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A group and team for "entrepreneurship" related values?

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  • Andrius Kulikauskas
    CC: Kevin Jones, David Boyd of http://www.xigi.net discover the capital markets that invests in good . Hey, thank you for blogging us! And nice to see your
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      CC: Kevin Jones, David Boyd of http://www.xigi.net "discover the capital
      markets that invests in good". Hey, thank you for blogging us! And nice
      to see your new interface at work! Andrius

      I share my chat with Shannon Clark
      he is a veteran of our lab and now famous as founder of

      My idea, which may come true in one form or another, is that we have a
      new group based on Shannon's key concept "accepting personal
      responsibility" and his investigatory question " His new group would
      host Samwel Kongere's work as a team leader for our work on
      http://www.myfoodstory.com for Greg Wolff of UnaMesa Association.
      Samwel's key concept is "motivation through sacrifice" and his
      investigatory question is "How I can find for Myself and live
      Comfortably while helping others?" http://www.ms.lt/?thinker=Samwel_Kongere

      Samwel is interested in wi-fi Internet access and perhaps Internet
      kiosks. And these technologies foster "willingness to take risks" that
      allow farmers to consider higher risk and higher margin crops. Among
      them are grains (Samwel's family has a grain business) and coffee (which
      would be a nice crop to feature and grows in Kenya as well and Shannon
      is a fan of). So I would lean towards the team working on coffee if
      Shannon might participate. But we could also do some work on grains. And
      I'm waiting to hear from Samwel what would be best for him.

      This would also be the group where I would love that we host David Boyd,
      Kevin Jones of http://www.xigi.net and all who would like to flesh out
      what "electronic services" might look like that make good use of the
      content and data that we'll be collecting, and suggest directions that
      we might best pursue. This would be an open group for such discussion
      and then it would be clear to the participants who is interested to be
      included for private projects as they might arise.

      I'm projecting into the future so this depends on how Shannon, Samwel,
      David, Kevin, Greg, Steve and all feel but this is one way that the dice
      might tumble in our favor.


      Andrius Kulikauskas
      Minciu Sodas
      +370 (5) 264 5950
      +370 (699) 30003
      Vilnius, Lithuania


