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Our Survey of Computer Usage Around the World

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  • Kennedy Owino
    Happy 2009 All. Andrius, Thank you for theĀ  this great space where we share thoughts. Below is my response to the questions in the Survey of computer usage.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2009

      Happy 2009 All.

      Andrius, Thank you for the  this great space where we share thoughts.
      Below is my response to the questions in the Survey of computer usage.

      1. What information about you may we share publicly?

      I don't mind if my personal details that i have provided are sharedon the public domain.

      What is your name?

      Kenedy Owino
      What country do you live in?


      Which city do you live in or near?


      How would you describe the house that you live in, is it a farm house,
      apartment, dormitory, etc.?

      I live with my brother in a middle class estate called Olympic.
      The estate is near the Kibera slums (biggest slum in Afrika) west of Nairobi Town center, about nine kilometres from the Town center.
      I have a two bedroomed house with a spacious living quaters, bathroom and kitchen.

      Our house is upstairs on a single storey  in a rental residential plot having four other houses.
      The mode of transport to our place is through a cab from the town or airport, or local buses and small vans called "matatus"
      It costs between a half a dollar to one dollar plying the routes.

      How may we and others contact you?

      Through my e-mail Address (nafsiafricaacro@...), my postal Address (P.O. Box 55712- 00200, Nairobi, Kenya), or phone number (+254723568251)

      2. Please describe how much you use computers:

      How many hours per week do you use a computer?  3 hours
      How many different computers do you use during the week? 2 different computers
      How many computers do you own? i own one computer
      How many hours per week are you online? 21 hours
      How many days per week are you online? 7 days

      3. Please describe the computer that you use the most:

      I use a small compaq Evo N400 that was purchased second hand. It has no built in C.D/D.V.D drive and therefore very light to carry. the screen is the size of an A4 sized fullscap.
      Who owns the computer that you use the most? i own the computer.

      What is the operating system? Windows, Linux, Macintosh? What version?
      Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux Ubuntu, etc.

      The operating system is Windows XP

      Do you go online with this computer?

      Yes, i use it sometimes when i visit the cyber by plugging in a network cable, but most oftenly i use the cyber desktops.

      Where is the computer located? How do you travel there and how long does
      that take? How much does the travel cost?

      My computer is a portable laptop mostly used at home.

      How convenient is it to use the computer? Is it available when you want it?

      Very convinient.Yes it is always available, we share it's use with my brother or any visitor.

      Do you have to pay to use the computer? How much?

      No i don't pay to use the computer but i pay a flat rate of Ksh 3,ooo to use the internet on a daily unlimited access basis.

      What can you say about the computer's specifications? (Processor speed,
      memory, available devices such as printers)

      My laptop has a memory space of 27.9 G.B.  I have external devices  such as DVD writer, 54M USB adapter wireless client card, blue tooth USB adapter, and E220 HSDPA USB Modem, and webcam.

      How much would this computer cost if you were to buy it today?

      At local Kenyan market it would cost Ksh 28,000

      4. What do you do with computers? What software do you use? What websites
      do you visit? What online communities do you participate in? Do you have
      any websites of your own?

      I don't have  any personal website but we have a group website (www.nafsiafrica.org) , i am a member in various social networks like couchsurfing, my space and face book. i am also an active member of Minciu sodas lab. i use the computer mostly for communication purposes (being the contact person of NAfsi Acrobats), i also browse alot.
      5. Please describe the Internet connection that you use the most:

      I am connected by Zain mobile phone company. through the service provider i subscribed to a service where i paid an initial Ksh 12,000 for the modem pot, monthly contribution and  deposit.

      I usually pay a monthly flat rate of Ksh 3,000 for daily unlimited internet use.

      I have an E220 USB modem (its features are HSDPA/UMTS?GPRS?GSM, HSDPA packet data service with a maximum transmission rate of 3.6 Mbps, EDGE packet data srvice maximum transmission rate of 236.8kbps, SMS service, AUto installation)

      It works with any computer with standard USB interface, Windows 2000,XP and vista operating system, 50MB free hard disk space, 128 MB RAM.

      Are you using the same computer as above, or a different computer?

      How fast is your connection? (How long does it take for you to download a
      100KB file?) Or what results do you get from http://www.speedtes t.net ?

      It takes two minutes to download but sometimes it takes more than half an hour when the server is low.

      What kinds of files do you send, upload, download?

      I mostly download files that carries important information that would help me with my projects, i also upload and download photos from and to friends and from the internet

      What is the largest file that you have ever downloaded?

       A five 5MB article from the internet.

      Are you able to use Skype to speak to people?

      Yes i am able to use Skype to speak but sometimes it doesn't respond well.

      Are you able to watch YouTube videos?


      How many browser windows do you typically keep open at once?

      At most i keep six browser windows open at the same time.

      6. What are examples of how computers and the Internet have affected your

      Computers and internet has become so much part of me and i can't typically avoid them. The internet has hugely helped me to expand my network of contacts and knowledge.

      7. How do you make the most of your time online and offline?

      Do you have a USB flash drive? or other storage media? What do you use
      them for?

      I have extra USB drives that i use  as back up to store my files just incase my laptop gets busted.

      I am planning to buy an external hard disk too. i also have my photos and videos stored on C.D Roms
      What kind of materials, letters, texts, photos, music, videos do you
      create offline?

      What kind of files do you share with others when you are offline?

      Pictures, videos, articles and information.

      8. What kind of technology would you like to have and how would you use it?

      I would love to have a digital camera that i would use in capturing our performance and project images.

      Use it for making shoe string films, trailers, and documentaries.

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