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Re: [holistichelping] Worknets Charter//question to Andrius for David (EB)//Wonderful Seeing You Both!

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  • Janet Feldman
    Dear Andrius, Barbara (Meadowlea :)), and All, It was terrific seeing both of you Sunday, and hopefully you arrived home safely, with a minimum of fuss and a
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      Dear Andrius, Barbara (Meadowlea :)), and All,

      It was terrific seeing both of you Sunday, and hopefully you arrived home
      safely, with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of fun!! I love the beautiful
      artwork you gave me as a gift, Andrius, and now have it where I can see it,
      for daily inspiration. That--and the gift you both gave me with your
      visit--has provided a very uplifting few days, topped off by the Obama

      The general theme all-around being: "Yes, We Can"!!

      I am just replying to this one forum now because I wanted to thank you for
      writing up a preliminary understanding of our conversation, and to say that
      I will definitely be giving feedback soon, hopefully this weekend. I and we
      look forward to the feedback of others too!!

      I also wanted to ask something else, after seeing the posting today from
      Islam, and your note also addressed to David. I had a copy of Pema Chodron's
      book out to give to you, too (I did give one to Barbara), but it got left on
      a table in the flurry of your departure, and I never did get to present it
      to you.

      If you are still in Boston and Barbara can give you her copy--with me
      sending her a copy thereafter by post--that would be great, as I think "When
      Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times" (by Pema, a Buddhist
      nun) would or could be very helpful to you and to us, as we work through the
      issues and challenges before us.

      However, I also wondered if it might be of help to David and Islam? It may
      be a bit easier to absorb her message if you have heat in your home or know
      where your next meal is coming from, but in a way, her message is especially
      powerful and pertinent when you do not.

      I will be happy to send this copy to them in Chicago, if you think they
      would be interested, and find another way for you to collect yours!

      With greatest thanks again--and also to those who wished us well and were
      with us in spirit on Sunday--and blessings to all! Love, Janet

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      Subject: [holistichelping] Worknets Charter

