIA meeting in London.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2009
      Thank you, Ricardo, Ed, Kiyavilo, Rachel, Janet, Barbara, Tom and all for
      great letters!

      Prodromos Tsiavos is an organizer of the COMMUNIA meeting in London.
      We met in Lithuania when he lived there for a year. He also organized
      the Creative Commons meeting last Spring in Vilnius.
      He's very supportive of our efforts to participate in London and also at
      the Open Knowledge Foundation's conference and Oekonux conference which I
      understand will be merged and take place immediately in London after.
      So that's a chance for us to get together (Minciu Sodas has almost 5,000
      USD of travel money for that from COMMUNIA) and meet more people who value
      openness in every way.

      Currently, we are able to provide travel for seven people (3 or 4 from
      Lithuania, 2 or 3 from Serbia, and 1 from Africa). As we find resources
      we might invite more. My plan is that we'll be in London for one week.

      Prodromos, we need your help:
      * to provide invitations for our African and Serbian participants
      * to find a place to stay in London at somebody's home (we have places for
      five people already, we need places for three more - we can provide some
      money to an organization or business if they can provide us with a receipt
      for it)
      * Zenonas Anusauskas and our Lithuanian team want to do live Internet
      video streaming and archiving at the events
      * we're interested to make more contacts

      As you suggested, we can help share our good energy by being active,
      connecting with participants, and helping at their conference wikis. We
      can do this with our worldwide team. I invite our help to learn about the
      participants and engage them and help them engage others.

      Claudia Czerkauer, it's wonderful to hear from you! That's great that you
      can host three of us. I note that you're an architect from Vienna and I
      think it would be great if our Serbian team could stay with you because
      they are interested in Public Domain Fashion. I suggest that we invite
      Ana and Zdenka from Serbia and if we can find more money we'd invite
      Zdenka's husband Sasha Mrkailo, too.

      From Lithuania we'll have Zenonas Anusauskas, Tomas Cepaitis (he has a
      person he can stay with), myself (I can stay with Pamela McLean), and
      possibly Irena Buinickaite if we can save more money.

      Tom Wayburn and all, it would be great to see you in London! Let us know
      if you're interested and we'll look for free or cheap accomodation at
      someone's home, and there's a small chance I can contribute some money
      towards your ticket, but its too early yet for me to guarantee. Yes it
      would be great if Jeff Buderer could come. I encouraged Benoit Couture to
      consider coming, but I won't be able to provide funds if we do succeed to
      invite African participants, which may be possible with Prodromos's help
      to get invitations. But if it doesn't work out this time, I do think that
      some day we'll get to meet up. I encourage us to write what we'd like to
      accomplish with each other - certainly, Tom's ideas of dematerialism are I
      think very relevant for the Oekonux meeting. http://www.dematerialism.net

      From Africa we should keep thinking but certainly Kiyavilo Msekwa, Samwel
      Kongere, Fred Kayiwa, Peter Ongele, Rachel Wambui Kungu are all great
      candidates. I'll decide based on how useful we can make the trip. If we
      find resources we can invite two people. So please write:
      * who would meet with you in London or the UK
      * who do you know could invite you
      * do you already have a visa? Rachel how long is your visa good for?
      Rachel do you need an invitation if you already have a visa?
      * could you stay longer in the UK with somebody you know
      * what are the contacts you have in the UK who we could all pursue
      further, whether you are able to go or not? so that we're working openly
      * what would you accomplish in the UK?

      Ugochukwu Nwosu, thank you for writing. Please, could you tell us more
      about yourself, your interests, your deepest value in life, a question you
      don't know the answer to, but wish to answer; what would you like to
      achieve? I don't know you so at this time I won't invite you although you
      are very welcome to come to London and it would be great to meet there. I
      hope you might become active at our Minciu Sodas lab and Worknets working
      groups. In one or two or three years we get to know each other and we may
      be able to invite you then.

      Danijel Kecman, thank you for writing? Are you in Yugoslavia? Do you know
      Sasha Mrkailo in Sombor, Serbia? I ask Sasha to contact you:

      I invite our UK people to write. I know that we may not want to commit
      too much, but its still important to know what efforts we'd make for our
      African participants if they can come.
      - Ricardo would it make sense to invite Kiyavilo Msekwa or Samwel Kongere?
      would you meet up with them? or introduce them to somebody else in the UK?
      - Graham would it make sense to invite Peter Ongele or Samwel Kongere?
      would you meet up with them? and how might this help our work together?
      - Pamela, would you like to meet with Rachel or Samwel or Fred or others?
      what would be most useful at this time do you think?
      - Peter Burgess, Chris Macrae, would you fly to London to meet with Peter
      Ongele or Samwel Kongere to talk about what we might do for malaria and
      community impact accounting and get others interested?

      Thank you all for making this work bit by bit!

      Thank you for writing to our groups rather than to me. It's important for
      us to see our work together. So I disagree with Franz in this because
      it's not helpful for me to be the organizer - it would be better if
      somebody else took the lead or helped - so please don't write to me, but
      to one of our groups - we are really benefiting from people speaking up.
      I encourage us to write in our letters not just about our travel plans or
      help plans but what we'd like to accomplish that others might be
      interested in. This is a way for us to get to know each other.

      Franz, thank you for sending me contacts in the Austrian alps. I met
      Roland Alton-Scheidl in Zurich! and we got involved in COMMUNIA thanks to
      him, if I remember correctly.

      Prodromos, I have pretty good Internet access here and I will also write
      more when I'm in Vienna with Franz Nahrada, that will be a week from now.
      I should then know exactly who we'll invite. I'm on vacation in the Swiss
      Alps this week. Today I arrived in Interlaken. The mountains are

      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
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