      Andrius: Hi Shannon, Just bothering you again before my flight tomorrow!
      Any chance you'd like us to organize around your values and investigations?
      Shannon: some - but I have to really think through what I am going to be
      doing this month and where I can spend my time
      Andrius: This would be for the long term and at your convenience. It
      would be organizing a working group (primarily email group) around your
      key concept "accepting personal responsibility" which our lab would
      assemble people for. Your role would be to think out loud and give an
      open example of your research. I would ask you to host Samwel Kongere's
      work and team which will be working most likely on the connection
      between wi-fi/Internetkiosks and entrepreneurship (willingness to take
      risks) and an associated crop (probably grains or coffee).
      … For our work on http://www.myfoodstory.com for Greg Wolff to map out
      the world's food supply chain Wikipedia style (or at least get that
      Shannon: could be interesting - I have to think through the phrasing -
      in open space terms "the invitation" to the group
      Andrius: Also, he's connecting us with Kevin Jones of
      http://www.xigi.net for helping investors do discovery for social
      … that make sense.
      … So your group I imagine would host all the entrepreneurial stuff at
      our lab.
      … Your job would be to set the tone.
      … and I would be assembling people.
      … So you could participate at your convenience
      … and focus on your own research.
      … Question: You're into coffee, yes?
      Shannon: very much so though not as seriously as friends of mine (who
      roast their own beans etc)
      Andrius: I'm trying to draw the connection that coffee is entreprenurial
      in spirit - both the growing and the drinking
      … I'm trying to find connections between crops and the human values that
      they resonate with because of the kinds of value that best serve the
      crops and the technology likewise
      Shannon: interesting - cafes have had a long history
      … however coffee production and sales/distribution is not without lots
      of complex social issues
      … it is one of the larger commodities traded and exchanged
      Andrius: yes and so it's a technology where wifi Internet access for
      monitoring local and global markets is important - for other crops it
      might be irrelevant
      Shannon: with more than a fair (or unfair) degree of exploitation -
      though the trend in the us towards small crops, organic, fair trade etc
      is probably a good one (though hard for chains such as Starbucks to
      manage at high scale)
      Andrius: And my thought is that perhaps the coffee market could be a
      good thing to explore for your book
      Shannon: perhaps - but there is also a lot to explore/think about around
      the multitude of parties involved.
      Andrius: Also, the different ethos that we'll be hopefully finding for
      different crops may help provide examples for your study.
      Shannon: In a related area - Tea, a friend told me a story about what
      happened when his tea bottle drink company tried to raise the prices
      they paid to farmers
      … it cascaded their prices significent as all of the many intermediaries
      priced based on a percentage of the price the farmer got, not on a fixed
      price basis - so they ended up paying market prices and then working
      other ways to get money back to the individual farmers via a separate
      Andrius: My idea is that the crops if they tune to values can help us
      quickly put our finger on the big picture. So for example if
      fish=sustainability or tea=contemplation than we can see, based on how
      tea is consumed, whether a society's contemplation is off-kilter, and
      how fish is used whether a society's sustainability is off-kilter. So
      these would be shortcuts for analyzing very complicated systems because
      they are tuning in to particular values that skewer through it at
      particular angles. Hopefully.
      Shannon: one small thing - I'm not studying "economics of networks" but
      studying economics AS a network. i.e. I'm interested in rethinking
      economics from a network perspect, less on specifically studying
      individual networks
      Andrius: Yes, that's interesting.
      … OK, thanks for correcting me!
      Shannon: hmm I think that may be hard - food is very much tied to
      culture and what is treasured in one culture is denied in many others
      Andrius: Yes, but I think that gives a way of analyzing culture.
      Shannon: there are lots of great books on the history of food
      Andrius: My hypothesis is that the producer and consumer of a food need
      to be tuned to the same value or the system goes out of whack.
      … So if coffee is all about willingness to take risks but consumers are
      addicted to it and simply guzzle it, then that shows the system is out
      of whack, that the society has problems regarding "willingness to take
      risks" and lacks sensitivity to that value.
      Shannon: but take a simple example "barbeque" here in the US - tied to
      lots of regional cultures, but the portion of that culture around pork
      ribs (though much of it is also around beef ribs) is denied to jews or
      muslims who keep their religion's dietary rules (and the beef ribs to
      Hindus who do likewise)
      Andrius: Or if fish are about sustainability and a society uses fish
      from far away as fertilizer then that's clearly not sustainable and it
      shows that something is going wrong.
      Shannon: hmm I think I see what you are getting at but I might disagree
      - consumption and producer are not the only parties
      Andrius: Yes, so my question would be, what is the "human value" behing
      pigs and pork, etc?
      … Yes, I'm supposing that everybody along the chain needs to be tuned to
      the same value or there is a catclysm.
      Shannon: for me - it tastes good. (when done well). and I enjoy lots of
      different types of food
      Andrius: It's just a hypothesis.
      … Well, for example, pigs are garbage disposals, I think.
      Shannon: hmm I think that people can achieve relevant ends with very
      different purposes
      … not entirely - they are actually rather complex animals - much smarter
      than the more "cute" sheep for example
      … anyway I have to run, have to et lunch then have a meting this
      afternoon - enjoy Cyprus!
      Andrius: My hypothesis is that in a network there are no loose ends and
      so the purposes come back to haunt us.
      … OK!
      hare our chat!
      … And I'm glad you might be interested!
      … It would best to organize around you indeed!
      Shannon: thanks - sorry, had to step away there
      Andrius: hi
      … I will keep at you because I think it would be very good for us and I
      hope it might be good for you and the "entrepreneurship" angle is a good
      contribution for "caring about thinking"
      Shannon: did you see my blog post from yesterday -
      http://shannonclark.wordpress.com ?
      Andrius: reading...
      … I like the what do you care about? question and now I'm trying to
      understand discretionary vs. critical
      Shannon: sorry - I'm going to be a bit distracted for the next few minutes -
      Andrius: Finished! Yes, very much in the spirit of "entrepreneurship"
      and your rich experience. I just add one rule that I came up for myself
      (because our services are rather untraditional) - choose the price that
      would maximize my respect for my client - if I set it too low that I
      feel open to abuse, then that is not good for them or me, and if I set
      it too high that I don't appreciate what the money means to them, then
      that doesn't work either. Ok, I will share our chat and let you go!
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