      > Sunday, Barbara Horst and I visited Janet Feldman in Barrington, Rhode
      > Island. Janet and I made good progress on how we might work together for
      > a successful Charter and culture. I share my understanding, upon further
      > reflection. I invite Janet and all to add your thoughts! This will be a
      > long discussion.
      > My aim is to organize a culture of, by and for independent thinkers. The
      > purpose of this culture is to embrace and nurture individuals as such, so
      > they might thrive free of any groups. My intent is to foster a culture
      > where individuals are always primary, and groups are always secondary with
      > regard to individuals. This means that individuals can participate in
      > this culture without "joining" but simply as individuals who identify with
      > the same existential situation. We can organize ourselves by making
      > explicit our existential situation. We should be careful as organizers
      > because we can easily slip to champion the group instead of the
      > individual.
      > Janet and I sorted out that different people care about such a culture to
      > different degrees, and so we should be sure that they have an appropriate
      > degree of impact.
      > * At one extreme, I am dedicated to jumpstarting such a culture. In this
      > sense, it is "my project". My role is to make explicit, as much as I can,
      > with input from others, What is the existential situation at the core of
      > our culture? I think this is the reason why I should author the Worknets
      > charter, because I identify so much with this existential situation and I
      > champion it.
      > * At the other extreme are people who have a personal interest in this
      > culture, who identify with it, want to participate in it and contribute to
      > it. They can choose to accept the charter and also they should be able to
      > add their clarifications where they might disagree or where they'd like to
      > add more to it.
      > * Yet most important for the ultimate success of our culture and charter
      > are the people who care about this culture not just for themselves, but
      > for others as well, who they work with and nurture. Janet and I agreed
      > that there should be a special role for active leaders of working groups
      > (like Janet, Pamela, Franz, Edward, Samwel, ...). These are people who
      > are investing in our culture, offering their leadership by openly growing,
      > and nurturing others at venues they host. They are leaders who appreciate
      > as moderators that our participants are at various degrees of awareness as
      > independent thinkers. They also appreciate, in practice, the relationship
      > between the value of a group as a venue, but also their responsibility as
      > the leader for their group. They have many practical concerns that the
      > Charter should acknowledge, and they should be able to work out policies,
      > as relevant. Ultimately, Worknets is a network of such active leaders,
      > each of whom stands alone as a center for activity, and all of whom work
      > together because they share this culture as independent thinkers.
      > I want to focus on clarifying our expectations coming from the existential
      > situation of independent thinkers. I wish to be open to all manner of
      > input regarding that, but I want to integrate and express that myself, as
      > best I can. I am very interested that our active group leaders might be
      > in charge of working out the practical policies. Here there influence is
      > essential and my interest is to support their decision-making.
      > Thank you, Janet, for helping me appreciate these distinctions. They
      > certainly help me share more authority as we grow our culture.
      > What do we think?
      > I will keep writing and sharing drafts of the Worknets charter. I look
      > forward to our thoughts. I would like to meet in London to discuss there.
      > Then we might agree to a first 2009 version of the charter.
      > Andrius
      > Andrius Kulikauskas
      > Minciu Sodas
      > http://www.ms.lt
      > ms@...
      > http://www.worknets.org/wiki.cgi?Charter
      > AndriusKulikauskas January 18, 2009 16:22 CET I want to send out my
      > thoughts on a Worknets Charter for a culture of independent thinkers,
      > which might in ten or twenty years have 100,000 active and 1,000,000
      > supportive participants. My thought is that I author such a charter so as
      > to express my vision and then to evolve that charter over the years with
      > our help. Here are the parts...
      > Preamble
      > What do we mean by a culture of, by and for independent thinkers?
      > What is attractive about such a culture?
      > This charter supports this culture by defining our expectations.
      > We want everybody to use their own best judgment.
      > Practical Rules
      > * Venues are Public Domain by default.
      > * Money can bring people together, but you can't pay people to care.
      > * We want all individuals to succeed. Groups are not substitute for
      > individuals.
      > How people benefit
      > * Moral support
      > * More minds
      > * Social framework for making one's dreams real
      > * Discovering resources for making a living and one's projects
      > * Personal growth
      > The growth of the independent thinker.
      > We allow that everyone is the same, and that everyone grows, so it's
      > natural that we are at various levels of maturity.
      > We accept each person growing by their own will at their own pace.
      > We grow along with each person who grows.
      > Everybody has a capacity for independent thinking, but not everbody has to
      > exercise that, and we all have the same rights as human beings regardless.
      > Everybody thinks, but not everybody cares about thinking.
      > We support people by fostering their leadership at the stage of growth
      > they identify with:
      > * Understanding oneself as an independent thinker. What does that
      > mean? Learning to think out loud.
      > * Learning about oneself by doing projects.
      > * Integrating oneself, being well rounded, resolving one's tensions,
      > "knowing oneself" by clarifying one's own deepest value. Leading a
      > working group. Linking of social and individual.
      > * Leading by what we don't know rather than what we know.
      > Investigating.
      > * Wishing for others to challenge us to grow. Inviting others
      > likewise. Checking one's selfish influence with a vantage point (one's
      > God) that's greater than one's self. Fostering a sensitivity to that
      > vantage point.
      > * ...learning to grow and live forever...
      > Where is God relevant or not?
      > * Caring about God is ok
      > * Loving one's enemy
      > * Checking one's self
      > * Reaching out to the hard to reach
      > Layers of a culture for independent thinkers.
      > Levels of unity for "we".
      > * God - who is alone - as an independent thinker. Accepting that our
      > universe is supportive of independent thinking.
      > * Independent thinkers -
      > * Global village centers
      > * Self-learner thematic paths
      > * Festivals
      > * Interest groups
      > * Concords
      > Economic principles
      > * Working for free and for pay
      > * Meeting each other halfway
      > * Being careful with the poor
      > * Learning to share
      > Showing that one is a member
      > * Accepting the charter means that one will abide the "practical
      > rules" and clarify where one has differences with the vision so far
      > * Accepting the charter, adding one's comments and clarifications
      > * Posting at one's website the Worknets feeds and/or widgets with our
      > Meet with us! Shop with us! Network with us! Chat with us! latest
      > news.
      > * Being active through these channels
      > * Sharing one's deepest value, investigatory question, etc.
      > Evolving governance
      > * Worknets is open to all cultures, beliefs, movements, acknowledges
      > lovely endeavors and seeks to learn and merge where possible although
      > that is difficult
      > * Worknets is a practical attempt at "the kingdom of heaven" as
      > sketched by Jesus
      > * Worknets Charter is authored by Andrius Kulikauskas as a practical
      > consequence of his quest to know everything and apply that usefully
      > * Worknets - a healthy organization has a wider movement
      > * Worknets is initiated and organized by Minciu Sodas, a base for
      > independent thinkers which Andrius owns and leads
      > * Worknets needs to evolve beyond that as a complete culture with a
      > governance structure that includes all as leaders to the fullness of
      > their ambition
      > * Worknets evolves through our learning in practice how to work
      > together on projects, share resources, organize content, help each
      > other grow.
      > * Worknets Charter is rewritten yearly or more frequently to embrace
      > this evolution.
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      > enters the PUBLIC DOMAIN unless it explicitly states otherwise. Thank
      > you! http://www.ethicalpublicdomain.org
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