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  • Samwel Kongere
    I welcome you all to the new year and now as i am arranging and planning for the year 2009. Reading mails and answering them. When i am through with the plans
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      I welcome you all to the new year and now as i am arranging and planning for the year 2009. Reading mails and answering them. When i am through with the plans and community meetings i will update us all for my year schedule.
      Andrius incase you would want us to attend the March meeting in UK, you should send invitations earlier enough to help us get the preparations. I am planning my activitivities now!

      Andrius Kulikauskas <ms@...> wrote:
      Toulepi Fidele,
      Thank you for filling out our Computer Usage survey!
      it's also online at
      http://www.surveymo nkey.com/ s.aspx?sm= GiLLw_2fpxkGdad_ 2bOY0hxKbA_ 3d_3d
      I encourage us all to answer these questions.

      I have signed you up for Samwel Kongere's working group Mendenyo and I
      have signed up Eugene for Pamela McLean's working group Learning From Each
      Other. Wendi, thank you for your great activity!
      Andrius Kulikauskas, ms@...

      ------------ ------

      Happy new year and special greetings from ACTWID KONGADZEM.It' s with
      joy that I use this opportunity to express my deepest sympathy while
      thinking of our groupe in 2009.May 2009 bring us
      development, peace,long life and prosperity in HOLISTIC HELPING.
      I'm a member of ACTWID working for the development of the
      people in rural Areas especially in communities. We like working in
      My name is TOULEPI FIDELE
      I live CAMEROON
      I was leaving in Douala city but I have just transfer to
      Bamenda city.
      Since houses are too expensive here ,financial problem have
      made to live in a dormitory.We are many inthat dormitory.
      You can contact me the address below:
      Toulepi Fidele
      BP:6374 Douala-Cameroon
      Email:fidelelo@yahoo. fr
      2)I used 20 hours per week a computer
      I used many
      At least 18 hours
      I know four computers
      Per week I have 18 hours online
      Five days
      3)I usally work in a CYBERCAFE own by private owner
      I think it should be windows
      I do not go online with the computer because it is always full of
      paople since we do not have many cybercafe.
      The computer is located at the heart of the city .I travel on bus
      and it takes one and a haft hour.It cost $5 since we trave on bad
      Computer is very convient in the sense that ,it reduces
      work,connect with people all over the world,educates etc.It is not
      always available at the time needed because of scacity.
      Yes,you can't use the computer without paying.It is even written
      there that payment before service and it is after payment that you
      are connected .It cost $2 per hour.
      For computers specificatons, I have no idea
      If I was to buy it ,It will cost $300
      4)I used computer for groupe projects and other research.I used
      Excel,words, saari and sage.Yahoo,google, gmail,hotmail etc.The only
      online community I participate is HOLISTIC HELPING.
      5)I knows nothing concerning internet connection.
      6)Examples of how computers and internet have affected my life are
      as follows;connecting people,education, communication and
      7)Most of my time online research ,writting and replying and
      offline working in groupe for community development.
      AS concern USB FLASH drive,I had one but it was stolen in the
      cybercafe when \i forgot it on the computer.For now I need one but
      have no financil means.I used this USB fash drive to keep important
      doccuments taken from the computer or directly from the internet.
      I usually creat projects letters,texts, photos of the projects.
      8)I would like to know more about computer technology so that I can
      also teaches others for the development of our community.


      Dear Andrius ,Janet, Graham and all,
      Thanks for your recent postings which we have all
      read. We are amazed to read about the mobile phones
      that are cheap .If that can work out for the future we
      will like to sell some at ACTWID here. The second hand
      phones here largely depend on how long they have been
      in use and the various marks and designs too. Some are
      good quality and some low. We are thinking that the
      mobile phone repairs project too can be a good idea
      for Africa later too but let us all start with the
      DIY Solar. Ten our our youths visited an electrician
      today in our city center to check if he knows more
      about the DIY Solar and can install it? He gave us a
      rendez-vous for next week after the new year
      celebration, so we will go there to visit his workshop
      and discuss more on DIY Solar battery with him.
      These ACTWID Youths were led by Fidele Toulepit.
      Fidele is our marketing and advertising manager. He
      has a B.A degree in marketing [his email is
      fidelelo@yahoo. fr] He says he will also like to be
      registered too as an independent thinker,Killo Shang
      Blaise that you already had him registered last time
      also leads our youth group as president. He is doing
      this work voluntarily while struggling too to study
      Biology, Physics and Mathematics that you are an
      expert in, while also having a very keen interest i
      ICTs technology and Eugene [ email is
      loshaeugene@ yahoo.com] having already a advanced level
      with a teacher's grade one certificate leads other
      youths in another community since there are many
      youths. Eugene is the one on the photo with some of
      our orphan children at the waterfall and Miss Irene
      and Eunice also led the ACTWID girls team that went
      out to lecture on hygiene and sanitation for all today
      in our community here as the towns and cities are
      really dirty due to lots of feasting around these
      days.They are both waiting to hear more about the
      sanitary pads project for girls and other issues
      especially the Cyber cafe project.. More photos next
      time as we all wish you a happy New year 2009.
      Sincerely ACTWID members led by Wendi


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